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Believe in Fairies

Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. You know the drill. They belong to Joss and a bunch of other people who are not me. I do not get any monetary gain from this. The only gain I can hope for is to impress women.

The two found themselves sitting under the shade of the Dumbo shaped shrub hiding from the heat of midday. They had been watching the tourists and chatting. The recently eaten meal and the heat had made both fairies in need of a nap. Tara rested comfortably her back against the shrubby statue while Willow was curled up her head in Tara's lap.

They had only been asleep for about an hour when blue eyes fluttered open. Tara yawned and stretched carefully as not to disturb the redhead who was still deep in nap land.

"But penguins don't like steak." The mumble came from Willow. This caused Tara to giggle and the movement was enough to cause Willow to stir closer to awake-ness but she wasn't quite there yet. Tara leaned in close to Willow's ear and cooed softly. "Willow."

The redhead shifted in response to her name being called but did not wake up. She was however now on her back and would have been looking up at Tara if her eyes were to open. Tara could tell that Willow's mind was attempting to slip back to dreamland and she wasn't about to open those beautiful green eyes that Tara wanted to see.

Tara took in her surroundings and realised there was only one appropriate way to wake her up here. So she bent down and placed a soft chaste kiss on Willow's lips. She lingered long enough to feel Willow's lips give a response of recognition.

Tara sat back up looking at Willow expectantly but the redhead gave no response. Tara stroked her cheek. "Willow." she asked again. Tara's voice was still soft but the cooing bit was replaced with a hint of annoyance. She knew that Willow was awake.

Willow sighed but her eyes remained closed. "I'm gonna have to open my eyes and wake up now huh?"

"That's kind of what I was hoping for yeah." Tara responded she continued stroking Willow's cheek.

"Can this sleeping beauty get another kiss?" Willow asked. Although her eyes remained closed her eyebrows shifted and her face squinched as her lower lip protruded into a pout.

'So that is the game you are playing.' thought Tara. But that face was just too adorable to refuse and Tara really wanted to see those green eyes soon.

Tara captured Willow's pouty lower lips in hers and she sucked it gently. She released it briefly so their lips could come together full but that moment too was brief. Willow whimpered, but Tara finally got her wish as green eyes opened.

"Have a good nap?"

"I had a good waking up." the redhead smiled.

The spent the next minute lost in the same eyes they spent swimming through in their dreams. "We should probably get up now huh?" asked Willow.

"Yeah, probably."

So they set off on their walk once again. Willow pointed out rides and areas of the park and any interesting happenings that they had been party to in the past. Tara had never been to Disneyland and but the best part of her tour was definitely the tour guide.

"And over there is the most recent addition... the water park. Do you like water parks?" Willow asked.

"Not really."

'Damn,' Willow thought. She was hoping to get to see Tara in a swimsuit.

"They aren't natural." Tara continued. "I'm more of a pond and lake kind of fairy."

"Oh," Willow's mind had raced to find a perfect solution. "We could go to the beach. I know a great spot."

"That sounds like a good idea. I haven't actually spent much time at the ocean before." Tara responded all the while thinking, 'Hmm... Willow in a bikini.'

"Well it's not a trip to California without a trip to the beach." Willow practically jumped up and down... 'Yay, Tara in a swimsuit, ocean spray misting her golden locks, the cool water on her warm body causing her nipples to harden and press against the fabric of her suit made translucent from the water, the taste of the salt on her skin... .

"Huh?" Willow was broken out of her reverie when Tara had stopped suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked as she followed Tara's gaze to a human... a girl sitting on the bench looking very depressed.

"Sorry... got the low self-esteem vibe."

"Maybe you should see if you can help her out." Willow was interested in Tara's job especially since she had offered to take Willow with her. It was then they both noticed a fairy standing on top of the bench near the girl's shoulder taking notes.

"Looks like some one beat you to it." Willow pointed out.

The girl spotted a grey-haired lady and on her way over to the new arrival walking near to Willow and Tara, her fairy following close behind. It was then that Tara recognized the following fairy.

"Hey it's..." But Tara didn't get to finish before Willow interrupted.

"Dawnie!" Willow shouted out towards the fairy.

Tara turned and gawked at Willow. "How do you know Dawnie?"

"She's Buffy's little sister. How do you know her?"

"Hey Willow... and Tara. How do you two know each other?"

"I guess there is no need for introductions." Willow stated.

"Yeah but how about an explanation?" inquired Dawn. In particular she was pointing to the two hands being held together.

"It's kind of self explanatory. You got a problem with that?" Willow said defensively.

Dawn backed up quickly hands in the air. "No, no problem Will. It's kind of funny actually when Tara told me she'd be here I was thinking of calling up Buffy and making sure you two met."

"Buffy... Right. Dawn you never told me your sister was the Toothfairy."

"Sorry, I don't usually mention it to anyone. Buffy's afraid the information could be used in a way to hurt me." Dawn apologised.

"Right so how is it that you two know each other?" Willow was impatient.

"Same line of work." stated Dawn.

"But you're the Teenage Angst Fairy. How is that the same as the Self-esteem Fairy?"

"We often encounter the same girls. Low self-esteem and angst often happen at the same time." Tara explained. "Dawn... I thought you said you wouldn't be able to make the convention."

"Pure coincidence. I am working." Dawn looked around and noticed the girl was gone. "Or was..." It didn't really matter she'd be able to find her easily enough.

"Oh that girl. I was picking up a vibe. What is her situation?" Tara despite the fact she was on vacation was just too curious. Willow smiled at Tara's obvious concern. It was certainly more than just a job.

"Yeah there is a bit of angst with her right now. I worked with her when she was 15. Had her best friend steal her boyfriend. I got some good poems out of her."

"I thought you worked with neglected teenagers?" Willow was now in the conversation.

"She was feeling quite alone, I assure you. Her entire social circle collapsed around her because of it."

"How did she manage?" Tara asked amazed. She often saw the damage caused to self-esteem because of breaking up. 'But to loose the support system of friends to help you through it...' And then she thought... 'Why wasn't I called?'

"She wrote some good angsty poems, she dealt and she got new friends."

Willow was now confused and intrigued. "Then why are you with her this time?"

"Because teenage angst is a lot more complicated than that. This isn't about her friends... well not really, it's more about her parents." Dawn commented.

"Her parents are neglecting her?" Tara asked quite concerned.

"No. Actually she is here with her family. One last big family vacay to sunny Cal before they all get too old and move away. It's quite cute actually. It is jus that her brother's brought their girlfriends and she gets to hang out with Grandma."

"Let me guess she's pissed because she couldn't bring her boyfriend along?" Willow asked.

"Actually it seems as if her mother would have actually let her. If she had one... well the one her mother wants her to have. But first of all he is out of the country right now and second of all the girl doesn't seem to be interested in him. She's pissed that her mother wouldn't let her bring any other friends."

Willow had no idea the complications associated with these girls' jobs. "You weren't kidding about this being complicated."

Tara had listened intently to Dawn's story. She had an idea that might help. "Can I see your notes?"

Dawn handed them over. Tara glanced them over.

"I don't think this is your jurisdiction anymore." Tara commented while continuing to flip through the notebook.

"Yeah I know. She barely fits into the teenage category. She recently turned 19. I only took the case because I worked with her before. She was turning out to be quite the angsty poet. I was hoping to get some stories from her this time. But I think she's blocked."

"She's not blocked... she's stuck." Tara commented almost to herself while she read the recent entry of what was on the girl's mind as she sat on the park bench.

Willow watched the interaction with curiosity. 'So this is Tara in work mode.' She was quite dedicated. And she seemed to work well with Dawnie. She focused her attention on Dawn briefly.

"What do you mean?" She asked and moved close to Tara to see what she was pointing at.

'I've never seen Dawn this comfortable with other fairies before.' thought Willow. Dawn had that teenage look, her clothes were whatever popular fashion was in style that was shamelessly promoted towards girls who were looking to be noticed and accepted by her peers. And because of it Dawn was often treated like a teenager by the other fairies. Sadly this often included those involved in their close circle. But Tara didn't seem to treat her like that. She was a co-worker. No it was more than that even. She was a friend. Tara allowed Willow to see Dawn in a whole new light.

"See, she's been obsessing about who her mom wouldn't let her bring." Tara pointed to a name on the paper. "Her mind is stuck. And I'm thinking it is her own brain making her feel along and neglected. I think we need Andrew."

Dawn smacked her head. "I should have realised. It makes sense... she hasn't stopped thinking about the girl. I was just concentrating on getting results... completely forgetting that I actually have a job to do."

Willow was back in the conversation again with, "Who's Andrew?"

"He's another fairy we often encounter in our line of work. Often time these low self-esteem and teenage angst issues are caused by unknowingly or often unwillingly to accept their sexuality. Generally once they admit it to themselves well some issues are resolved... but then other problems can be created." Tara explained carefully.

"Yeah. Self-esteem generally improves with self admittance but the angst can shoot through the roof when they have to deal with the coming out part. But that isn't my territory."

"So Andrew is another teenage angst fairy?" Willow asked.

"No, he doesn't have the constitution for that. He just tries to help those who haven't realised it yet. He's the Gay Fairy."

"Would that be redundant?" Willow asked.


"Sorry. I couldn't help it. It was too easy." She looked around. "Is the Pun Fairy around? Can I blame her?"

"Was that a pun?" Dawn asked.

"Doesn't matter, the Pun Fairy deals in puns and all witty banter." Willow stated.

Tara decided to get back to the matter at hand. "Do you know if he's here? I haven't talked to him for a while."

"Yeah actually," Dawn said, "I saw him when I came in. He was pretending to not be ogling the hotdog vendor who by the way wasn't even that cute."

"Well Dawn I think you can hand this case over to him. And I'm thinking you should take the rest of the convention off. You've been working too hard."

"Oh," Willow chimed in again. "You can stay the rest of the week. Do you need a room I can get you a room."

"That'd be great. Do I get a room like yours? Nice view, Jacuzzi tub, huge canopy bed... the works?" Dawn was hoping to take some advantage of the fact that Willow was Tinkerbell. A crappy job like that certainly had to have some benefits.

"Sorry Dawn. I may be able to pull a few strings around here but I'm not a puppet master."

"The Pun Fairy must not be around... you could have come up with something wittier." Dawn poked fun at Will.

"Come on," she said as she put her arm around the girl. "Let's get you a room."

After Dawnie got checked in she headed to her room, which she made sure was as far from Buffy as she could be, to take a nap before the mixer. Willow and Tara weren't tired being well rested and energized from their short nap in the shade.

"So what do you want to do now?" Willow asked.

Tara's eyes twinkled mischievously. "So is it true? Do you really have a Jacuzzi tub?"

"Yes." Willow grinned widely. It was a grin that hadn't been seen yet by Tara. The one where she bit the tip of her tongue playfully. Her short answer was a prompt for Tara to say more.

Tara caught a glimpse of Willow-tongue and her body became more eager about her next question. She managed to keep it in check though as she asked, quietly, demurely and with her sexy half-grin.

"Can I... see it?"

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