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Have We Met Before?

Author: LondonGal58
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: The characters of Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, Buffy Summers, Xander Harris et al, are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy productions. The setting for the story is within the Bladerunner universe, created by Philip K Dick and later put onto Film by Ridley Scott. They own 'em and I hope they don't mind me using them for my own purposes.

Buffy strolled out of her apartment block at 07.00 to meet her Blade running partner.

Ah sulphur. Looks like today would be a bad one. Opening up her black leather jacket, she spoke into the lining that contained a microphone.

"Message Dawn."


"Morning, it's Big Sis, today's Summers Weather Forecast is for coughing Dawns followed by Non-Breathing Dawns, so remember to use those oxygen tanks folks.

"End Message. Send."

Come on Faith, were, are you?

Spotting her sky car across the street, Buffy waited for a cyclist to pass before breaking into a lazy run, just making it to the car before the next one sped by.

Faith was in the pilot seat...again!

Ohh come on. when would she let the NSFS bridge incident go? They had survived hadn't they?

Lifting up the car's gull-wing door and climbing into the passenger seat grumpily, Buffy greeted her partner, and now it seemed driver, with a scowl.

"Morning Faith."

"Morning B."

Buffy logged her ID into the car's computer unit, effectively clocking on with headquarters.

"Any overnights?" she enquired of the unit.

"One," came the reply.


I might as well do something useful, while Faith has all the fun, Buffy thought.

Using the car's communications headset Faith sought permission to rise, having already completed pre-flight checks.

"Control this is Bladerunner Unit 568. Requesting permission for flight."

"Roger 568 - You have clearance."

As the car rose into the air, leaving the crowded ground traffic behind, Buffy fastened her seatbelt, and started to read the new order, not wanting to look outside, while Faith played chicken with oncoming flashes of neon.

Internal Memo Tyrell Corporation
To all Bladerunners NSFS
Designation: Tara McClay
Model: Nexus 6
Incept Date: 2053/7
Function: Medical

The above has absconded from a Mars Mining Colony and is believed to have made its way to the New San Francisco Area in the last 36 Hours. Runners are instructed to apprehend ALIVE this model (DO NOT RETIRE). Once it has been secured call 078175 5689752 at Tyrell's NSFS office for handover arrangements.

Tyrell Corp

Mmm, Buffy mused; something's different about this one, stuffing it in the equipment bag by her feet for later.

Looking out the window to check the cars progress, Buffy could see they were almost at their surveillance position on top of the Pardue Building already.

Waiting until the car had settled down safely. Buffy undid her belts and reached behind her seat for the shoulder holster that held Mr R.

"What do you think B....Give it today to see if Tommy comes back."

"Yeah we've spent 2 days on this one...if he's not coming, he's not coming," Buffy replied.

Opening her door upward and climbing out. Buffy walked to the rear of the sky car, and took off her jacket, so she could put on her shoulder holster properly. Completing that, the blonde opened the compartment where the large arms were stored.

"Faith....there's no SR23 in here," Buffy cried slamming the door closed again.

"Chill B, I've got it here," Faith retorted waving the large sniper rifle around like it was a staff .

"Remind me why, I don't work alone," Buffy moaned as she followed Faith to their rooftop post.

"Because no one will let you drive," Faith retorted over her shoulder.

Once they had set up their positions on the slightly angled roof. Buffy once again pulled out the new instructions from her equipment bag.


"What is it B, I'm trying to work here not catch up on my reading."

"Come on I'm trying to have a proper conversation here."

"Ok what's got your undies in a twist?" Faith testily enquired.

"This new order, it's a capture order, why not retire like usual? Plus isn't Medical on the Banned Occupations List?" Buffy speculated. "Something's different about this case Faith."

"Retire, capture, all the same to me," was the reply with a shrug.

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted as Faith grabbed the sniper rifle that sat between them. She lifted the barrel and with a practised hand, flipped the view screen open, and aimed the long weapon at her target.

"Come to mamma, Tommy you are predictable after all," Faith exclaimed as she followed her prey with the screen at maximum amplification in the crowded street below "That's it look at the lovely python."

"Faith STOP that's not our Tommy," Buffy interrupted "See he's 6ft 2 at least."

"Fuck it I hate Pet Store stakeouts," Faith cursed. "What is it with skin jobs and pet stores?"

"It's the synthetic kinship thing....I guess," Buffy answered putting the strange overnight instructions back into her pack.

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