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Prisoner of the Night Clan

Author: Renegade
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I (me) do not own these characters herein (except for the ones that you've never heard of before, because they came out of my head like Athena, just less messier) ME, Joss Whedon and whoever else can own them (just wish they'd treated them better) but I own nothin' except one very pregnant cat...

As Willow stepped into the room, Tara felt herself grow wet at the sight of the redhead. She was dressed in a sandy short tied skirt and a deep purple half top that accented her firm stomach and pert breasts.

"Willow you look ravishing," Tara nearly growled. "Faith, love, be so kind as to make Willow comfortable."

"Yes, Mi'lady," Faith replied dutifully and led Willow towards a plush chair that was set off to the side but very much within "reach" of the scene. Tara watched Willow's ass as she moved towards the chair, her breath coming quicker at the thought of what she would eventually be able to do to the firm flesh.

Focus Tara, you have a patron and a rite to perform. With that thought she turned back around and focused on Buffy.

Willow settled down into the chair and looked up in time to notice that Buffy was beginning to fidget as she stood waiting for her Mistress. Tara noticed this as well.

"Pet, why are you fidgeting?" The Mistress spoke her tone taking on a sexy yet very much commanding quality.

Immediately, Buffy quit moving from one foot to another. "I'm sorry Mistress."

Tara began to move around her patron. "You seem to be very anxious this evening. What have I taught you about patience?"

"That it's necessary, Mistress." Buffy replied her tone almost childish.

Willow felt a growing heat in her abdomen as she watched Tara interact with Buffy. Willow had only seen Buffy in control of every situation that she had ever been in. To see the most powerful woman in the land submitting to the most beautiful, was quickly becoming the most erotic thing Willow had ever seen.

"That's right. Now, why is it that you know this Buffy but you're not abiding by it?" Tara inquired stopping behind the shorter blonde her breath gently moving Buffy's hair.

"Because..." Buffy began and then faltered as Tara pressed her body against her own.

"Hmm, 'because' isn't an acceptable answer Pet. I suppose that you'll just have to think of a better reason. Faith, love, strip please."

Willow's eyes darted over to where Faith stood. Immediately, on command, Faith began to disrobe. First, she removed her shirt revealing a much toned stomach and very full breasts. The redhead's eyes widened as she beheld the dark haired woman's natural beauty. Slowly, ever so slowly, the Assassin began to pull down the black leather pants.

Willow felt her mouth go dry as Faith's neatly manicured centre followed by her exquisitely muscular thighs were revealed. She could see Faith's arousal glistening on her short trimmed curls.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Tara whispered into Willow's ear. The Mage was startled, she hadn't seen the Mistress approach but she was unable to remove her eyes from the sight of Faith.

Willow licked her lips trying to moisten her mouth. "Yes, she is."

"And she's all mine," Tara whispered, "Would you like to see what I like to do with those that are mine?"

"Yes, Mistress." Willow managed to get out.

"Mmm," Tara hummed against the redhead's ear, "I'm not your Mistress. Not yet." She finished with a nip to Willow's ear lobe before straightening and coming around to the front of the chair.

"Buffy, since you have shown a lack of patience and a lack of reason for that patience, you may disrobe assume the proper position and face this chair." Tara ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." Buffy replied and began to strip out of her clothes. Willow's eyes widened as she saw her friend of years take off all of her clothing and drop to her knees with her hands behind her back.

Pleased, Tara turned to the redheaded mage and nudged Willow's knees apart with her thighs. "If you don't mind Willow," The Mistress spoke as she untied the robe revealing the black corset and panties underneath. "I would like to sit here between your legs."

"Of course, Lady Tara."

Willow obliged the beautiful woman before her and spread her legs wide enough to accommodate the blonde. Tara settled herself so that her barely covered ass was pressing into Willow's centre. Leaning back into Willow, Tara lifted her legs so that they rested on either of the Mage's.

"Faith, come and demonstrate your talented tongue for our guests." Tara commanded.

A slow smile spread over Faith's face as she swaggered up to her Mistress and slowly lowered herself in front of Tara.

"As you command, Mi'lady." The Assassin purred, running her hands lightly over the blonde's thighs before pulling the black material covering Tara's centre and nuzzling her face deep within Tara's core.

Willow didn't so much see Faith's first tongue stroke as she felt it. At the first flick of the Assassin's tongue Tara pushed hard, back into Willow's own centre and began to grind her hips in time to Faith's oral assault.

Between the grinding and the oh so sexy way in which Tara was encouraging her pet, Willow was beginning to wonder if she could last the evening.

Tara didn't know if it was the smooth silkiness of Faith's tongue or the sight of her pet on her knees serving her or if it was the way Willow was quietly groaning behind her but the Mistress was on the brink of a tremendous orgasm in moments.

Impulsively, Lady Tara grabbed Willow's hands and placed them on her breasts, over the soft, supple leather. She squeezed the Mage's hands to encourage the younger girl to continue to massage her breasts.

"Goddess, don't stop!" Tara growled as she felt the first waves hit, flooding the dark haired Assassin's mouth. The Mistress reached behind her and pulled Willow's hair as she came hard, locking eyes with Buffy as the pleasure scorched her nerves.

As Tara slowly began to descend from her orgasmic high, she gently pushed Faith's head away. "Enough pet, I want Buffy to lick me clean. I want to her to see what she missed because of her impatience."

Faith locked her dark eyes with Tara's blue ones. Part of Tara felt bad for stopping Faith in her actions. The Mistress knew that her dark haired pet loved the taste of her Mistress after she came but Tara also knew how to discipline Buffy.

Obediently, Faith stood and stepped away.

"Buffy, clean up this mess." Tara gestured towards the glistening juice that covered her inner thighs.

Immediately, Buffy was in front of the Mistress her own pink tongue starting at the Mistress' mid thigh and carefully working her way up. As Buffy approached Tara's source, the Mistress lifted a foot and placed it on the blonde's shoulder nudging the Imperial Mistress back.

"That's quite enough." Tara asserted and stood up. The Mistress of the Night Clan heard a slight whimper from somewhere below her. She didn't know whether it was Willow or Buffy but she made a quick decision to prove a point.

"You still haven't learned your lesson have you?" Tara asked as she circled around Buffy and away from Willow. "Where do you suppose you were going with that impatient tongue of yours?"

"I was going to clean you, Mistress." Buffy responded a little sullenly.

"I see." Tara leaned down towards Buffy's ear. "You wanted to taste me didn't you?"

Another whimper escaped Buffy's throat. "Yes, Mistress."

Lady Tara squatted down beside the prostrate Imperial Mistress. "You know Pet, as your Mistress, I'm here to help you. To help you become closer to the Goddess. Now, how am I to do that when you don't learn any of the lessons I try to teach you? It seems every time you are in my company, we have to address the issues of your patience. Why is that?"

Buffy licked her lips as she thought of a response. Finally she sighed: "I don't know why, Mistress."

There was silence for a moment before Tara spoke.

"Perhaps I've been going about this the wrong way. I've been trying to teach you patience through restrictions, but perhaps I should let you loose."

The Imperial Mistress panicked and dared to look into her Mistress' eyes.

"You're not refusing to be my Mistress are you?" She asked her voice small. Tara smiled gently and pushed Buffy's hair back behind her ear.

"No, Pet. I just think I should give you an option. We can either continue to try and educate you in the way we have been or I will allow you to have your way with my sub Faith. But I warn you, should you choose to touch my sub and have your way with her - you will be severely punished. Are we clear about your choice?"

Buffy nodded her understanding and looked down before looking up quiet hungrily at Faith, who had taken up a position by the low chaise lounge.

Tara followed Buffy's gaze. The Mistress caught her sub's eyes and silently asked the dark haired Assassin's approval - even though by Clan laws, she didn't need to. She smiled a bit when Faith nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Have you made your decision?" Lady Tara whispered, running her fingers up Buffy's spine.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then act on it. Have your way with my sub."

With the Mistress' permission given, Buffy leapt up and virtually tackled Faith, crushing their mouths together in a fierce, bruising kiss.

Lady Tara watched as her dark haired sub completely gave up any attempt to fight as she allowed Buffy to push her back onto the lounge. Buffy, for her part, gave up any pretence of foreplay. As soon as she had Faith on her back, she ran her hand down the dark haired Assassin's body and shoved three fingers unceremoniously into the dark haired woman.

"You like that?" Tara heard Buffy growl to Faith.

Arousal shot through the Mistress of the Night Clan as she saw her sub respond intensely to Buffy's words and ministrations.

Faith's back arched as she pushed herself further down on Buffy's hand. The dark haired Assassin gripped the blonde's hair as she began to counter thrust against Buffy.

Tara turned, her own clit throbbing, from the aggressively erotic sight before and looked at Willow who stared mouth agape at Buffy and Faith.

"How are you Willow?" Tara inquired gently, a huge contrast to the grunting and moaning that was coming from the lounge. Willow nodded, unable to tear her eyes away.

From where Tara was she could smell Willow's heavy arousal. The scent was musky and heavenly, making the Mistress' head light.

Before she could stop herself, Tara reached over and ran her hand up the Mage's thigh, under her skirt to the red head's centre. The Mistress couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips as she felt Willow's wetness was unhindered by panties.

"Oh, Willow" Tara gasped biting down on her full lower lip.

"Tara!" Willow squeaked as she felt the Mistress' fingertips caress her clit.

"Goddess," The Mistress hissed flitting her fingers over the redhead's clit again before running them down the length of her slit, gathering her arousal. "You're so wet. I want you so bad."

"Then take me, please!" Willow groaned.

The Mage spread her legs wider as Lady Tara kneeled between them. The Mistress could hear Willow's rapid breathing. She watched, entranced, as the redhead's small breasts heaved with each breath. Lady Tara's mouth went dry as she let her fingers slid down to Willow's entrance and linger there.

"Please,please,please." The redhead repeated the near desperate mantra.

"I can't," Lady Tara said, her tone broken from her own desire. With every ounce of willpower the Mistress had, she slowly pulled her fingers away from Willow's sex. Locking eyes with the Mage, she slowly brought her fingers, coated in Willow's essence to her mouth and licked them clean.

The redhead groaned in nearly physical pain. The Mistress reached over and caressed her cheek. Goddess help me be strong.

"I'm sorry, Willow. I can't take you until the tithe. I hope you understand." The Mistress ran her fingers across Willow's lips.

The Mage nodded miserably and looked at Tara and then beyond her to where Faith and Buffy were still locked together - the Imperial Mistress still thrusting heatedly into the Assassin.

Tara stood. "You must excuse me. I have to attend to my Pet."

With that Tara moved away, undoing the laces of her corset as she went. She pulled away the black leather top releasing her full breasts. Making sure she had Willow's attention she bent down and retrieved the toys she had set aside earlier.

The Mistress first slipped into the harness and phallus she'd chosen and then retrieved a stiff riding crop that she'd also selected.

Swaggering up behind where Buffy was kneeled above Faith. She ran her hand once over the firm flesh of the Imperial Mistress' ass, letting her know that she was behind her before raining down the first stinging strike of the riding crop.

Buffy's body arched backwards, stilling her hand for a moment.

"Don't stop Pet. I want see Faith come for you."

"Yes, Mistress." Buffy hissed.

"Oh and Pet?" Tara said non pulsed running her index finger over the red welt that was rising off of the smooth white flesh of the Imperial Mistress' back.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Don't forget to count." Tara replied before lashing out again, crisscrossing the last blow.

"Two. Thank you Mistress." Buffy moaned resuming her steady thrusting into Faith.

The Mistress of the Night Clan continued to whip Buffy for a few moments. When Buffy reached ten, Tara grasped the phallus and ran the head through Buffy's slit, teasing the blonde with the promise of being filled.

Buffy moaned but much to her credit didn't stop her ministrations on Faith.

"Are you ready Pet?" Lady Tara asked grasping the blonde by the hair and pulling her head back a bit.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress - what?"

"Yes, Mistress, I'm ready." The blonde panted.

"Ready for what?"

"Ready for you to fuck me." Buffy managed. A knowing smile crossed Tara's face. She muttered a small incantation and pushed into Buffy to the hilt. Buffy cried out as Tara began to thrust.

As for Tara, she had muttered an incantation to allow the glass phallus to become as her flesh. So, though it was still glass - it softened for the receiver's comfort and allowed Tara to experience all the sensations of actually being inside her Pet.

"Oh, Pet! Do you like this? Do you like it when I fill you?" Tara moaned tightening her grip in Buffy's hair and leaning over so that her nipples brushed the red welts of the blonde's back.

"Yes, Mistress." Buffy panted. Tara reached down with her other hand and found Faith's clit with the pad of her thumb. She was about to cum and she knew that Buffy was a simple command away from cumming but Tara wanted to make sure that Faith got her due.

"Pets, you may cum." She managed as the first waves of her orgasm hit. Buffy cried out as Faith arched up in her own orgasm digging her own nails into Buffy's already sore back. The added sensation sent Buffy over the edge - taking the Mistress of the Night Clan with her.

Willow was enthralled by the sight of the three most beautiful women she'd ever seen receiving pleasure from each other.

Her senses were on overload. The sight, sound and smell of their sex was becoming nearly overwhelming. She heard Lady Tara give her permission for the other two to cum. As soon as she said it a wave of nearly blinding white light filled the room.

As it hit Willow, she felt herself climax with the sheer pleasure that assailed her senses. Light and then blackness filled her sight.

"Willow, are you okay?"

A heavenly voice brought her back to reality. Opening her eyes she saw the concerned, angelic face of Tara looking intently at her.

"W- what happened?" Willow asked.

"I don't know," Lady Tara answered. "I looked over and you were passed out."

"Maybe it was too much for her?" Buffy piped up. Willow looked over and noticed that the Imperial Mistress was already dressed. She also noticed that Lady Tara was back in her robe.

"Perhaps." Lady Tara smirked. "What was the last thing that you remember?"

"I was watching you guys and then-" Willow blushed and looked down before looking down. Tara looked confused for a moment and then realization dawned on her.


"I - I'm sorry. I didn't-" The redhead scrambled.

"Sssh, it's alright Willow." The Mistress soothed offering her hand to Willow. "If you want you can go clean up. I'm just going to see Lady Elizabeth out."

The Mage nodded but then looked up. "Would you mind if I took a minute with Buffy?"

Tara nodded. "I'll just be checking on Faith and Loki." With that Lady Tara walked towards her pet's room.

"What's up, Will?" Buffy asked as she started towards the door.

"I just wanted to say it was good to see you again." Willow spoke bashfully. "I hope it wasn't weird."

"Weird?" Buffy laughed. "If there was one thing that it wasn't, it wasn't weird. Being with Lady Tara isn't weird - no matter what she decides to do or who she decides to bring along."

"I know... I mean I don't... but I mean - it's been so long and I didn't think that we'd see each other again in this, uh, setting." The Mage stammered.

Buffy reached the door and pulled it open a crack before looking at Willow and sighing.

"Listen, Will. I know that our past is unresolved and a bit unsettling. And I know that with me being in the position of Imperial Mistress we haven't ever had a chance to settle things and I don't expect that things will be settled tonight but I never stopped caring for you. Granted, I didn't expect to see you here and I didn't expect to hear that you were planning on tithing to Lady Tara but..." Buffy trailed off. "But if there is one woman in this world that I would trust your happiness to - it would be Tara. I just hope that you know what you're getting into."

Willow shifted from one foot to another, before answering. "I have an idea and perhaps I don't know all that this life entails but I do know that I think I love her... I-"

The Mage never got a chance to finish as Tara came around the curtain.

"Ready Lady Elizabeth?" Lady Tara asked. Buffy nodded before looking at Willow.

"It was good to see you again, Will. Hopefully, I'll see you soon." Buffy spoke a small smile playing on her lips.

"Same here," The redhead replied. Willow looked at Tara expecting some sort of suggestion or word of departing but the Mistress didn't even look at her - she just guided Buffy out the door shutting it tightly behind them.

The Mage jumped as the door slammed shut. Nothing had been said - but somehow Willow knew that something was wrong with Lady Tara.

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