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Catching Sunflowers in Bloom

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: We all know the drill... but I guess it must be said. I don't own anything even remotely related to Willow and Tara nor do I plan to get anything that resembles monetary gain for such creative musing. The great and powerful Joss owns all and I am not but an unimportant bug to be crushed (now that that's been said...)

They were still drunk on what they had just done as they ran, giggling through the screen door of the farmhouse, it banged behind them as they took off through the kitchen toward the stairs. They didn't even stop long enough to make sure the house was empty. Tara had heard Donny take the truck earlier this morning, so she was almost sure that he was still gone but that was as far as "certain" for them was going to go that moment.They hurried upstairs, Tara in the lead, holding Willow's fingers in her hand as they went. They headed toward the shower.

They stepped giddily into the spray of water coming from the shower-head. Willow leaned against the cool tile wall, she reached out, taking Tara's hands and pulled the blonde into her body. Tara didn't hesitate to flow into Willow's body. They pressed their lips together in a warm wet kiss. Still high on whatever magic they had conjured out in the field they couldn't stop looking at each-other and giggling. It was intoxicating, the laughter and steam billowed around them until it clouded the mirror above the sink and sank into their lungs with each breath.

Tara took the organic soap in her hand, she could feel the rough texture of the oatmeal used to make it poking partly through the smoothness of the cleansing bar. The smell of sweet sugar floated up as Tara held the soap under the hot spray of the shower. She turned the soap in her hand until the inside of her palm sudsed with small bubbles. The spray from the shower misted into her eyes as it slapped hard against her lover's shoulders. Willow, stood in front of her, the redhead's eyes were closed as she held her head tilted back into the spray. The hot water running between her breasts. Tara licked her lips, but forced herself to turn away. She knew if she kept her eyes on Willow's body, she'd want to taste it, and that didn't seem the most effective way to get clean. Tara blushed for no apparent reason other than the fact that she was still having sexy thoughts, even though they'd made love twice more this morning before they'd even made it to the house.

Willow brushed a strand of blonde hair off Tara's cheek, then, lowering her fingers, they wrapped around Tara's bare waist and as she pulled the blonde to her and Tara's wet, warm body slid against her own small frame, Willow's hunger returned.

As Donny drove he found his anger slam in and out of intensity. Part of Donny wanted to believe the worst about his father, because having ill feelings toward the man helped to ease the guilt he felt whenever he thought about the way he'd treated his mother and sister for all those years. But the other part of Donny, the part that still loved his father, wanted to believe that there had been some kind of misunderstanding.

The part of Donny that wanted to believe the best about his father seemed to take control of the reins for the last leg of the drive as he relived childhood memories of all the good times he and his father had shared together, but as he neared the Colby city line he felt his anger well up again, this time stronger than before. Donny once again thought of the rifle in the back of the truck. He gritted his teeth and pushed that thought into the back of his mind, right now he would concentrate on getting to his Aunt's house and finding out exactly what the hell was going on. After-all, he did have nothing other than an address to go on, in reality that could mean anything...

Willow felt a poke to her ribs as she held her squirming prey under the slight weight of her own body. She smiled down into the blue eyes of her lover as she straightened her body, her legs astride Tara's hips . What had started as a friendly game of I bettcha can't had really taken a turn when Tara suggested it might be more fun if they put their queries to the test. And it was more fun, a lot more fun.

Willow grinned devilishly down at Tara as the blonde fought to control her own laughter long enough to extract herself out from under Willow's body. With every squirm though, Willow's stake in the game grew. Tara was effectively lifting her hips with each and every movement, causing an electrifying current of tingling warmth to shoot through Willow's body each time Tara rubbed against her there. Willow began to re-think her strategy for winning at this point, if Tara kept this up, she was sure to be the victor, which would, in turn leave Willow wet, helpless and less the victor...though, if she got her way, they could both share in the spoils. Willow regained her ground, straddling Tara even tighter, in hopes of ceasing any further movement from the blonde, or at least muting her gyrations the slightest bit.

Tara fought to get her breath, but it was difficult With Willow on top of her, though she knew that she could best Willow at any moment, as she did weigh slightly more than the woman above her, who couldn't have been more than 110 soaking wet.Tara wasn't in such a hurry though, she liked this position, it was after all her cunning suggestion that had gotten them to this point, she wasn't about to admit though, that this had been her evil scheme all along.

"Do you give up?"

Tara nearly chocked on her own laugh as she thought about that. Why would she want to give this up? "I never give up!" Tara said defiantly, followed by a satisfied smile, when she felt Willow press more firmly into her. Did Willow really not see what she did to her. Tara was helpless against her, of course, but she was not powerless and that was part of the game.

Tara brought her hands up to encircle Willow's waist. She could feel the redhead's skin through the thin tank-top her lover wore. It wasn't as warm outside as it had been earlier, and they were both enjoying the relief they were getting from the heat. Heat from the sun wasn't nearly as wonderful as the heat that was building at the juncture of where there bodies met. Tara's hands gripped gently, the outside of Willow's shirt, crumpling it between her fingers, she slowly began to slide it up against Willow's body. Tara smiled as she could tell that Willow's competitive side wasn't ready to abandon the game just yet, but at the same time Tara could see the want and need glowing in Willow's eyes. Tara lifted her eyebrows and couldn't help but let the smallest smile of triumph escape across her supple lips. She could tell she was winning. The conflict in Willow's eyes was apparent, though lessening, as Tara continued to slide the red tank-top over freckled skin, coming to stop just below Willow's breasts. Tara then with a glint in her eye, let the shirt fall back in place. She could see a speck of disappointment dance across Willow's face, but the redhead was masking it well. Tara was struck with the sudden urge to extract herself from this position to flip the script. She wanted desperately at that moment, to feel Willow beneath her, She wondered what it would be like to press into her lover from above, to take her that way. Like a stab in the stomach the delicious vision of sliding herself down between Willow's legs and taking the redhead hotly into her mouth began to cloud her thoughts.

Willow sensed the slight shift in power, as Tara's blue eyes deepened in color, her pupils dilating to a hundred times their normal size. She grinned, maybe she'd won the game after-all.

Donny pulled up to the small manufactured home, his tires grinding against stones that littered the driveway. A child's big-wheel lay tipped on its side in the grass in the front lawn. The screen door banged against the house as a small wind that had been threatening for the last fifteen minutes began to pick up speed.

Donny parked the truck, pulling the parking brake with a little more force than needed to set it. Taking the keys out of the ignition, he grabbed the handle of the truck and pushed the cab door open.

Donny knocked loudly on the wooden door, when nobody answered he pushed the dirty white doorbell. Aunt Reeney was deaf and Donny knew that she wouldn't have been able to hear the doorbell, but he hoped that there was someone there with her that could let him in, so he rang again.

Donny could here small footsteps just beyond the door and in the next instant, there was the sound of the doorknob being half-twisted and half-pulled. He knew instantly who was on the other side. "Michael go get your mama" He called through the door as he knew the three year old couldn't open the door by himself. There was the sound of shuffling and then finally running feet as the boy retreated somewhere into the house hopefully to find Beth. Though, Knowing Michael, he could have been doing any number of things that didn't in the least include getting his mother or answering the door.

The last time he'd seen his cousin Beth was on her 24 birthday, he and Tara had traveled down to give her their best wishes, that was over 6 months ago. Even though Beth wasn't their cousin by blood, they considered her so, because he and Tara had known the girl since they were children. Beth had come to live with his Aunt Reeney and Uncle Mac at the age of 13, as a foster child. After uncle Mac died, the state had allowed Reeney to keep Beth temporarily, but temporarily had eventually turned into forever, as the state of Kansas seemed to forget all about the spindly blue-eyed blonde haired foster child. She had lived with Aunt Reeney ever since...even after Michael had been born.

The door was pulled open before Donny could gather his thoughts and he found himself face to face with Aunt Reeney, Michael was close behind, hanging onto the skirt of Reeney's old-fashioned dress. His little hand tight against the faded fabric of the flowered material.

Donny signed hello to his Aunt as he kissed her on the cheek. Reeney was very good at reading lips which was a good thing, because Donny had never really been able to master the art of sign language. Unlike his sister who had picked it up right away. Donny could remember being little, maybe eight or nine and seeing Tara at five or six have whole conversations with the woman using only her hands. Donny had always found that so amazing.

Donny made sure he was turned toward his aunt, so that she could see his lips. "Is Dad here?" Donny pulled the envelope out of his pocket, handing it to his aunt he waited for her to look up at him. Donny could see something pass between her eyes and then she looked up, but before she could move her hands to form an answer to his question, Donny was startled by the sound of a voice behind him.

"Just go home Donny, he's not here."

The voice came from behind him, and he recognized it right away. Turning around he found cousin Beth standing in the doorway, framed by the sun as it stretched high behind her. Donny felt movement as Michael let go of Reeney's skirt to go to his mother. He held up his arms and Beth, without taking her eyes off Donny bent to pick up the boy. With three year old Michael now on her hip, Beth took a few steps into the room. The little boy was looking apprehensive and Donny's heart went out to him. Donny fought to keep his voice low.

"Do you think I'm an idiot or something Beth? I know he's here, the fucking address is on the envelope."

Donny saw Michael flinch and at once regretted his words. He didn't want to scare the boy, so instead of saying anything further, he stormed out the front door, his long strides taking him swiftly around to the back of the house. Donny froze at the sight of his father's trailer. The hot summer had scorched the ground around the metal contraption but underneath the mobile home the grass was a healthy green...Donny's heart sank and his blood began to boil again. Just how long had his father been here? Donny heard the crunching sounds of Beth's shoes on the hot grass as she came up quickly behind him.

"Just leave us alone Donny..."

Donny could hear a desperation in her voice. He spun around, realization in his throat. "Are you and my father...?" The words died on Donny's tongue. He looked from Beth, as his gaze lowed to the child that clung to her legs... Donny's eyes shot back up. "Is this where he comes when he...?" Donny couldn't find the words to finish, but the look in Beth's eyes confirmed his assumptions were correct.

"Goddammit!" he swore under his breath. Donny was surprised when a disbelieving chuckle erupted from the stale air in his lungs. Donny's mind once again returned to the rifle in the back of his truck, but instead of moving to get it, Donny reached around to his back pocket. he felt the stiff paper of the folded up bills under his fingers, and grasping them he pulled the wad out of the pocket of his jeans. Donny held the money out to Beth, who was looking at him in disbelief. "Take it" He said through gritted teeth. When Beth's fingers didn't move to take the money right away, Donny pushed it into her hand, closing her fingers hard around the wad of money. " You give this to him, and you make sure to tell him that if he ever sets foot near my home or my sister again, I'll blow his fucking head off." Donny released the grip on Beth's wrist. She made no effort to extract her hand from Donny's grip, even when he let her go, her hand remained still. Donny didn't wait for beth to say anything, instead, he strode past her and didn't stop walking until he'd reached the truck.

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