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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Tara sat on the trunk of her car playing with Willow's hat in her hands. The lot was mostly empty save few cars scattered about. Tara smiled, she had such a great time tonight, she couldn't remember when she had felt so good. She was startled out of her head when Buffy pulled up in front of her in a yellow Xterra.

"Hey Buffy." Tara greeted.

"Hey, what cha doing?"

"Waiting for Willow."

"Is that where you were second half, with her?"

"Yes, her and my parents. I actually spent very little time with her." Ok it was somewhat of a lie, but she felt Buffy had no right to question her whereabouts.

"Well we saved you a seat and then didn't see you the rest of the game, kinda rude."

"I'm sorry Buffy, my parents wanted me to come see them and I just lost track of time."

"Look, it's cool if Willow's your girlfriend or whatever, but it doesn't look good if you are hanging around the band all the time. We have an image to keep up people expect certain things from us." Buffy said leaning out the window of the car a little. If Tara wasn't so mad at Buffy she would have laughed seeing the tiny girl in the huge SUV.

"I wasn't hanging out with the band I was hanging out with Willow, who happens to be in the band. I don't know why it's such a big deal." Tara said hating having to explain this to Buffy.

"I'm just worried about you Tare. You are acting different, and your focus doesn't seem to be on cheerleading this year. The other girls look to you for guidance and what are you teaching them?"

"Maybe tolerance for people who are a little different than we are."

"Listen, I'm just saying some people are already talking, and it doesn't cast a good light on the squad. Just be careful." Buffy said, and then lightened her tone. "I think we all should get together, maybe go to the mall this weekend."

"Yeah, maybe Sunday." Tara said a little off guard after what she assumed was Buffy threatening her.

"Ok I'll call you." Buffy said before driving off.

Ok that was really weird. Did she just threaten me? She said be careful like a warning, that's really odd. They all have been acting a little weird, Buffy and Anya with the looks, and Cordelia not even caring I am friends with Willow. Everything is just so confusing, plus I don't even know where I stand with Willow I mean we held hands and stuff, but what are we. Her internal monologue was cut short at the sight of Willow bounding down the stairs of the school. Tara smiled and jumped off her trunk and proceeded to the side of her car. Tara leaned against it trying to look casual, but really felt anything but.

"Hey." She said as Willow approached.

"Hi." Willow said walking closer and closer to the blond. Tara's breath hitched as Willow came with in inches of her and reached out and grabbed a belt loop of her jeans. Willow was looking down and toying with the loop. "I had a really great time tonight." She said before making eye contact with the blond. Tara couldn't say a word she felt completely numb as the blood raced through her veins. Willow took a half step forward and brought their lower bodies together as she looked in Tara's eyes. Time seemed to stop as Willow slowly brought her face closer to Tara's. Tara could feel the redhead's breath on her face, she wanted more than anything to kiss her, but she couldn't move.

"Tara?" Willow questioned if her actions were ok.

It took everything in Tara's power to get her arms to move, but she managed to move them up Willow's arms and around her shoulders. That was all it took and Willow grasped Tara around her hips and brought her face closer to Tara's. Both closed their eyes as they felt the softness of the others lips on their own. Willow felt everything in her body pulsate with each beat of her heart, as she let out a small sigh at finally having contact with the beautiful blond.

Suddenly the numbness in Tara fleeted and left a pulsating enlightenment in its wake. No longer did she have to wonder what it was like to kiss the redhead, now she knew, and she never wanted to stop. She moved her hands and entangled them in the soft red of Willow's hair, it was unlike any other feeling in the world and Tara never wanted it to end. She felt Willow run her tongue over her lips and opened her mouth to offer to Willow. Willow took the offering and slowly ran her tongue along the inside of Tara's mouth. Tara felt her knees go weak and thankfully Willow had her pressed against the car, otherwise she would have been nothing but a puddle.

They stood kissing for endless moments until they finally broke apart gasping for air. Willow placed her forehead against Tara's and tried to keep a hold of her emotions that threatened to spill out any moment. She wanted to laugh and cry and everything under the sun, but she managed to stay there, holding on to Tara's hips for dear life.

Tara ran her hands down Willow's back and back up, and when Willow said nothing she began to worry. She pushed Willow back a little by her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Wil." She whispered.

"Tara, I never thought I would ever be able to kiss someone as beautiful and perfect as you are. It's just a little overwhelming." Willow managed to say.

Tara melted at the sweetness of her girl. "I have wanted to do that for so long." Tara said hoping to let Willow know just how much she wanted it too.

"Really?" Willow said raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

Tara nodded. "Since the first day of school when I saw you, I wanted nothing more than to run my fingers through your gorgeous hair and kiss you until you didn't know your name."

Willow blushed and looked down for a moment, before looking up with a look Tara couldn't only describe as predatory. "My name is Willow."

That was all Willow had to say before Tara brought their mouths together, this time in a rough passionate kiss. She entered Willow's mouth and felt like she was in heaven. The taste of Willow was so sweet and intoxicating. She wasn't sure how she remained standing as she thoroughly kissed the smart mouth redhead. Tara released her grasp on Willow and admired her work.

Willow was out of breath and could barely speak, she had no idea Tara was such a forceful person, but she quite enjoyed Tara controlling her. Willow couldn't speak or say anything but smile. Tara took that as a good sign and smiled back.

"So are we girlfriends now?" Tara asked smirking.

"It's official now, I want to kiss no one else but you baby." Willow finally managed the words. Willow pulled back a little and took Tara's hands in her own. "Do you have any plans tomorrow?"

"Nope I'm all yours." Tara said beaming.

"Ok, how about we get together for lunch?"

"Sounds perfect." Tara said.

"I'll call you." Willow said and leaned in for another kiss. This time it was slow and sweet and neither girl deepened it for fear they couldn't stop. "Sweet dreams baby." Willow said pulling away and dropping Tara's hands.

"You too sweetie." Tara said handing Willow her hat from the back of the car.

The girls departed both wearing stupid smiles on their face they couldn't wipe off.

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