Author: drdj2006
Rating: R or up, not sure yet
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to BtVS blah blah blah.
Summary: Tragedy sends our fave redhead into the arms of our fave blonde.
Feedback: Yes please. I like blunt comments so if you don't mind please don't dance around things or cushion the criticism too much. Thanks.
Note: There will be more than just Willow/Tara lovin' in this story, some things are just too hot to leave out.

The girl ran out of a thorn bush covered in cuts and bruises. The proof that she hadn't tried to block any of the thorns from cutting her was dripping bright red down her perfect white skin. Her emerald green eyes, red and puffy from crying, were full of fear and hurt. She ran like she knew the thick forest better than any one else effortlessly dogging trees, jumping logs and ducking branches. She ran past a low branch that swiped her face just under the eye and a new trail of blood began to stream down her face. She ran hard as if she was trying to make it hurt.

She jumped over a hill that fell down in to the bank. She hit the side and her knees buckled from the force sending her tumbling down to the creak bed. She groaned and pushed herself up to a kneeling position before standing again. She swayed slightly and began running again pushing herself on, she ran just as hard as before but not as fast. She continued down the creek splashing through the water and mud and sandy grit. She ran up on to some rocks that were big but very slanted and unstable. As she jumped from one to the next the rocks shifted and she fell, hitting her head and twisting her leg. She lay unmoving on the rocks as the water ran down stream with a slight red color to it. In the background the birds chirped and the water trickled. In the distance there was yelling so faint that you had to concentrate to hear it but the words were unknown to the motionless redhead.

The woods around seemed to go on with out notice to the girl except another girl. A blond girl walked out to the young redhead and rolled her to lay flat on the rock. After checking the girl's pulse, more severe cuts, and head, the blonde lifted her from the ground. The unconscious girl let out a groan as she was hoisted up on to the blonde's shoulder. The blonde walked down the stream and up a hidden path leading away from the small water way.

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