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Have We Met Before?

Author: LondonGal58
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: The characters of Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, Buffy Summers, Xander Harris et al, are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy productions. The setting for the story is within the Bladerunner universe, created by Philip K Dick and later put onto Film by Ridley Scott. They own 'em and I hope they don't mind me using them for my own purposes.

"Hi Taro mind if I jump the queue?"

"No problem Buff, Willow is on the dance floor with a real pretty one."

"A pretty one? You mean my Will's getting her groove on with someone of the female persuasion?" Buffy was used to the idea of Willow being gay. Willow actually being with someone, now that was different. This she had to see.

Hurriedly turning to the security desk just inside the door, Buffy knelt down, pulled up her left jean leg so she could undo her ankle holster and deposit Mr R for safekeeping. Taking her data key she wasted no time in scanning the dancefloor for her friend. There they are, Ohh yeah that's Willow and she is definitely getting up close and personal with someone.

Rather than break up a private moment Buffy went to the bar to get a drink and wait for the slow song to end.

Sitting on a vacant stool she scanned the bottles in the glass fridge behind the bartender "Konban wa, kudasai Budweiser." Seeing him struggle and finally point at the correct stack of bottles Buffy nodded "Hai sore arigato."

"Ikura desu ka?" Buffy asked taking out her wallet "How much?"

"95000 Yen" The bartenders replied, as he slid the pad across the bar for Buffy to pay. "They've been like that for half an hour now"

"Who has?" spinning around on her stool she saw who the bartender was talking about.

In the centre of the dancefloor, still in their own invisible cocoon were Willow and the blonde, slowly spinning in an embrace that left no doubt. They were a couple with no prospect of letting go of each other any time soon.

Turning back to the bartender, with a dry smile.

"Seriously half an hour?"

Swivelling back around on her chair Buffy couldn't resist.

"Go Wills!" Buffy shouted hoping to get Willow's attention in the most embarrassing way.

Seeing the couple stop then turn, Buffy took a good look at the girl who had Willow's hand on her shoulder.

"What the! You have got to be kidding, I've got better Karma than that," Buffy was totally thrown.

Putting down her drink, Buffy jumped off her stool and ignoring Willow calling her went straight for the entrance and security desk.

"Taro stop anyone else coming in, and get as many people out without causing a panic as you can, things are about to get freaky."

"Freaky?" Taro wasn't familiar with the word.

"The blonde with Willow is on my list, get one of the guys to cover the back exit, she makes a run for it, stop her" Buffy ordered, already handing her data key to the security desk. "Ohh and Taro, anyone touches Willow they'll lose more than fingers."

That's weird where's Buffy going? I'm sure she shouted to us.

"Buffy over here!" Willow wanted to introduce Tara, plus the sooner she asked her for help the sooner they might get some answers on the weird things going on.

Ok maybe she needed to ask Taro something? Why does she need her gun?

Seeing Buffy in full Bladerunner mode wasn't something you forgot, all purposeful strides, stern face and gun pointed straight at the target. The idea of people getting out without a panic was clearly not going to work. They were all either running for the exit screaming, or at the very least parting like the Dead Sea as Buffy closed in on the stage-struck pair who were the only two people not moving. The noise of chairs flying and tables being pushed over to be used as barriers, drowned out the music, and alerted the bar staff to the impending violence, causing them to bodily drag bar stool occupant's off their stool's and over the counter for safety.

"Willow move she's a skin job"

"What...NO!" Willow instinctively moved in front of Tara blocking Buffy's shot "You're not killing her Buffy, she's not a replicant!"

"She is according to Tyrell; I've got to take her in, so move your butt out the way" Seeing Tara move from behind Willow, Buffy took out a restraint bracelet from her back pocket with her free hand and made a move for Tara's arm.

"No Buffy you don't understand, something's wrong, there is no way she's a replicant she has memories," Willow reasoned trying to get herself between Buffy and her prey.

Stepping right in front of the Bladerunner Tara turned to Willow "Do you trust Buffy?" raising her left arm so Buffy could do her job.

"Of course I do. But this is wrong Tara, all wrong, and she is going to put you in who knows what danger."

"If you trust her then I will too," Tara calmed Willow.

Once the bracelet was on Buffy reached into her jacket and activated the charge.

Turning back to Buffy Tara asked her captor "There is a test right; to see if someone is a replicant?"

"Sure the Voigt-Kampff test or a Bone Marrow Biopsy" Buffy added "Your not serious though, you mean you'll voluntarily do one?"

"I'm curious to see what happens too, one condition though, we do it all at Willow's and If I pass, you help me find out who I am."

"And if you fail?" Buffy was puzzled; no replicant would ask for testing unless trapped, it was a death sentence.

"Then I'll know what I am and you can take me in," Tara shrugged letting herself be walked across the now deserted dancefloor towards the back exit.

"Ok you've got a deal, there is definitely something different about you for them to not want you retired on the spot."

"Willow go home, we'll meet you there with the kit in two hours," Buffy ordered to an angry Willow who couldn't believe Tara was actually going through with this insane arrangement. She must know there was a good chance she would fail the test.

"Before we go anywhere here is the drill on the cuff, you get more than ten feet from my responder, and the bracelet shoots off an electric charge large enough to fry you on the spot, so no sightseeing."

Grabbing Tara's wrist Willow stopped the pair as they reached the exit "Tara wait a minute, what happened to together?"

"It'll be alright, trust me," Tara smiled.

Putting on her best resolve face Willow tightened her grip on Tara "I'm coming with."

Cutting Willow off Buffy booted the back door to the Hyperion open with a swift kick "No Will until I know better I want contact minimised, I'm taking a big enough risk walking around town with her as it is - Go Home!"

And with that Bladerunner and blonde were gone into the night.

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