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Catching Sunflowers in Bloom

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: PG-13
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Disclaimer: We all know the drill... but I guess it must be said. I don't own anything even remotely related to Willow and Tara nor do I plan to get anything that resembles monetary gain for such creative musing. The great and powerful Joss owns all and I am not but an unimportant bug to be crushed (now that that's been said...)

Tara clicked her tongue rhythmically and Kaneeda began to walk. She didn't want to go too fast though, because this was Willow's first ride she'd keep Kaneeda going at a steady pace until she felt Willow become more comfortable.. And by the way Willow was holding onto her, Tara could tell that it would take a couple times around the pasture before there was any chance what so ever of her friend relaxing.

A hawk circled overhead. It's wings outstretched, it glided with effortless ease. Tara wished sometimes that she could be that free. The only time she felt even a fraction of freedom was when her father was away and she could just be... be whatever she wanted, wherever she wanted. She'd known freedom this summer.

Horseback riding for Tara, had always been a meditative thing. she had such a synchronicity with Kaneeda that she hardly had to pay attention to where the horse was going but riding with Willow seemed to pose a whole set of distractions she wasn't used to... Tara found that her mind was refusing to stay in one place. It kept drifting off into its own adventures, all ending with a kiss from Willow.

Tara was beginning to come to terms with her new fangled gayness. At least that's what she thought it was. How else could she explain the constant urge to hold Willow's hand and the even more constant daydreams of Tara lips against Willow lips... Even though she was coming to terms with it and accepting it for what it was, that didn't mean that she could ever follow through on any of those thoughts. She wasn't sure what Willow was feeling and she was definitely too shy to ask. Beside's she'd probably ruined things with Willow when she said that stupid thing about their kiss being a mistake. Tara wished now that she had just been honest with Willow and let things happen the way they were going to happen. At least then she would know where Willow stood.

She wandered what her friend was thinking. Willow wasn't saying much this morning and Tara found the red-head many times, lost someplace in her own mind. Tara wondered what Willow's mind was like. From the things the red-head said, Tara guessed it was a pretty interesting place. Sometimes she could just listen to Willow talk for hours. Willow had a tendency to make any short story a long one, and had a round-about way of speaking that was simply adorable. If you didn't know her it might make your head dizzy just trying to figure out what she was getting at, but Tara liked that about the girl. They didn't seem to have any problems communicating with each-other. At times it seemed as if they didn't even need words to hold a whole conversation. It was something about Willow's eyes. No... It was everything about Willow's eyes. They were large and expressive and there was a vulnerability in them that invoked a tenderness Tara had never known before. Tara found herself getting lost in those green eyes on more than one occasion, only to realize what she was about before Willow was any of the wiser.

Tara squeezed her thighs against the horse bringing her into a gradual canter. Tara was painfully aware of Willow's arms wrapped around her waist.

The day was turning out to be bright and sunny just like any-other summer day, but everything seemed very surreal. She'd slept next to willow for the first time last night, and that had been playing on her mind for most of the ride this morning. She'd stayed awake for the first couple hours after they'd gone to bed, afraid to fall asleep, cause she might accidentally touch Willow in the night. She had been relieved to wake up this morning in the same position she'd finally fallen asleep in. Not that snuggling Willow would have been awful, but it was less complicated this way. They could enjoy their day, free of awkwardness.

If Tara admitted it to herself, she'd had alterer motives this morning when she'd suggested that they take a ride together. She did want Willow to experience what it was like to ride a horse, but she also found it an irresistible way to get closer to the red-head, without getting close.

Tara pulled back firmly on the reins and the mare came to a stop. She loathed to loose the feel of Willow holding her, but she couldn't just keep walking the horse in circles all day. Kaneeda needed a drink of water so she settled on a spot next to the small creek that flowed at the edge of the woods.

They weren't really woods in the classic sense of the word it was more like a collection of trees planted together in a large strip along the creek.

Tara slid out of the saddle and down to the grass. On the ground she looked up at her friend. She was pleased to see that Willow was still emotionally in one piece. Tara offered her hand to the red-head. She felt Willow's hand slip into her own. Willow's hand felt warm and dry.

Her intention was to help the red-head get to the ground in one piece. but as fate would have it, things were not exactly progressing as planned.

Willow was fumbling to find the stirrup with the toe of her sneaker, but before she could get a good grip with her foot, kaneeda took a step.Tara saw what was happening in time and caught the red-head before she got very far. Tara's hands instinctively encircled Willow's waist, she brought the stunned girl close against her body in order to stabilize her while she found her footing.

Blue eyes locked with Green as Tara gently guided the girl in her arms to the ground. There was an intake of breath, Tara wasn't sure from which one of them though. Something seemed to pass between them, some kind of understanding. Tara suddenly felt much older than her 15 years. She was still holding onto Willow even though the red-head's feet were now firmly on the ground.

Tara came back to herself, pulling away she released her hold on Willow. She was relieved when Willow smiled. It was a soft smile, not at all like the kind she was used to from the red head, this one carried a weight to it, it was full and warm and utterly breathtaking. Tara's breath caught in her chest.

Tara faintly noticed Kaneeda wander away from the two of them, she suspected the horse had gone to get a drink from the creek. So she was surprised when there was a thump on her back. Stumbling, Tara took a step forward. She looked over her shoulder to see the mare regarding her through long lashes. Willow broke into a fit of giggles. and Tara couldn't help but laugh herself. It was funny that neither of them had even noticed the horse coming up behind Tara. The sweet moment they'd shared wasn't lost though, Willow reached her hand out toward Tara. Tara slipped her hand into the offered appendage. Holding hands, they made their way to the creek.

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