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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Tara drove her 1998 red Honda civic to her house. She had a good home life, her parents had money and gave her everything she ever wanted. She entered her house just after 5:30.

"Hi honey, you're home late," her mother questioned from the kitchen.

"How was your first day?"

"I got to talking with a friend and lost track of time." Not entirely true, Willow's not even a friend. Willow that's such a pretty name, it suits her. "I don't know, school was ok. The squad picked out a song, finally"

"That's great, which one?"

"The one you don't like."

"Figures teenagers would pick a song like that, it's bordering on obscene you know."

"Oh mom please, it's musical expression, it's art." Like Willow, I can't believe she wrote that song, that's just amazing.

"I don't suppose teachers give homework on the first day do they?"

"Ugh, actually they do. Not too much though, I'll have a pretty light schedule this year, just need to get the requirements in to graduate. I'll be in my room." Tara said as she grabbed her bag and made her way upstairs.

She pulled out her homework, but she did have 3 off hours tomorrow so she could do it then. She proceeded to grab her laptop and do some searching on drum line, particularly toms. She learned quite a bit online until her mom called her for dinner.

"Hi pumpkin, how was school?" Her dad asked as they sat down to feast on tacos.

"It was fine dad."

"And Anya, Cordelia and Buffy all doing well?"

"Yep their fine too."

"How about your classes?"

"I have Mr. Anderson again this year so that's really cool. Physics is oddly fun as well."

"I loved Physics." Her mom piped in.

"Chemistry was more of my thing." Her dad said.

"Yeah because you had a crush on the teacher." Her mom retorted with a smile.

"Well Mrs. Childs was a looker." Her dad teased back.

Tara smiled, she loved her family and their interactions. She always seemed to get along with her parents, being an only child, having her parents around to talk to was essential while growing up.

"Speaking of crushes, any cute girls this year?"

Tara blushed and thought of Willow, but there was no way she was revealing this to her parents…yet.

"Darling leave her alone." Her mother chided her father.

The next morning Tara sat and fidgeted with her backpack zipper and eyed the door. She came through it yesterday so she should come through it today, unless she has 1st period off, or she's sick or something. Tara was lost in her thoughts as Anya and Cordelia argued over who was the cutest on the football team.

"I am so not interested in this conversation and neither is Tara." Buffy said trying to change the subject to something else.

"What?" Tara said hearing her name.

"Just defending your lesbianism." Buffy replied.

"Oh thanks." Tara said and returned her gaze to the door. Tara was convinced she wasn't coming, the bell was about to ring and she hadn't shown. Tara started to get her things together when she saw Willow walk in. The other girl appeared flushed, possibly from running. She looked even more beautiful than she had yesterday. She had another tight shirt on with jeans again and Tara thought she was going to die when they made eye contact. Willow politely smiled and made her way to the band table. Tara had smiled back and had trouble wiping the smile off her face as the bell rang.

"I don't know why you are so happy to get to English class Tara." Anya said noticing her smiling.

"I just really like Mr. Anderson." Tara lied.

"Yeah I hate English, to bad it's 5 days a week." Cordelia replied.

"I have Economics today." Anya said smiling.

"That's just as bad as Government." Buffy stated.

"Is not, it's about money, and that's way better than stuffy old fore fathers making stupid rules." Anya remarked.

Tara and Cordelia both had 2nd hour off. Cordelia was off talking with some football player, Tara thought it was the perfect time to get a start on her homework from the previous evening. She set out all her books and notebooks and began to read the required texts. She wasn't very far into her reading when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Willow standing behind her.

"Hi. I hope I'm not interrupting."

Tara beamed, "No, no, not at all, just getting a head start on my homework. Have a seat."

Willow sat down across from her, she had on a brown shirt that said ‘New Mexico, cleaner than regular Mexico'.

"I like your shirt." Tara said for the second time in two days.

"Thanks, again." Willow said.

"So you are new in town."

"Yeah, well not really. I mean I am, but I've been here since the start of summer. Luckily they run band camp through out the summer so I made friends before school started. I hate being the new kid with no friends."

Tara smiled. "Yeah I saw you with Xander and Oz, and some other people at lunch yesterday." Her eyes went wide at her slip, she didn't want the girl to think she was stalking her. But her revelation didn't seem to affect the other girl.

"Yeah their on the line too. Xander plays Bass and Oz plays the snare."

"Wow snare, he must be good. That's the best right, the best players play snare?" Tara questioned her reading last night.

"Sort of, I mean it really is about what you like, but yeah Oz is good. Xanders ok, the bass doesn't take any real musical experience. Don't tell him that though." Willow smiled at their little secret.

"Toms must be hard though, it's like a drum set right?"

"Yeah." Willow paused for a second. "I'm surprised you know, I mean most people don't. But then again you aren't like most people are you?"

Tara was surprised at Willow's statement. She had tried so hard to fit in, to be like everyone else. Here was someone, who barely knew her, yet knew her better than herself. Tara felt Willow's hand slide on top of her own. Tara thought she would pass out, as her heart threatened to explode. The touch was light, friendly, and yet Tara knew she would never be the same.

"Are you ok?" She heard Willow say.

"Yeah, yeah fine." Tara felt like her whole arm was made of stone, she was afraid to move as she might scare off Willow's touch. It was all in vain though because Willow slowly removed her hand.

"I need to go practice, I'll see you later." Willow said before hurrying off.

Damn it, I totally freaked her out. But her touch, I have never felt anything so soft and electric in my life. Oh my God, I am so crushing on her.

"Hey!" Cordelia said sliding into the seat Willow had just vacated. "What were you doing with band nerd?"

"Her name's Willow, and we were just talking." Tara said a little annoyed.

"Oh need some tutoring, it's ok, I had some junior year. Would have flunked Algebra if I didn't."

"No, Willow and I were just talking. I have other friends besides you, Anya and Buffy." The second it came flying out of her mouth, she realized it was a lie, she really didn't. Now she probably never would, since she scared off Willow.

"Woah, Tare, I was just asking." Cordelia said throwing up her arms.

"Sorry Cordy, do you have any ideas for our routine?" Tara asked changing the subject.

"Oh yeah!" Cordelia rummaged through her bag and pulled out a CD. "I found this on the internet last night, there is this really cool move in it, you'll know which one I'm talking about. I totally think we can pull it off. It's hard, but it's really wicked, I think if we nail it, that will throw us over the top."

If there was one thing all girls could agree on it was they loved cheerleading.

"Cool, I'll check it out tonight." Tara said taking the CD from Cordelia as the bell rang.

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