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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Tara arrived home and smelled lasagna baking in the oven. She wondered about Willow and why she never talked about her parents, or even went home for that matter. I guess if they aren't around then there is no reason to go home. Tara shrugged it off and went in the kitchen to help with dinner.

"Hi Baby girl." Her dad greeted her.

"Hi Daddy."

"How's the first week going?" Her mom asked mixing a salad.

"Great, I met a new girl Willow, she's in the band. She's really cool." Tara tried to hide the smile that lit up her face, but her parent's new better.

"I see, so this Willow is she pretty?" Her dad asked smirking.

Tara smiled knowing she couldn't keep much from her parents. "She is, and really smart too, in all the Advanced Placement classes. Cordelia over heard a teacher saying Willow knew more Calculus than she did. Plus she is really talented, she plays the toms for the band, and I've heard her play piano, my god she is really amazing."

"Hum, I think someone might have a little crush." Her mom smiled.

"I really like her, and I think she likes me too. I mean she seems to like to hang out with me, and we get along great, but maybe she's straight and just sees me as a friend. I don't know, I guess we'll see." Tara said confronting her fears about Willow.

"Well you should bring her around sometime, I'll see if my gaydar is on." Her dad laughed.

"Daddy!" Tara admonished.

Friday and Saturday came and went, with both girls not having seen each other. Tara started to worry that Willow was scared off by Tara giving her, her phone number. Tara took a chance and Sunday made a trip to the mall.

Willow sat at the counter watching a few customers wander around the candy bins trying to decide what sugary goodness they wanted to purchase. Sunday's were usually light days as well since the mall closed early. Willow idly doodled on some scrap paper while she waited for the customers to pay. She had stocked all the bins and cleaned the entire store earlier that day and was now watching the clock move every so slowly to 6pm.

"Hey you." An enthusiastic voice came from her left. She smiled as the voice rang through her ears and into her heart.

"Tara, what are you doing here?"

"Just thought I would drop by, see if you wanted to catch a movie after you get off?"

"Sure that would be great. I was wondering what I was going to do after this, probably practice, but this is even better." Willow gave Tara an award winning smile, hoping Tara could sense how much she loved to spend time with the blond. "I get off in half an hour, do you want to hang out?" Willow almost pleaded so she would have something to do for the next 30 minutes.

"Sure, if you won't get in trouble."

Willow waved off the comment. "Please, my boss is just glad someone shows up andů" She was cut off by a customer asking a question.

"Is this sugar free?"

"Does it say Sugar Free on the bin?" Willow asked, trying to remain patient with the evil customer who wanted to invade Tara time.


"Then it's not." Willow heard Tara snicker.

"Well do you have it in sugar free?"

Willow decided not to yell across the store, so excused herself from Tara and went to help the customer.

After the store was locked up, Willow and Tara walked out of the mall to the now empty parking lot.

"Is that your car?" Tara asked as she pointed to an old blue 1987 Volvo sedan.

"Um yeah." Willow said sort of ashamed. "It's not much, but the price was right and it runs."

"Oh no, I didn't mean anything by it, it looks nice and clean." Tara said trying to find something good about the piece of junk.

"Don't worry, I know it's a piece. It's definitely not as nice as your car." Willow said.

"Oh, well birthday present from my parents." Tara said now feeling ashamed of her car. "Um did you want to drive? We could just pick up my car later?"

"Sure." Willow said as they made their way to her car. Tara was right when she said the car was clean, it was and it ran well. Tara could see why Willow would pick such a car. She was grateful to her parents for buying the car, but she thought maybe she didn't deserve it. "Are you ok?" Willow asked after she had been driving for a few minutes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Tara said putting on a fake cheerleader smile.

Willow placed her hand on Tara's thigh, causing both to inhale a sharp breath at the contact. "You know you can tell me anything, I won't judge you, I'm not like that."

Tara smile a genuine smile. "I know that Wil."

Willow beamed, causing Tara to cock her head to the side and ask. "What?"

"You called me Wil, I like it." Willow simply stated as she turned back toward the road.

Tara gave directions and soon Willow was pulling up outside the movie theater. She reached in the back seat and fumbled around for a bag of candy she brought from work, and held it up for Tara to see.

"One of the perks of working at a candy store." She said before stuffing it under her jacket and opening the door.

They decided to see the current romantic comedy that was playing, both divulging they were romantics at heart.

They found seats in the back of the theater, being a Sunday night it wasn't very crowded. A few people filed in, and Willow and Tara made small talk until the lights went down and the movie previews came on. Willow was nervous, here she was sitting with the captain of the cheerleading squad, wanting nothing more than to hold her hand, but not knowing how to make the first move.

Tara wasn't faring much better, she had dated girls before, but this was different. It was much more adult, Tara felt like this meant so much more than those other girls did. She shifted in her seat and whispered to Willow "That movie looks good." referring to the preview on the screen. She didn't even know which movie she was referring to, but she had to be closer to Willow. She smelled so sweet and good, Tara had to linger for just a moment to take in her scent.

Willow shivered when she felt Tara's hot breath reach her ear. She was momentarily in a stupor imagining what it would feel like for Tara to take her ear between her lips and softly kiss all over her neck. Willow suddenly felt hot and flushed, she reached for the drink she bought and took a few sips in an attempt to cool down her blood.

The movie had started, but neither girl knew it, their concentration was on each other. Willow shifted her leg so it was touching Tara's, when the blond didn't move Willow took it as a good sign. She moved her hand so it rested on her own leg mimicking Tara's hand. She felt the blood pumping through her veins at an alarming rate. Ok this is it, just reach over and hold her hand. If she doesn't like it she'll pull away, you will totally freak her out and that will ruin any chance at a friendship, but god I have to try. There is no way I can sit here any longer and not know. And with that Willow slowly moved her hand over and on top of Tara's. She kept her eyes focused on the screen in front of her, but she didn't see anything.

Tara felt the first tentative touch of Willow's hand on her own, she felt something flood through her veins much like an adrenaline rush. This was really happening. She turned her hand over and interlaced her fingers with Willow's, and felt Willow respond with the tightening of their hands.

They sat that way through the rest of the movie, neither paying attention to the screen. Tara had started running her thumb over the back of Willow's hand. Willow felt lightheaded. I can't believe just holding her hand is having this effect on me. I've held other girls' hands, so why is this so different. Willow wondered as the credits rolled and the lights came on in the theater. It was much too quick for either girl as they reluctantly released hold of one another and exited the movie theater.

"So I thought the movie was good." Willow said breaking the silence. She really had no idea what the movie was about and hoped she was making an accurate review.

"Yeah it was funny." Tara said, also having no idea what the movie was about.

As Willow drove back to Tara's car, they lapsed into conversation about school and classes. Once Willow pulled next to Tara's car and shut of the engine, Tara turned to her and grabbed Willow's hand.

"I had a really great time tonight Wil." She said not looking at the redhead, but instead looking at their intertwined hands. They seemed to fit together, and it was all Tara could do to resist pulling Willow into a kiss. It was too soon for that right?

"Me too Tara, I had a wonderful time." Willow stated watching Tara watch their hands. "I probably won't see you tomorrow, with band and work, but I'll be around Tuesday 2nd hour, if you want to hang out?"

Tara looked up at Willow again and was mesmerized by her beauty. The parking lot lights framed her hair and made it almost seem to shimmer in the darkness. "Yeah that would be cool." Tara said finding her voice somehow. She gently squeezed Willows hand before dropping it and opening the car door. She unlocked her car and slipped inside. Willow waited for her to start her car before driving off herself.

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