Belle Is The Only Word

Author: Julia De Roussie
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I here definitely nothing here. Lol. Willow and Tara belong to Joss... The songs "Belle Is The Only Word" and "Live For The One I Love" are from the musical "Notre Dame De Paris". If my memories are correct it belongs to Richard Cocciente and another man whom I forgot the name
The characters of Phoebus belongs to them too, as the nickname I used for Tara.
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"This is a story that takes place
In fair Paris in the year of our Lord
A tale of Love and Desire..."
A Gipsy girl had stolen the heart of a young woman.
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Notes: I would like to thank Dax, because he made me think of this musical when we were chatting. Don't remember why we talked about this though. Lol. I also would like to give it for my dear friend Dia. Love ya

Under the cloudy night sky, a young red haired woman was praying Mary. And the moon. Not knowing why she was believing in the Moon tonight, she needed to express her prayer and to ask forgiveness.

She needed forgiveness. She was dirty. Satan had had his way with her in an evil manner. Duh! It was Satan... of course it was evil!

"Please Mary, mother of our Lord, give me the strength to resist the temptation. And forgive my weakness."

But while she was praying Mary for help and forgiveness, her mind went back to the object of her sin.

She couldn't help it but smile while thinking of this beauty.

Is the only word I know that suits her well.
When she dances, oh the story she can tell
A free bird trying out her wings to fly away
And when I see her move, I see Hell to pay ."

Willow Rosenberg, the Chef of the Police's daughter ducked then her head in shame. Not only was she having thoughts about someone else than her fiancÚ, but it was for a woman. No less.

She had try to put those thoughts aside. To not let the Devil has its way with her. She had to stay pure for her wedding, for her father's honor, but also to go in Heaven when her time would come.

But since she had meet this gipsy, she had had no rest. All of this wasn't natural. It wasn't sane. It wasn't her.

There's a demon inside her who came from Hell
And he'd turn my eyes from God, and oh, I fell
He put this heat inside me I'm ashamed to tell
Without my God inside I'm just a burning shell "

The girl just wouldn't vanish from her mind. During the day she would pray and try to not think of this woman. She also would try to avoid Notre Dame's plaza. As she knew the people of the gipsy girl's were there. At the same time, she would unconsciously find excuses to go through this very same plaza.

During the night, she wouldn't fight so much. Her thoughts were driving her restless, but at the same time, when she would sleep at least, it would have her satiated.

"She dances naked in my soul and sleep won't come
And it's no use to pray these prayers to Notre-Dame "

Willow said a last prayer to Mary, and then headed back to her rooms. God was surely punishing her, or she was tested. She didn't know. But she knew this was a burden she had to carry and show to the Lord she was worth his love.

As every night, she laid awake in her bed, images of the golden haired woman, her piercing blue eyes casting spells in her being. Her heart swelled with something she didn't understand. She started to cry. And that is when she fell asleep.

Even though her eyes seem to lead us to Hell"

In her sleep, Willow dreamt of her mother. She had lost her mother when she was 4. But every then and now she would appear in her dreams and offer her guidance.

"My dear little tree, let your heart express its feeling, follow it where it takes you. Don't be afraid of Love. Our Lord will still love you. You will still be pure my child."

"But I can't ! It isn't sane. And what would Father say?"

"Do not think about your father. It is not about him. It is about you. About what your heart is screaming to you since you saw her. Since you heard her sing. What does your heart tell you?"

"I... I don't know Mother. I know I want to see her every day. And I want to see the men around her suffer. I don't want anyone to touch her but me. And... I... I want her. For me. Only for me. I want her Mother. Do you hear me? Satan is in me."

Her mother chuckled.

"Now now little one. Why do you think Satan is in you? It seemed to me that there was only Love in you my dearest. I can't feel any trace of the Devil in you my Child. Only purity and devotion. And Love. If you feel it in your heart, then it is because it is your Destiny. Do not believe all that the men say. They aren't the Lord himself. Only him can judge you. And believe me, he loves you. Follow your heart my Child. Now it is time for me to go, and for you to wake up."

At this very moment, her mother vanished and she woke up.

As strange as it seemed, Willow now saw clearly what she felt and how right it was. She needed to go and see Her. The Zingara as would say her fiancÚ. Oh and she needed to find a way to break her engagement made by her father to Phoebus.

But she decided to go to see The Gipsy Girl first. She needed to see her. To talk to her.

Everything was so clear. She wasn't under the Devil's will. Neither was Her. She was souled as much as she was herself.

This gypsy girl, is there a soul beneath her skin ?
And does she bear that cross of all our human sin?"

Willow took a fast breakfast and then went on getting herself ready to go outside.

After having picking up her most beautiful, yet casual outfit, she went out.

At least she arrived to her goal. Notre Dame was there, standing tall, and proud. And on its plaza were Her clan. Willow's eyes scanned in search of her Love she knew now.

When she found her, she was horrified. She was chasing off her group, like she had a mortal disease.

Willow's blood started to pump through her veins, she could feel the heat of her anger rise up.

She then run after Her. When she reached her, she stood tall between her and her attackers. She knew nobody would dare touch her. She was the Chief of the Police's daughter after all. And she was right. Nobody dared move. Willow held in her eyes all her anger.

"Tell who'd be the first to raise his hand and throw a stone
I'd hang him high and laugh to see him die alone"

She turned to face Her then. She didn't care having her back to the others. If they dared to stab her, then she'll die seeing the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

Looking in those very eyes, she knew how wrong she was, and that no demon could be in this woman.

"She may be more pure, more pure than words can tell"

Willow threw out her hand for Her to take, and helped her on her feet.

The blue eyes so pure and clear looked through her green ones, wet with tears. Willow smiled then to her, and whispered so lightly her name.


In her name she had said all her love. Tara had felt it. She took Willow in her arms and hugged her for dear life.

Every one made room for them to go on their way. Looking like they had seen the most beautiful event ever, but also the most daring. And it was.

Although, Willow and Tara never noticed this. They were only the both of them in their world. A world to built.

When they were truly only the two of us walking, Tara started to sing the song she had sang to Willow when she had met her. Knowing deep inside of her that Willow was her destiny. That she would be her life or her death.

And saying her singing and dancing, Willow remembered why she had thought there was a demon there. But no. There wasn't any. Now she saw. It was only a gift. And her desire for Tara.

"But when she dances feelings come no man can quell
Beneath her rainbow-colored dress there burns the well"

She smiled and blushed all at the same time.

"I am a [wo]man who knows no law
I go to open up the rose"

Following her heart, she stilled Tara in her dancing, and taking her in her arms, she caressed her hair, and then kissed her on the cheek.

"Please let me go beyond God's law
And run my fingers through her hair "

Still blushing, she asked Tara to sing for her again, and let herself be absorbed by the beautiful voice of this wonderful woman, her love.

And Tara sang, and danced. All her love in her words.

"A million stars light
This beautiful night
This is not a night to die
Let me sing and dance
Beneath the sky
I have such love to give
I want a chance to live

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

Free free to find my way
Free to have my say
Free to see the day

Be like I used to be
Like a wild bird free
With all of life in me

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

Though this world tears us apart
We're still together in my heart
I want the world to hear my cry
Even if I have to die
Love will not die
Love will change the world

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return

I'll love until love wears me away
I'll die and I know my love will stay
And I know... I know my love will stay"


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