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Author: TazRaven
Rating: PG
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Author's Notes: Willow and Tara goodness will commence after some serious angst. Once again, serious angst... You have been warned.

Sam started her car and followed Willow's SUV. The brunette knew that she shouldn't be doing this, but that way Willow had been acting ever since beginning her lessons with Tara had made her insecure enough to take extreme measures. Of course, this all could have been avoided if Sam had just asked Willow if anything was going on, but she was too afraid of the answer. If Willow told the truth and told Sam that something was going on between her and Tara, then she would be heartbroken. But, if Willow lied to her, then it would make the situation even worse. Then again, maybe nothing at all was going on and Willow just really liked horseback riding. In any case, Sam had to know and so she followed Willow to Tara's house. She watched as her girlfriend got out of the car and greeted Tara with a small wave.

Samantha parked her car a small ways down the road and followed Willow and Tara from a safe distance. The lesson seemed to proceed normally. Willow prepared her horse and mounted. Sam couldn't believe how well Willow could ride. She trotted, cantered, and at one point, even jumped a small hurdle. Sam was impressed. When Willow had told her that she was going to learn how to ride a horse, her initial reaction had been disbelief. But seeing her now, she had to admit that Willow was doing great.

A couple of hours later, the lesson seemed like it was winding down. Tara had Willow slow the horse and walked beside the animal. Willow released her right leg from one of the stirrups and brought it around so that she was leaning halfway off the horse. Tara stood; ready to help if Willow needed it. The red-head reached her right foot down towards the ground and attempted to pull out her left foot at the same time. This proved to be a mistake. Willow toppled off the horse and onto Tara, knocking them both onto the ground. Tara landed on her back with Willow lying on top of her. Sam waited for Willow to move off of the blonde, but that didn't happen. Willow looked down at Tara and then time seemed to stand still.

Tara saw Willow falling but could do nothing to stop it. She put up her hands and tried to brace Willow's fall. The blonde landed on her back with the wind slightly knocked out of her. Tara turned her head and found Willow looking down at her. Cobalt eyes gazed into emerald pools as the seconds passed, with neither woman making a move. Time stood still, and nothing else existed except her and Willow. Very slowly, Willow began to lean forward, her eyes never wavering from the woman before her. Tara couldn't breathe, afraid that the slightest movement would break the spell. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as Willow drew closer.

Willow landed on top of Tara and gazed at the woman below her. Cerulean eyes slowly focused on her own as the two women breathed deeply. Willow couldn't tear her gaze away and without thinking, she began to deliberately close the gap. Her head moved lower, and Willow licked her lips in anticipation. She could think of nothing else, only Tara, and how little space was now between them. She moved even closer, now feeling their mingled breaths. She saw Tara close her eyes and moisten her own lips. Out of the corner of her eye, Willow saw movement. She whipped her head around and gasped at the sight of Sam running away. Willow looked back down at Tara, and saw confused blue eyes stare back at her. The red-head jumped off of Tara, wobbling slightly due to her light-headedness. She sprinted towards her car and left.

Sam, like the two women she was watching, seemed unable to move for the longest moment. She was jolted out of her frozen position as she saw Willow begin to move her head towards Tara's. Sam jumped up and ran to her car. She didn't need to see anything else to confirm her suspicions. The brunette threw open her car door and started the engine, almost flooring the pedal in her attempt to leave. Finally, with several miles between her and the farmhouse, Sam was able to breathe again.

Tara was stunned. She couldn't breathe, couldn't move. She had been so sure that Willow was going to kiss her, and then she hadn't. Willow had instead turned her head to the side before looking back at her own confused face. And without a second glance, Willow had leapt off of her own body and sprinted to her SUV, thrown open the door, and sped off the property. Tara slowly picked herself up off the ground and walked back to the house. She trudged up the stairs and walked into her room, finally breaking down when her head hit the pillow. She sobbed, finally releasing that last sliver of hope that Willow returned her feelings. For minutes or hours, Tara couldn't be sure; she laid in bed, curled into a tight ball. Finally, the tears stopped, and Tara fell asleep.

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