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Happily Ever After

Author: Spellbound
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except 2 insane cats and lots of fluffy socks. The characters and places belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all the other people who have a finger in the Buffy pie. All the new people are mine though!

Blaze and Vince invite you to celebrate in the last days of freedom before our greatest friends...

Willow Rosenberg
Tara Maclay

Finally tie the knot.

Unknown to them they are having a joint bachelorette party at the Lion's Den Club, Fury Street, West L.A.
The nakedness starts at 9pm on July 25.

R.S.V.P to:
Vince and Blaze,
640 Brendon Square,
(213) 846 6278


As Vince sealed the final envelope and wrote the name and address on the front, he frowned at Blaze. "Why are we leaving this 'til the last minute?" he asked her.

"Fucks sake, Vince, why don't you listen?" she retorted. He must have been told at least a hundred times and yet the information still hadn't sunk in. "We couldn't do invites until we knew when we'd be able to have the upstairs of the club, and we wouldn't know that until I remembered I could get it!" she told him, as she collected the envelopes up. "I'll go and drop these off, can you stick a stamp on that and post it or it'll never get to Giles in time!" Without another word, Blaze headed out, slamming the front door behind her and leaving Vince staring after her.

"Tara, have you seen my planner?" Willow asked as she tipped her bag out for the third time that morning. She had already been into the office and pulled most of her desk apart looking for it, and had then returned home to pull her desk apart there with still no luck. "Sorry sweetie." Tara replied, shaking her head.

"I need to call Buffy to find out when they will be coming up and if they want us to organise somewhere to stay." she said, the urgency filling her voice. "And I can't do that without my organiser!" she said as she fell back into the huge, overstuffed chair and sighed loudly.

"Don't worry baby, it'll turn up. You're probably looking too hard." Tara told her as she slipped gently into Willow's lap and kissed her stressed fiancée lovingly, her fingers caressing the nape of Willow's neck absentmindedly.

Willow closed her eyes, allowing the soft touch to wash away her stresses. "Have you written your vows yet?" Tara asked cautiously, her eyes darting around the room as she spoke. Willow's cheeks flushed a deep red, "Well, yes and no." she admitted, "I started, then I didn't like them and so started again. I'm on the 27th version." Willow giggled sheepishly.

Trying to hide a huge sigh of relief, Tara smiled as Willow's hand came up to caress her cheek, turning her face towards her. "It's harder than I thought trying to find words to tell you, and everyone else what you mean to me." the redhead told her.

Tara grinned, "I'm having the same problems." she replied honestly. "Why did we have to write our own vows?" she asked playfully. It had been her idea but now, she was starting to think that she would never find the words to convey what she wanted to say.

"Well...." Willow began playfully. "This stunning blonde decided that it would be really romantic to make up our own stuff instead of having the same as everyone else!"

Tara pretended to not know what she was talking about, her own giggles forming. Pulling back in mock accusation, she fixed Willow with a stare, "Who's this 'stunning blonde'?" she asked quickly, her giggles making a mockery of the accusing tone she was trying for.

Willow laughed, pulling Tara closer for a kiss. "She's my world!" Willow told her softly as they pulled back.

Suddenly a knock at the door made them jump. "Who's that?" Willow wondered out loud. "Only one way to find out!" Tara said, sliding from Willow's lap to answer the door.

Vince stood in the doorway, grinning mischievously. "Hey lovers," he announced, throwing his arms open. "What are you both doing on Friday?" he asked, inviting himself in. "Nothing? Good! You're coming out with me and Blaze!" he told them before they'd had a chance to reply. "But, we were....." Willow began before Vince cut her off.

"No arguments. You're coming!" he said sternly. Right, I gotta drain the dragon, man!" he announced as he disappeared down the corridor towards the bathroom.

Shaking their heads, Willow and Tara couldn't help but giggle at the bluntness of their friend and the way he always had to announce his bathroom needs, no matter where he was or the company he was in. "I bet if he met the Queen of England, he'd tell her he had to piss!" Tara thought out loud causing Willow to laugh even harder.

Vince snuck into the bedroom, pulling Willow's organiser from under his shirt and laying it on the dresser, using a sweater to partially cover the newly returned item before ducking into the bathroom and relieving himself.

Returning to the living area, Vince grinned. "I can't stop, I just came by to tell you to keep Friday open and that we'll pick you up at about 9ish." he told them before flashing a brilliant smile. "And now, I will leave you to go about your sweaty lesbian sex!" With one hand on the door handle, he stopped and returned his gaze to the women. Tara had slipped back onto Willow's lap and was pulling back from a gentle kiss. "Unless I can stay and watch?" he asked cheekily.

"Get out!" they groaned in unison, Tara pulling a pillow from behind Willow to throw at her friend.

After hand delivering the rest of the invitations, Blaze returned home, a stupid grin plastered over her face. Against her better judgement, she had invited Jaycee to the party and delighted in the unrestrained flirting she had indulged in on delivery of the invitation. It had turned out that Jaycee was also bisexual and very much into the idea of a threesome.

As she turned the corner towards her apartment, she saw Vince wandering down the street and waved. As they arrived at the entrance of their building, Blaze grinned at him. "Hey sexy," she grinned devilishly. "Wanna fuck me and the girl from the card shop?" she asked nonchalantly.

Swallowing heavily, Vince stared at her disbelievingly. "Really?" he asked. Blaze nodded, her hands tracing across his groin. "Hell yeah!!" he grinned.

"So, Friday night then. I invited her to the party." Blaze told him as she pushed open the apartment door and dragged Vince inside.

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