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Happily Ever After

Author: Spellbound
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except 2 insane cats and lots of fluffy socks. The characters and places belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all the other people who have a finger in the Buffy pie. All the new people are mine though!

Despite both women pretending to yawn, by the time they had showered and collapsed into bed, they were exhausted and fell asleep almost instantly.

The sun rose high the next morning, although Willow and Tara had no idea thanks to the heavy drapes at the windows. Willow was the first to wake, she blearily opened one eye and yawned, Tara was sleeping soundly next to her and a small snore escaped the woman, making Willow grin. She slipped silently from under the soft silk sheet and padded to the bathroom.

When she returned, Tara was still fast asleep. The clock next to the bed told her it was a little after 10am. "Wow. That's a whole lotta sleep." she whispered. Shrugging, she slipped back under the sheet and snuggled in close to Tara who moaned softly as her cold hands snaked around her waist. Nestling her face into the warm, silky neck of the woman she loved, Willow purred. "Morning beautiful."

Tara stirred slowly, turning to face the emerald swells before her. "Mmm, morning." she replied, her voice heavy with sleep. Willow's fingers absently traced a gentle path across the collarbones of her lover, drawing another soft moan as she kissed the exposed neck before her.

Tara shifted once again, the sheet sliding softly over her firm breasts and caressing the increasingly firm nipples making her gasp softly. Willow grinned; she loved the way that, even after so long together, Tara was so responsive to her. "You ok baby?" she whispered seductively. Tara moaned as Willow's fingers traced down the valley between her breasts and then back up before slowly exploring each one with the tips of her fingers, giving the nipple the barest touch before moving on. Despite Tara's best efforts to gain more contact, Willow's graceful digits escaped her, her moans of pleasure did nothing but make the redhead tease her further.

"Did I thank you for saving my life?" Willow purred, her voice dripping with promise and passion. Although it was a question, Tara was glad it was a rhetorical one as she didn't think she could form any words to answer it, instead, she shook her head. Willow's fingers continued exploring her body, stroking over her smooth stomach and down to just above her pubic region, forcing an aroused gasp from Tara before heading back up the path they had just travelled.

As Willow gently nibbled her earlobe, Tara felt herself getting wet and squeezed her thighs together in a bid to relieve the building pressure. "Don't you wish I would?" Willow continued after several torturous minutes of teasing.

Tara's eyes, which up until this point had rolled back, snapped open, connecting instantly with the green that she loved so much. "Oh y-yes!" she exclaimed. Her stutter had all but gone, except in times of incredible stress or excitement.

Kissing the pulse point at Tara's ear, Willow grinned as she shifted slightly so that she could prop herself up and look down at the blonde goddess. The desire smouldered in the blue eyes before her as her fingers, once again, stroked and teased the firm breasts of her lover but never actually allowing the contact that she so desperately wanted.

Without warning, Tara forced herself up, her hands grabbing for Willow and pulling her close as she kissed her, nipping her bottom lip gently before pushing her tongue into the startled woman's mouth.

With Tara caressing the nape of her neck, Willow couldn't help but moan into the kiss, the sensation sending vibrations through her lips and tongue and making Tara shudder in her arms. Willow managed to regain some of her composure as Tara pulled back, breathless. The feral look in her eyes driving the redhead wild and increasing her own wetness.

Willow guided Tara back, drinking in the vision before her as she leant in to continue the kiss, her hands never stopped moving.

Willow pulled back and kissed along Tara's jaw line before moving down her neck, taking gentle nips and leaving a tiny, faint trace of her presence as she went. Under Willow's attention, Tara felt herself go weak, her head spun and the increasing wetness between her legs seemed to beckon to Willow.

Kissing slowly down her lovers throat, Willow's hand caressed the outside of Tara's thigh. She had to fight the urge to slip her fingers between Tara's legs and, so far, she was winning. At her touch, Tara's leg moved up, pulling Willow up on top of her and forcing the redhead to grip the taut muscle, her perfectly kept nails digging slightly into the smooth flesh and causing Tara to moan.

Willow's breath shortened at the sound, her clit throbbing and begging to be consumed by the stunning blonde. Instinctively, Willow knew what Tara wanted, it seemed that she always had, from the minute they met, she had just known. As Willow took one erect nipple into her mouth, Tara bucked her hips; trying to force Willow's hand and react to the fire she needed quenching.

Willow played the nub firmly under her tongue, her hand still softly stroking the outside of Tara's thigh as she nipped and pulled the nipple with her teeth. "Oh god, Willow." Tara moaned beneath her, her voice sounding distant and heavy with lust.

Willow was rapidly approaching the end of her calm, the overwhelming urge to satisfy and taste her goddess was spurred on by the moans and throbbing in her own clit.

Looking up to find smouldering blue eyes, Willow licked her way down, finding Tara wet, warm and ready. Never letting go of the eye contact, Willow's tongue flicked quickly over Tara's swollen clit, drawing a gasp from the blonde. Urging her on with her eyes, Willow flicked again, drawing a growl from the woman before her, breaking her resolve and releasing a wave of wetness between her legs.

Reaching up to caress Tara's firm nipples, Willow was surprised to find Tara's own hand there, pinching and massaging the full breasts, her tongue moved faster, teasing the swollen clit under it, mirroring Tara's movements over her nipple. Tara's breath came short and ragged as Willow's tongue found its way down, teasing the soaked entrance, somehow she managed to keep her eyes open and through them beg with Willow for more.

"P-please...." Tara managed, that single word seemed to drain her entirely. Willow pushed the very tip of her tongue in, Tara tried to force her further but almost as soon as she'd thought to move her hips up for more, Willow pulled back, and continued teasing.

Willow's eyes burned with carnal lust, her left hand slipping, unnoticed to the chest at the end of the bed, before returning with a special surprise. Trying her hardest to conceal the dildo, Willow kissed back up Tara's body before finding her mouth, open and panting. Pulling back from the rough kiss, Tara seemed confused despite the passion burning within her. "W-what are you doing up here?" she gasped while trying to push the redhead back down. A predatory grin spread over Willow's face but she didn't reply, only leant in to kiss the woman deeply, passionately. Tara bucked her hips, trying to gain any contact between herself and the woman who had driven her so wild and brought her so close to climax.

On her thigh, Tara could feel Willow's own wetness and moaned deeper into the kiss. In response, Willow's fingers traced up the inside of her thigh, teasing the wet outer lips before finding their way to her engorged clit, causing the blonde to tilt her head out of the kiss and fight for breath. "Willow...." she growled.

The very tone of her voice at that time was almost enough to send Willow over the edge, and she struggled not to ravage the woman she loved. "Mmmmm?" Words had left Willow and she found herself breathing hard.

"Need. More. Need. All.... of you." Tara panted, fine beads of sweat dancing over her forehead.

Willow abruptly pulled her hand away, and reached further down the bed for the dildo she had carefully laid between Tara's legs. As she picked it up, the wetness from her hand helped to lubricate the head and returned her gaze to Tara. "Really baby?" she purred, her voice a soft velvet whisper that caressed Tara's senses and made her clit throb harder than she could have imagined possible.

Foregoing all words, mainly due to her total inability to form them at that time, Tara grabbed a handful of Willow's hair and pulled her close. As she nibbled the milky expanse of the redhead's neck, she felt a warm pressure between her legs and pushed towards it. Moving in perfect synchronicity, Willow equalled her motion and slid the dildo into her lover who bit down painfully on her neck as a tidal wave of pleasure engulfed her.

Sliding slowly at first, Willow moved with Tara, letting her guide and control the depth and pace until she was sure she was really ready.

Her cue came when Tara threw her hands over her head, grabbing onto the headboard and growling, an animalistic sound that shattered any control Willow had left. Thrusting the toy deeper and harder into the blonde, Willow's mouth found and nibbled a nipple gently, a direct contradiction the motions of her hand.

Tara felt her body go into overload, every nerve, muscle and organ buzzing with arousal. Her head felt strangely unattached to the rest of her body and for the briefest second, she could swear she was flying. Suddenly coming crashing back to reality, she knew that she was close to climax. Her eyes locked on Willow's and the hungry look she received pushed her to the very brink. As her hand found, and stroked the nape of Willow's neck, her orgasm exploded through her like an express train as Willow flicked her clit gently with every inward thrust.

Normally, she had no problem being vocal at the point of climax, but this was a new one on her and all the air vanished from her lungs, "Willow!" she croaked, pulling the sweat coated redhead into her chest. "Oh god, Willow." she whispered into her ear. Willow felt her own climax building as she rode out Tara's orgasm.

Tara knew that Willow was also close, her hand reaching between them to find the redheads throbbing clit which got the briefest of attentions before she slid two fingers deep into Willow and returned to nibbling and sucking her neck. "Oh fuck, Tara!" Willow growled deeply, as the first waves of climax hit her. Thrusting hard, Tara found the spot and brought Willow to a stunning orgasm.

As they lay, entwined in each other and coming down from their exertions, Tara heard a familiar, but faint jangle. She nudged Willow gently gesturing towards the doorway. "Miss Kitty." she called out and the black and white feline emerged into the room, carrying something in her mouth. "What's she got?" Willow asked cautiously, straining her eyes to try and see. Tara studied the cat but couldn't work out what she was carrying. Miss Kitty leapt onto the bed, the delight at seeing her owners clear. As she crawled up between them she dropped a dead mouse on the sheet and sat down, meowing up at them happily. Both women jumped with a startled 'Eugh', more out of surprise than fear.

"I guess she's glad we're home!" Willow said after a long pause, a giggle in her voice.

Scratching the now purring cat's head, Tara laughed. "Oh Miss Kitty Fantastico, sometimes you are terrible!" The giggles continued long after Willow had got up to dispose of the dead rodent.

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