When Blue Meets Green

Author: Glendaofoz
Rating: It is going to range from PG-13 to NC-17 due to the awesome girl on girl action that will take place between our lovely lady witches and also between some other lady characters from the show.
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow and Tara or the rest of the BtVS gang that may appear in this story. Everything else comes from my imagination and from my own personal life experiences.
Summary: Willow Rosenberg is the owner of a fairly new but successful graphic design company that has become her life. That is until one day when a very attractive blond-haired woman named Tara comes walking into her life.
Feedback: Yes please. This is a story that is loosely based on some events that have happened in my own life and something that I have been thinking about lately. I hope that you like it. glendaofoz2004@yahoo.com.

Life is something that a lot of people take for granted and Willow Rosenberg is one of these people. All she does is work ever since she opened up her graphic design business last year. Butterfly Affect was started in the home office of a 22 year old woman's home where she lived with her best friend Buffy Summers. After the business started to become bigger than just one little office, Willow decided that it was time that she expanded it into a full fledged office. For months Willow looked around to try and find a building that would both fit her needs and her budget. Finally she found it. The perfect place. It was 1300 square feet and was already set of to be used for this type of business considering that it used to be a computer store. The front door was in the middle of the space with a counter to the left of it and open space to the right. There was a 2 stale bathroom in the back right and a very large office across from that. It was perfectly set up to to put a few desks in the open space as well as all the printing equipment behind the counter.

As Willow sat behind her red oak stained desk, she was very diligently working on the project that needed some last minute changes before her meeting at 2:00.

"Ms. Rosenberg?" The voice of her assistant came from the doorway of Willow's office.

"Yeah?" Willow said without looking up from the screen.

"You wanted me to let you know when it was 1:00." Ashlen said as she walked over to Willow's desk and handed her a file.

"Oh ok. I will just finish up here with the last few changes. Can you get together the rest of the McMillan file for me?"

"Yeah sure thing. I will leave it behind the front counter for you." Ashlen said.

"Thank you so much." Willow said as Ashlen started to walk out of her office. "Hey, before you leave I just wanted to let you know that you have been such a great help this last year. I never would have been able to make it through it without you." Willow said as she got up from her desk and made her way over to Ashlen.

"It is my pleasure Ms. Rosen..."

"Please call me Willow. You have worked her for a year now and I think that it is time that you drop the formalities." Willow said.

"Ok Willow!" Ashlen said as she headed back to her desk.

Willow went back to her desk and finished up the last few things, grabbed the rest of the project and went back to her office. She started to arrange the portfolio so that she could show everything to them when she got there.

"Can I help you?" Ashlen said to a blond woman that came walking in.

"Yes. My name is Tara Maclay and I am here to see Willow Rosenberg about the McMillan project." The blond said as she walked over to Ashlen's desk.

"Ok. Let me just see if she is ready for you." Ashlen said as she motioned for Tara to sit down in the chairs that were to the right of her desk.

"Willow." Ashlen said into the intercom.

"Yes Ashlen." Willow said as she hit the button on her phone.

"Someone on the McMillan project is here."

"Ok, I am all set. Could you please show them in?" Willow said as she put on her suit jacket.

"Hi Mrs. Rosenberg, my name is Tara Maclay." Tara said as she walked into Willow's office and extended her hand to Willow.

"Very nice to meet you Mrs. Maclay but please call me Willow." Willow said as she shook Tara's hand.

"Very nice to meet you too Willow. Mrs. Maclay is my mom for the record so call me Tara." Tara said as she was still holding onto Willow's hand. There was something about this beautiful redhead that made Tara just want to hold onto her hand forever.

"Ok. So Tara, did you want to see what we came up with?" Willow said as she looked down at her hand that was still being held my Tara.

"Yes of course."

"Then I am going to need my hand back." Willow said as she looked at Tara.

"Oh." Tara said as she pulled her hand from Willow's. "I am so sorry." Tara started to blush as her hair fell onto her face and she looked down at the ground.

"It's ok." Willow said as she bent down and connected her eyes with Tara's. Tara looked up and started to smile.

Willow walked her over to the table that displayed all of the project for Tara to look at. Page by page, Tara went through the portfolio.

"This is fantastic. Exactly what we were looking for."

"I am glad."

"So when do you think that you can have it done by?" Tara asked as she looked up from the portfolio and at Willow.

"Well when do you need it?"

"As soon as possible. We want to start the new ad campaign next week. Do you think that you can have it done by then?"

"Yeah I don't see why not. I can have it to you by Monday morning."

"Ok good. Monday morning would be great. Do you think that you could bring it by my office Monday so that we can go over it with my boss?"


"So here is my card. If you could just meet me there around 9 that would be great."

"9 it is. I will see you Monday." Willow said as Tara grabbed her coat and headed out of Willow's office.

As Tara walked out, Willow couldn't help but watch her. 'Wow. She is a so hot.' Willow thought to herself but then started to shake her head. 'You need to stop thinking about her like that. This is business and you need to keep it that way Willow.' Willow thought as she just stood in the doorway to her office staring out the front window.

"Willow." Ashlen said trying to get the attention of her boss but there was no response. Willow continued to look out the window watching Tara make her way across the street to her car. "Willow, earth to Willow." Ashlen said as she walked up to Willow and waved her hand in front of her face.

"Huh?" Willow said as she snapped back to reality.

"Are you okay?" Ashlen asked as she looked out the window to try and see what it was that Willow was looking at.

"Yeah sorry. Just off in a different world." Willow said as she turned around and headed back into her office.

"What were you staring at anyway?" Ashlen asked as she also walked into Willow's office and sat down in the chair across from Willow's desk.

"What? Nothing." Willow said as she sat down behind her desk.

"If you say so." Ashlen said as she got up from the chair and went back to her desk.

Even though Willow tried very hard to not think about the beautiful blond that left her office a little while ago, she can't. There was something about her that she found just so appealing. But deep down she knew that she had to keep the relationship between them one of business or that invisible line is going to become very hazy. That was something that Willow wasn't prepared to let happen. She needed to only interact with Tara through the business and keep the rest at arms length. That was going to be hard but it was what Willow knew she needed to do.

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