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Happily Ever After

Author: Spellbound
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except 2 insane cats and lots of fluffy socks. The characters and places belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all the other people who have a finger in the Buffy pie. All the new people are mine though!

11 days to go....

When Tara awoke the next morning she was vaguely surprised to find herself on top of the covers. In her arms, Willow slept peacefully, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. Snuggling in close, she rolled Willow gently onto her side, careful not to wake her just yet.

Slipping from the warm silk sheet, Tara stretched and delighted in how supple and limber she felt. 'Wow, now that was a good massage' she thought as she padded into the bathroom. After going through some quick ablutions, Tara threw on a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt before following the candle path back into the living room. At some point during the night, each of the candles had extinguished itself and, thankfully, nothing had caught fire. 'Probably due the wondrous planning of my Will.' Tara thought with a smile, as she picked up her car keys and headed down to the bakery. She had a craving that only Danish pastries would satisfy.

Willow stretched and yawned, rolling over she was surprised to find herself alone on the bed. "Tara?" she called out, hoping that she had maybe just gone to shower. When she received no response, Willow sat up and rubbed her eyes. On the dresser at the end of the bed, the fruit and chocolate still sat. Immediately Willow knew that wherever Tara had gone, she'd gone in a hurry as she would have at least taken the rapidly drying out fruit into the kitchen. "She must've got a call from the vets." Willow said to the empty room, her voice belying the confusion she was feeling. "Well why didn't she wake me?" Willow wondered aloud.

Shaking her head, she slipped her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, stretching as she did so. Picking up the tray she had so carefully prepared the previous evening, Willow made her way into the kitchen and threw the fruit in the trash before heading back to the bathroom.

As she turned on the shower and sorted the temperature, Willow couldn't help but wonder where Tara had gotten to. It was unlike her to just get up and go out without leaving her a note or something.

After using the toilet and giving her teeth a brush, Willow stepped under the hot cascade of water, allowing its steady rhythm to wash away her sleep.

Tara opened the front door, a box of pastries balancing carefully on top of two hot mochas. Tiptoeing back into the bedroom, she couldn't hide the disappointment that Willow was already up. Placing the cups and pastries on the cabinet next to the bed, Tara heard the familiar sound of the shower and Willow's singing. A devilish grin tickled her lips as she made her way into the bathroom.

Already filled with steam, Tara's arrival went unnoticed. Sliding out of her clothes, she pulled back the sliding door and grinned. Willow was so engrossed in her singing that she failed to notice Tara in the doorway. The water flowing gently between her milky white shoulders, down her back and over her firm ass, made Tara lick her lips in anticipation. As Willow shampooed her hair, Tara carefully tiptoed up behind her, trying hard not to alert Willow to her presence. As the last suds raced from her hair and down her back, Tara wrapped Willow in a hug, kissing her hot neck softly. "Morning sexy!" she purred as she pressed her cool body against Willow.

Willow jumped slightly, Tara's cool body stiffening her nipples and making her shiver slightly. "Hey gorgeous." Willow replied, her words almost lost in the sound of the water. In her hands, Willow held her Morning Burst shower gel, its zingy tangerine scent filling the large cubicle. Now nibbling and kissing Willow's delicate neck, Tara held out a hand, gesturing for Willow to dispense some of the gel into it.

Willing obliging, Willow squirted a small amount of the bright orange gel into the open palm of her lover before snapping the lid closed and dropping it onto the floor. Slowly, Tara began soaping the taut expanse of Willow's stomach, her fingers teasing and caressing her way up to the pert breasts of her lover.

Under Tara's touch, Willow felt her nipples stiffen further, her head titling back to rest on Tara's shoulder as a small moan escaped her lips. With her throat now exposed, Willow shuddered as Tara's fingers traced carefully along her jaw line, before running back down her throat to continue their loving caress of her nipples, taking each one gently between her fingers and rolling it softly.

Pressing her hips back into Tara, Willow felt, rather than heard the gasp emerging from Tara as she ground her ass into the smooth groin of the blonde.

Tara slide her right hand down between the shallow valley between Willow's breasts, her fingers taking their time to explore the taut stomach before sliding around to grasp Willow's firm ass roughly. Another moan escaped Willow's lips as Tara's short nails dug into the flesh of her cheek. Sliding her hand further down Willow's toned thigh, Tara slide down her body, kissing between her shoulder blades as her fingers played lightly behind Willow's knee.

As she began straightening back up, Tara slid her hand to the inside of Willow's thigh, her nails scratching a gentle path back up her leg and pausing at the very top. In her arms, Willow could feel her head spin, the sensual touch of Tara's fingers leaving razor like trails of passionate fire in their wake. Her breath grew short and ragged as Tara's fingers teased the top of her thigh, her clit pulsing and screaming for attention.

Without warning, Tara spun the shaking redhead in her arms, pushing her backwards to lean against the cool tile. Kissing her deeply, Tara's tongue flicked and teased her lower lip before darting into her mouth, barely satisfying her hunger. As Willow reached to pull the vivacious blonde closer, she felt the fire in her groin burning white hot, the urgency and passion centred within her, as yet ignored clit and radiating through the rest of her body.

"Tara, baby?" she gasped, her hips pushing instinctively forward, trying to find the one piece of contact that could release her. Tara kissed and nipped Willow's neck, leaving the tiniest marks as she went, her fingers returning to tease the baby smooth skin at the top of Willow's thigh. "You want something baby?" she purred into Willow's ear, sucking the lobe gently between each word.

Willow's hips pressed forward once again, her words lost to her as her clit throbbed and begged for attention. Running her hand through the now soaked hair of her lover, Willow pulled Tara closer, her teeth grazing the blonde's lower lip and she fought to reign in the passion that had her in a frenzy.

As the water rained down on the entwined lovers, Tara could feel the heat and desire between Willow's legs. As the redhead drew her bottom lip into her mouth and began nipping and sucking gently, Tara's hand found its way to the smooth outer lips of the insatiable redhead, a single finger teasing them apart as she slowly explored the wet heaven she loved.

As her finger passed lightly over her engorged clit, Willow bit down on her lip, almost drawing blood. Unable to speak, Tara's fingers slid back down, finding the tight warm centre of her lover and sliding in slowly, causing Willow to throw her head back and groan, releasing Tara's lip as she did so.

"Oh god yeah," Willow groaned as Tara's finger slid gently in and out, her thumb flicking and teasing over her clit with each inward thrust. Mirroring Tara's movements with her hips, Willow's hands tangled in the blonde hair, pulling Tara roughly to her, kissing her deeply, her tongue demanding dominance over Tara's.

Feeling the tiniest contracts begin within Willow, Tara eased another finger alongside the first, deepening her thrusts and forcing Willow to pull back from the kiss to moan loudly before nuzzling her neck.

As Willow's contractions grew stronger, Tara felt a strong leg rise to wrap around her, allowing her deeper access which she greedily took advantage of, her thumb colliding with the throbbing clit as she increased her speed and drove Willow over the edge.

As Willow felt her orgasm begin to tip her over the edge, her teeth sank into the muscular flesh of Tara's shoulder, leaving a deep purple bruise as she screamed into the bite.

Holding her up, Tara rode Willow's orgasm with her, the shaking redhead going limp in her arms as her climax subsided. Carefully guiding them both to the floor, Tara leant in and softly kissed Willow's trembling lips. Once her breathing had returned to normal, she gazed lovingly into the misty blue eyes of her fiancée, happy to just lose herself in her lovers embrace.

At Sunnydale airport, Giles emerged from arrivals, hot, sweaty and seriously pissed off. The flight, which had been delayed by 18 hours, hit more turbulence than he would have ever thought possible and the movie had been a thrilling two and a half hour baseball epic.

As he fought through the crowds of people to emerge from the building into the warm Californian sunshine, he shook his head at the huge line of people waiting for taxis. "Oh bloody good show Giles." he mumbled under his breath as he trudged down the line to join the end. Imitating Buffy, he continued, "We'll pick you up at the airport." she'd said, to which he'd replied, "Oh no, don't put yourself out, I'll get a cab, it's no bother." Mentally slapping himself, he waited as patiently as the circumstances would allow. Next to him, a dark maroon coloured car pulled up, the driver honking the horn loudly. Peering in through the window, Giles saw Xanders face beaming back at him. "Hey there British man!" he said cheerfully, "Need a ride?" Popping the trunk, Xander laughed as Giles' face brightened, the relief of his impromptu arrival evident. After slamming the boot closed and falling into the passenger seat, Giles thanked Xander who pulled away in the direction of Revello Drive.

Blaze and Vince were shopping, well Blaze was shopping while Vince dallied along behind her, complaining more and more with each step he took. Ignoring his protests, Blaze dragged him into 'The Rainbow Emporium' according to the adverts they supplied everything you could possibly need for any gay day.

Behind the counter was a tall, Amazonian woman with piercing blue eyes, long dark hair and a musculature to rival Xena. Blaze grinned at her, while Vince collapsed into a well placed chair, content to just sit and drool. "Got any bachelorette party invitations?" Blaze asked, leaning on the counter to allow the stunning assistant a good view of her cleavage.

In the beginning of their relationship, Blaze's flirting with other women had driven Vince insane with jealousy, now he immersed himself in the fantasy of her and another woman.

After allowing her eyes to wander and mentally undress her most recent customer, the assistant introduced herself as Jaycee. "Bachelorette party, uh?" she purred, her voice massaging the ears of both Blaze and Vince. "So, are you getting married or just planning the fun?" Jaycee asked, her eyes piercing Blaze's as she leant on the counter, her lips inches from those of the DJ.

From the corner of the room, Vince cleared his throat loudly, raising his eyebrows at his girlfriend. "I'm planning the fun, well me and my boyfriend." She almost snarled the last words as she gestured towards Vince.

Jaycee looked over at Vince and smiled politely. "He's cute." she whispered, "And I can't blame him for getting all jealous!" she finished as she stepped out from behind the counter and headed over to the corner of the store. From the wire carousel, she pulled four different designs of bachelorette invitations and laid them out on the counter for Blaze to inspect.

Vince heaved himself to his feet and crossed to the counter, placing his arm protectively around Blaze's waist as they chose a design. "Why are we buying invitations anyway?" he asked suddenly. "Other than you, me, Willow and Tara, who the hell else is going?" Blaze frowned, unsure of the answer.

"Just because we should do it properly, now shut up and pay!" Blaze said, slapping him playfully on the arm.

Once they had paid for their chosen design, Vince grabbed the bags and pulled open the door for Blaze. "Jaycee." she yelled over her shoulder, "You wanna come baby?" she asked, waggling her eyebrows.

With a grin on her face, Jaycee yelled back; "For you, most definitely!" and with that, Vince dragged her out of the store.

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