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When Blue Meets Green

Author: Glendaofoz
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow and Tara or the rest of the BtVS gang that may appear in this story. Everything else comes from my imagination and from my own personal life experiences.

As Willow and Tara stood in the middle of her office hugging, Willow's cellphone rang. Willow didn't move to answer it right away, just looked down at it on her desk and then back at Tara.

"Get it cause it might be important." Tara said as she pulled back from the hug.

"I am sorry." Willow said as she grabbed Tara's hand and then reached for her phone. "Willow Rosenberg." Willow said as she flipped the phone open.

"Willow!" Came Sheila Rosenberg from the other end of the phone.

"Mom. What's going on? Is everything ok?" Willow said a little worried at the tone in her mom's voice.

"Well there has been an accident."

"What?" Willow said as she squeezed Tara's hand harder.

"We were in a car accident this morning and your dad is in the hospital here in Miami." Sheila tried to say without breaking down in tears.

"Oh my god. Is he ok?" Willow said as Tara looked over at her and put her hand on her shoulder to try and calm Willow down.

"They don't really know yet. He is hurt pretty bad Willow."

"I am going to get on the next plane and be there as soon as I can."

"We are at Miami Memorial Hospital." Sheila said as she started to cry.

"Mom it is going to be ok. I will get on the phone right away and see when the earliest is that I can get there. Just don't worry, everything will be ok." Willow said doing everything that she could not to start balling right then and there. "I will call you when I get to Miami."

"Ok honey. I will see you soon!" Sheila said as she hung up the phone.

"Willow, what happened?" Tara asked as Willow just stood there staring down at the phone.

"My parents were in an accident and my dad is hurt." Willow said as she looked up from the phone and into the blue eyes of Tara. "He is hurt bad."

"Oh Willow." Tara said as she pulled Willow into her arms and just rocked her telling her that it was going to be ok. "Let me take you home so that you can get packed and I will have Ashlen call and book you a flight right away." Tara said as she led Willow out of her office and to the door.

"Tara, what's going on?" Ashlen asked as she saw a very distraught Willow being helped out of her office by Tara.

"Willow's parents were in an accident and she has to get to Miami right away."

"Ok I will take care of it." Ashlen said with a nod of her head.

"Thanks. Call me when you get everything arranged."

"Sure thing." Ashlen said as Willow and Tara headed out to Tara's car.

Tara took Willow back to her house and helped her get packed. After about 20 minutes, Willow was all packed and was just sitting on the couch with her face deep in her hands.

"Willow, everything is going to be ok." Tara said as she went and sat down next to Willow on the couch and wrapped her arms around her. "I promise!"

"How do you know that?" Willow asked still with her hands covering her face.

"Cause you are way too sexy to ever have anything to be this upset about." Tara said as she grabbed Willow hands and lifted her head up to look into her eyes. "And besides, if your dad is anything like you, he will pull through this just fine."

"Thank you Tara." Willow said as she looked into Tara's eyes.

"What for?"

"Just being you." Tara looked at her with the most loving eyes but she was a little confused. "You have a way of always knowing what to say to make people feel better."

"I will always be here for you Willow, whenever you need me!" Tara said as she kissed Willow on the forehead.

"I don't deserve you."

"What do you mean you don't deserve me?" Tara asked as she pulled back from Willow.

"I have never met anyone that has cared about me so unconditionally like you do. You didn't know me very well yet you were so kind to me. Why?" Willow asked.

"Cause I knew from the first moment that I meant you that you were different from anyone that I had ever met in my entire life. I looked into your eyes that day in your office and I could see into your soul. What I saw was a woman that was strong, loving, kind, intelligent, and amazing. You were someone that I wanted to get to know and and once I did, I couldn't help but fall for you." Tara said as her cellphone rang.

"Tara Maclay." Tara said as she pulled her phone from her pocked and flipped it open.

"Tara, it's Ashlen."

"Did you get the flight figured out?"

"Yeah. She is booked for a 3:20 flight to Miami with Northwestern."

"Ok thanks!" Tara said as she looked at Willow who was crying. "I am going to take her to the airport and then I will be back to the office."

"Ok. Tell Willow that I hope everything is ok with her parents."

"I will." Tara said as she flipped the phone closed and put it back in her pocket.

Tara went back over to Willow and pulled her into her arms. All that she wanted to do was comfort her and make all of her pain go away. It was killing her to see Willow so sad but she also knew that everything was going to be ok cause he was Willow father so he had to be strong and a fighter.

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