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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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The days passed quickly with practices and life they didn't see each other until Friday morning before school. Willow had text messaged Tara several times in the past few days and that seemed to suffice for the lack of physical contact. Willow informed Tara they would be practicing early Friday morning for the pep assembly and if she had a chance she should stop by.

Tara had missed the redhead terribly, although she was hesitant to admit it having only known Willow for two weeks. The text messages were nice, but she wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to see the girl of her dreams Friday morning.

As she walked into the band room she was greeted by the sounds of the drumline. She watched in awe as they marked time with their feet and moved the mallets around in a lyrical fashion that created such beautiful music. She looked at Willow, her face impassive as she played her toms with the rest of the line. Tara had almost forgotten how beautiful she looked, her hair swaying as she marched with her feet to the beat. Tara glanced at her face and noticed a sly smile, Tara realized Willow knew she was there. She had been full on ogling the redhead and had been caught. Tara smiled herself and leaned against the door frame waiting for Willow's practice to be over.

She didn't have to wait long as they adjourned and Willow took off her drums and bounced down the stairs to greet her.

"Hey." Willow said with her 1000 watt smile that seemed to penetrate Tara's skin and make her feel completely at the will of the redhead.

"Hi." Tara managed to greet back.

"Let's go outside for a walk before class starts." Willow said taking Tara's hand in the process. She interlaced her fingers with the blonds and briefly wondered if it was ok, but seeing no resistance, she continued holding on. "So you look cute in your uniform." Willow said seeing a blush from Tara.

"Yeah well, I think they are supposed to make us look cute, otherwise no one would look." Tara replied enjoying the walk. "Just think, tonight I get to see you in your uniform. I think you have to look at least a little cute in that."

"Hum...I don't think so. I think our uniforms are made for torture. I mean why else would you make them out of wool when all we do is sweat in them, plus you can't just throw them in the laundry, they have to be dry cleaned so that only happens about once a year. This causes the black sock smell, as we call it." Willow babbled on.

"Still, I think you could look cute in just about anything." Tara said blushing a little.

"I guess we'll see tonight, if you don't go running for the hills I guess you are a keeper." Willow said.

They had yet to actually discuss their building relationship, but it seemed that both girls were on the same page. They heard the first bell ring and sighed; there was never enough time for them to see each other.

"So I guess I'll see you at the game." Willow said a little questioning on where and when she would see the gorgeous blond.

"Yeah, I'll come find you ok?" Tara asked.

"Yeah that would be cool." Willow said incredibly excited for the day to commence so she could spend time with Tara.

2nd hour came and Willow left class early to head to the band room and prepare for the pep assembly. She threw on her Warriors T-shirt that was required for the assembly and grabbed her toms and made her way to the gym.

"So you and Tara huh?" Xander bumped Willow's shoulder at they walked down the halls of the school.

"What does that mean?" Willow asked a little annoyed by Xander's behavior.

"Woah Wils, I'm just asking how things are going." Xander said as he threw his hands up in the air with the mallets still in them.

"Yeah Wil, we're just asking." Oz said, curiously.

"Sorry, it's just I don't know. I mean we have hung out and we held hands and stuff, but I don't know where we stand you know."

"Well I think it's a good sign if she is showing up to our practices to see you...especially so early in the morning." Oz said.

"Yeah I suppose, but I just kind of wanna know. I could just ask, but what if she says no and she just wants to be friends? I don't know if I can take that, I really really like her. It's like beyond a school girl crush you know, it's something more."

"Wow Wils you really got it bad." Xander said trying to lighten the mood.

"Ugh, don't I know it." Willow replied as they walked up the bleachers and sat in the band's designated area and waited for the pep assembly to start.

They set their drums down on and waited for the rest of the school to file in. Willow noticed the cheerleading squad walk in and take a seat on the gym floor.

The assembly started with the principal saying a few words, it was boring and Willow wondered why everyone thought it was so fun. Then the school mascot came out and started throwing beach balls colored with the school colors and various slogans written on them, into the student body. Everyone started cheering and chanting, the band director started the band playing some pep songs as the cheerleaders started cheering in the center of the gym. Willow kept her eyes firmly planted on Tara, ever once in a while catching the band directors hands to make sure she was on time. To be honest Willow could play these songs with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back, but she knew they had to be simple for the underclassmen to be able to play. The song ended and the cheerleaders took their position on the floor of the gym. The cheering died down as the school looked on and awaited their routine. The PA system came to life with an upbeat song and the cheerleaders stood in time to the music and danced around in several different formations. Willow never took her eyes off Tara, she moved with such agility and hit every move right to the beat. Willow being a band geek noticed this, while some of the other girls missed the cues, Tara was always on.

Xander leaned over to Willow and said. "Wow Tara is really hot."

"Yeah I know, and keep your eyes to yourself." She said a little angrily.

"Wil, if you are gonna date her, you have to get used the fact that the entire school wants to get with her." Xander retorted.

He was right and Willow knew it, but she didn't feel any better about it. She internally pouted but as Tara and Cordelia threw Buffy in the air, all jealousy was lost at the amazing movements of her girl. I need to remedy this situation soon. I want to be her girlfriend and no one else. I want to be the one that sweeps her off her feet, so she falls head over heels in love with me. I need to do this soon. Willow decided right then she would find out Tara's feelings toward her, she needed to be proactive and she would.

The cheerleaders left the center of the gym, but continued to cheer on the sidelines as the students erupted again with various chants and taunting of the other school they would be playing that night. It was really a great time, Willow didn't know a school could have so much pride, her old school never did anything like this and she didn't know if she could concentrate in class for the rest of the day. Luckily neither teacher nor student had much in mind but the upcoming game and most of her classes were study sessions. She had a chance to meet some new people in her classes and she felt like she was really starting to fit in.

6th hour for Willow was band, so for most of the hour they moved all the equipment into the truck to transport to the stadium. When the last bell rang, Willow, Xander, Oz and Eric all piled into Willow's car to make their way to the stadium. Willow cranked up Shania Twain's man I feel like a woman, and all the guys sang at the top of their lungs. All four of them laughed at their antics as they speed down Broadway in the Volvo.

The squad met after school in the cafeteria for a quick meeting before heading to the stadium. Every one had their own cars so there was no need to carpool. Tara thought it was really very un-environmental for each to drive their own car, but for some reason that was what they always did.

She turned on her radio and rolled down the windows. She was excited to spend the evening with Willow, although she didn't know how much of that time they could actually hang out. She wasn't sure what the band did at these games so there was a possibility she wouldn't see Willow. Still she was happy, they had done great at the pep assembly, even the freshmen in J.V. seemed to catch on quickly. She tapped her fingers on the wheel as she drove down the road enjoying the fall air as it whipped through her hair.

She heard incessant honking from behind her and looked in her rear view mirror. She saw Willow's blue Volvo speeding down the lane next to her. She watched as Xander and Oz leaned out the window screaming something and waving their arms. As they got closer to Tara's car she heard what they were screaming.

"Hey Tara!"

"Go Warriors!"

"Dude I totally feel like a woman."

Tara wasn't sure she heard the last one correctly. She waved at them and saw Willow's hand fly out of the drivers side window as they speed by. They seemed to be having a great time, and Tara tried to remember the last time she had smiled like that with her friends. Their laughter was infectious and Tara found herself laughing at them as she continued her way to the stadium.

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