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Broken Dolls

Author: Juju DeRoussie
Rating: NC 17 over all. Not for good things at first I fear.
Disclaimers: I do not own any characters coming from the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make money from this. I do however own all of the other characters.
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WARNING: This story will be about abuses. Mental as well as physical. If you are sensible, please do not read this. If you think you can't handle it I prefer for you to not read this. I am serious. I prefer for you to not read this than to read it and get upset. I know this subjects can be difficult, so donít ignore this warning! Thanks

To my dear Vnoucka, …lo, Vivige and Her.

Two weeks had passed since the deadly announcement she had received from the doctor Rastapopulos. She had still said nothing to her Tara. How could she? Instead she was trying to be even more loving and caring than she had been. It was hard because she has always been one of the most loving and caring persons over the world.

Although she had not talk to her baby girl yet, she had taken care of everything for when she would have to go. She had found a good place for Tara to stay in town, a place where kids could find foster family pretty well. She had seen a bank counselor and opened a bank account for Tara's majority and studies. She had put there almost all of her savings, and would put the rest of it when she would have to go to the hospital for her last stay.

Indeed, her stay would be "free". Everything paid by the hospital. She was one of the only 376 cases known of this disease. Through the whole world. She had accepted to be the subject for experiment to know this disease. Everything if she could help to heal this unnamed disease. Maybe thanks to that another woman in the world, loving her daughter more than anything will be able to heal or at least to live with the disease. Thing she could not have at all.

The meds she was taking for almost 5 months now didn't really help. They were only hiding the symptoms. The reality of this stuck her once more. Nothing could be done to help her. Nothing to prevent her from leaving her daughter all alone.

She honestly didn't care about dying itself. But to leave her baby girl alone at age of 8? That was what hurt the most. She tried to not think too much about that. but easier said than done!

Rebecca still had no idea on how to say to her daughter that she was dying. The doctor had suggested to her that she just said to Tara that she was going to the hospital for some months but will be back later to take her back. But that was something Rebecca wouldn't do. To lie to her daughter and let her hope for something that could not be. No. She wouldn't lie to her light. Tara deserved the truth. As hurtful as this one was. She would tell her, tonight... or maybe just when she was going to put Tara in this awful place?

Willow sat at her desk. She had done all of her homework she had been given. All of it. She had at least three exemplary of each class notes. She had read all of the books talked about during classes. There wasnít a lot in her grad. She had started to study the history program and mathematical program which were studied two grades higher.

And now she was bored. Willow Rosenberg sat bored at her desk, in her small bedroom. And hungry. It was past 9 o'clock after all.

Where's mom? Thought the young girl. She could make herself dinner and everything, but she would like to se her mom. She had not seen her for two days now. And they did live in the same place. They did have been there at the same time. Sleeping. But her mother had gotten home pretty late lately. And she was exhausted from classes. Or more exactly, emotionally exhausted from the bitches' teasing about her clothes, lack of boobies, and her young age.

Willow decided to grab something to eat and to wait for her mom in the couch tonight. She would see her. Even if she had to spend the night in the couch.

She took her Dolly Tara and her alarm clock (better safe than sorry!), and made her way to the living room. She put everything down and went to the kitchen to make herself something that would feed her a bit, and went back to the living room. Comfortably sat in the couch, the food balanced on her knees, she turned the TV on and ate silently watching some unknown TV show.

"See Dolly that's something I don't understand, in those show it is always the same scheme, and somehow the cops notice that only by the end? Thatís unrealistic if you ask me. Of course you don't ask me 'cause you're just a doll... A pretty doll of course, but still... A not living toy. What do you say we watch the discovery channel? Ok, here comes the discovery channel!"

Willow put her dishes away on the coffee table and hugged tightly the doll against her chest, watching without interest the TV. The doll always comforted her. How was that possible? She didn't know. She didn't care. Maybe it was because it was Tara's doll, maybe because she had a huge imagination and a strong will. Maybe all the above. But at least the doll was always with her. Well almost. She couldn't take her at school. But outside school Dolly Tara was always with her. Sitting not far away from her or directly in her lap. Maybe the older girls were right. Maybe she was a baby. But if keeping her promise and comforting her heart made her a baby, she was glad to be one.

Seeing the time passing by, Willow laid down in the couch, a heavy blanket around her and Dolly in her arms. She still wanted to wait for her mother. She would. She would fight the sleepiness. She would...

After a last yawn she decided to close her eyes just a minute.

Sheila was in a good mood lately. Her friend helped her a lot. Be well fucked and everything made things right.

There were some dark points though. She spent so much time with this that she had trouble to see her daughter. But Willow was a big girl. She was mature and responsible. She was able to take care of herself easily. God knew she was a better housekeeper than herself! Indeed, she had not needed to clean the floor, clean the dishes, cook, or even do the laundry in months. She hadn't needed but had done some. Especially the laundry. She had some... clothes... she didn't want her baby girl to see.

She missed her daughter sometimes. Those moments were kind of frightening. They lived together and yet managed to not see each other for days. She promised herself to take a weekend to spend entirely with her daughter. To know how she was doing in school, and everything. She was almost a teenage now. How fast did the time go.

Anyway, tonight she would have fun once again.

"Hey sexy!" Said her companion.

"Hey yourself... Thanks for the drink."

"The last of the night I fear... They're closing. Ok actually they have closed half an hour ago... But now Dick would like to go home so, he asked me to go after this last one. 'S ok with you Sheila?"

Sheila just smiled to her friend. He always was caring, but at the same time not. He wasn't her boyfriend for example. Not even a good friend. An Orgasm Friend as would say the new girl at work. Such a strange girl.

"Well actually that's good because I need some rest... I thought I could come to your place to... "rest" a bit before heading back home? Well that is if you are ok with this." Said Sheila, her tone sexy yet shy.

"I thought maybe we could go back to your place instead. What do you think? I promise I'll be quiet. It's just my roommate is back and I don't want him to whine for some... of you." Answered her friend, a small smile in the corner of his mouth.

That was unexpected. She really wanted to say yes, but at the same time was worried. It was silly to be worried about Willow. She was a big girl, surely knew about this stuff, and plus she would be in bed at this hour. What time was it? Eleven-ish... She would be sound asleep for sure.

"Ok... If you promise to be quiet."

"I'll be quiet, don't worry." Promised her friend.

Tara laid away in her bed. Her mother had told her a very sad story tonight. How was she supposed to sleep after a story like this? And after seeing her Mamma crying?

She cried quietly in her bed, her chest hurting. Her heart had recognized the story for what it was, but her head refused to believe it. She knew her Mamma was sick, and that the doctors didn't know what the disease was. But she wouldn't be like the little Adam. She couldn't lose her mother. She would never lose her Mamma, only when she'll be very very old. Like... 40! Her Mamma wasn't even very old yet. She was only 31. Nobody could die at this age. She would know if it was the case.

But what if her mother ever died? What would happen next? Where her Mamma would go? Would she still be able to live without her?

Just in case she decided to go to sleep in her Mamma's bed... To be close to her... It couldn't hurt. Plus her Mamma would make her feel better.

She got up and walked slowly in the darkness of the flat, toward her mother's bedroom. There was light.

Tara knocked lightly on the door twice and waited for her mother to tell her to come in, then entered.


"Hey baby girl, what is it?" Asked her mother, smiling, then frowning when she saw the dried tears and the red eyes her daughter wore on her pretty face.

"Can you hold me tonight Mamma?" Asked Tara, her voice trembling, the end falling miserably. "The story made me all sad."

"I am sorry baby girl. Come here." As she was held by her Mamma, Tara was brought to the bed where she sat down and then buried herself into the cover. Her mother soothing her by sweet words of love. No her Mamma could not die. She would not. A Mamma can't die. Only in stories. Or if you are a princess, but then it is when you are a baby. Not when you are a big girl.

She was safe in her mother's arms. She could fall asleep and be happy. And that's exactly what she did.

Unseen by Tara, tears were falling freely from Rebecca's blue eyes. They soaked by their despair the blonde hair of the little girl and the pillow beneath her. She had done it. She knew the story had upset her daughter, but she could not erase the pain, and she definitely could not promise to her baby girl "I will not die".

She would never lie to her.

She would finish her entry in her journal tomorrow. For now she needed to comfort her baby and to take comfort in the love coming from Tara in waves.

"I love you Baby Tara, Mamma loves you my angel".

She hoped that she would be able to watch over her girl from wherever she was going to be after.

A bang woke her up. Something was banging against her flat's door. From the sound of it, it must be something big.

Willow Rosenberg had never believed in monsters... But where could come from this noise but a monster?

Burying herself more into the blanket, and holding tightly on Dolly, Willow listened intently the noises.

She would make out a key entering the key hole. Was that her mother? Could she make so much noise?

Suddenly, Willow didn't want that much to see her mother. Not if she was drunk enough to make that much noise. But as she was getting up to run in her bedroom, she heard the door open, and had no time to go in her room. Just time enough to go back in the blanket and try to fake sleep.

She could feel his hardness against the small of her back. She tried very hard to open this fucking door but couldn't concentrate. She had never noticed that to open a door you needed concentration. But here it was. She needed it and had trouble to find it. She turned herself to kiss her friend, and he thrusted against her belly. She was in fire. She wanted nothing more than him taking her right now against this door in this corridor. But she couldn't. Somehow she managed to get the door open, and they both came in.... To find herself in a sandwich between the door and this fabulous manly body.

He played and massaged her breasts while kissing her neck and jaw line. He was hard but wouldn't forget his companion.

Sheila let her moans escaping freely, trying only to mute them a bit, but not to suppress them.

In her passion she never noticed the TV still on in the living room. She could only notice his hard cock sliding inside herself, his hands on her breasts and hips, his mouth everywhere at once.

Her moans had escalated into screams, but she didn't notice either.

She regretted painfully to have stayed in the living room. She wished to never hear all those words and moans coming from her mother's mouth. And definitely didn't want to know what was happening for her mother to make so much noise.

Not understanding everything of what was happening, and feeling ashamed without knowing why, Willow cried silently, in the haven made by the heavy blanket. And tried to stop the noises from entering her nest.

After making sure her daughter was well asleep, Rebecca went back to her desk to write some more in her journal. Where she could say everything to Tara. Indeed, it was supposed to be given to Tara when she would reach 18, with her legacy.

Noticing her baby girl had come to her bedroom with empty hands, she went to Taraís bedroom to take her teddy bear. Making a silent wish for her daughter to see again some day the redhead, Rebecca went back to her bedroom and put the toy in Tara's arms, who took it and hugged it tightly against her chest in her sleep.

Rebecca turned all the lights off and cuddled against her daughter in her bed, enjoying one of her last moments with her princess.

That had been... intense. And good. Time to go into the bedroom now. A bed would be nice. But this wasn't over. Or maybe it was.

Indeed, as Sheila entered further into the flat, she noticed the lump in the couch. She could make out some strands of red hair escaping there and there from the blanket in which she supposed her daughter was. And even if it was motionless, she doubted her daughter was asleep. Well she could be. Sometimes Willow would sleep through an explosion. She took this after her father for sure. But there it was way too much motionless. And buried like that in the blanket, it could only mean that she was awake and afraid or upset.

Shit shit shit. She didn't know how to react. Should she act as if she believed Willow was asleep? Should she take her to bed? What was she supposed to do?

"Why did you stop, show me this bedroom of yours... I'm sure it needs us to fill it with the scent of passion and cum..." Said her friend, already getting hard once again. Sometimes she wondered if he didn't take some drugs or something. She had never known a man being able to be hard that long, and that so many times. Well she had not known so many men either.

"Harry... stop this please... Come on, let's go, but be quiet". Whispered back Sheila. She thought that letting Willow believe that her shield had protected her as planned would be good for her. She didn't know for sure but she guessed. Plus what was she going to say? And what about Harry? But her mood was kind of spoiled for sure.

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