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A Love Beyond the Stars

Author: Dax
Rating: PG
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Author's Note: The pre-chapter quote to this chapter, comes from the movie "Sophie School, The Final Days." This movie chronicles the last days of student Sophie School who together with her brother Hans distributed leaflets calling for an end to the war and was arrested and interrogated by the GESTAPO. As a member of the resistance group known as the White Rose, she was executed only day later, at age twenty one, in February 1943.

"Die Liebe die einfach umsonst ist, ist was wunderbares."
"The Love that's simply for free, is something wonderful."
Sophie School, February 1943.

Chapter Six
Confessions and Lamentations

"Believe me or not Tara, but I really believe that you did the right thing," Wallace Gray said with an assuring voice.

"By resorting to political blackmail?" Tara asked sourly, only bit by bit it began to dawn to her, that she'd done exactly what she used to despise most of all about politics.

"No, by standing up to the President;" Wallace answered sincerely. "She was wrong to shut you up like this, right in front of the journalist's at the press conference. And she was certainly wrong to attack you the way she did, and that only because of these rumours." He took Tara's hand, "Up until now you did an excellent job. And following your presentation at the Quorum, I would say that most - if not all - of the delegates agree with me. And if anyone of them still has a problem with the way you live; it is their problem and their problem alone. Because the law says that you can't discriminate anyone because of either gender, skin colour, faith or sexual orientation."

"But surely the result cannot justify the means," Tara replied weakly.

"I'm afraid Laura didn't leave you with much of a choice. For the way she has changed since she came to power, I'm sure that if you hadn't threatened her with going public, she would have fired you, since you refused to resign on your own."

"There isn't much comfort in what you're saying is there?"

"No there isn't," Wally agreed and added teasingly, "but otherwise you acted like a proper politician - and to that I'd like to welcome you to the club!"

"You know if you weren't like my best friend, I mean colleague wise, I should be very angry with you right now." Tara said with a weak smile.

"I'm your best colleague friend?" Wally asked surprised. "I can't help it but I feel touched."

"You know you are," Tara laughed and felt the relief of a good and simple heartfelt laugh. "Even more than that, Wally. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I always used to see you as a sort of fatherly friend. After all you supported me like my father never did. You never judged me for being gay, but for my actions. And of course you helped me many times with the laws that were particularly important to me, by 'persuading' some important people in those kind of ways I would never have resolved to. Until today that is." Tara paused for a moment and then warmly said: "I was very glad to learn that you tried to keep Laura from 'going after me' like she eventually did anyway."

"Sadly I wasn't successful," Wallace Gray said ruefully, "otherwise I should have managed to keep her from shutting you up like that during the press conference. I'm afraid I'm no longer in the position where Laura would listen to my advice." He let out a hard laugh. "And now it seems to me," he said sarcastically, "we are both 'out' in a way. You are an out and proud lesbian. Whereas I'm out of the race for the vice-presidency."

"I'm very sorry about that," Tara said warmly. It was only when her flight back to Galactica had been delayed in order for Gray to return to the Colonial One, that she had learned how Laura Roslin had sacrificed Wallace Gray in favour of the ever more popular Dr. Gaius Baltar."

"Don't be," Wallace assured her, "I mean sure, the way she dumped me really hurt. But otherwise I've been in politics long enough, to admit that I could no longer compete with Tom Zarek's growing popularity, unlike a rising star like Baltar."

"He bothers me," Tara said spontaneously. "I don't know why, but he bothers me. And it's not just because of his strange behaviour. Did you notice that he sometimes seems to be talking to himself?"

"I know what you mean," Wallace agreed. "Let's hope that he is really just very eccentric and less of an unreliability as Tom Zarek. After all he's supposed to be a genius."

"You know what they say, about the thin line between genius and madness."

"Yea I know," Wallace agreed once again, showing his own doubts in Laura's choice.

"He just bothers me," Tara repeated into the growing silence.

"So that's how you travel all the time?" Wally said after a while, looking curiously around the technical interior of the Raptor they were travelling with.

Unlike Tara, he and the President as well as her staff travelled with a civilian shuttle that was stationed aboard Colonial One. Tara nodded briefly.

"Don't think I could ever get use to flying with these Raptors." Wally said doubtfully. "It reminds me to much of my time flying helicopters for the costal guard on Aquaria."

"You did?" Tara wondered. "Why, you never told me before. I always thought you never did anything else other than working in politics."

"Nice," Wally answered with a wry smile.

"You're welcome," the Sec Ed answered. "The first few times I even got flown around with Galactica's only two seat training Viper."

"You mean a real Viper, with catapult start and all?" Wallace asked, much more curious then surprised.

"Launch, flight suit and all," Tara assured him, "I even have my very own call sign."

"And that is?"


"Suits you," Wallace said and casually added, "so back then you got flown around the fleet by your girlfriend - 'Red'?"

Tara's turned around, much to her own dismay, to see if the pilot might have overheard what Wally had just said. He hadn't, she could see, for 'Sledgehammer' had his headset on, and seemed to listen to some rock music.

She turned back again, "How come you know that? I mean since when...?"

"Never under estimate my sources 'Sorceress'," Wally laughed at Tara's unbelieving face.

"Thanks for not telling Laura," Tara said quietly.

"You're welcome," Wally responded. "It's none of her business and as long as you want, I won't tell anyone else. As I said, it's your privacy."

"'Sorceress,' Mr. Gray, we are coming up to Colonial One. We should be docking within the next ten minutes," their pilot informed them without turning around.

"That would be my stop," Wallace Gray said and started to gather his stuff. He then fetched a piece of paper out of his suitcase and closed it. "Before we part however, I have a confession to make," he said meaningful, "before I came down to meet you in the hangar bay, I took the liberty to give this to two of my reliable reporter friends.

"You know River Tam and Cordelia Chase?

Tara nodded wordlessly.

"Here, hope you don't mind." He handed the paper to Tara, who quietly began to read it.

"In a statement released earlier this day, by presidential adviser and former vice-presidential candidate Wallace Gray; Secretary of Education, Doctor Tara Maclay acknowledge that, quote: 'I'm as gay as ever', unquote.
But otherwise she pointed out that her sexual orientation never had, and never will in any way interfere with her service to the people of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
Except that more then ever, she will be using her position to fight discrimination of any kind.
Furthermore Mr. Gray said that Dr. Maclay still has the full trust and support of President Laura Roslin."

Tara slowly handed the sheet of paper back to Wallace Gray.

"Tell me you didn't do this," she whispered unbelievingly.

"Why?" Wally asked, "is there anything wrong with what I said you said? You are still gay or aren't you?"

"Well yes, but..."

"Did the fact that you are gay ever impact your work, or will it ever?"

"No of course not, but..."

"And it is also true that you will not stop fighting against discrimination? So what's the problem?"

"The problem is," Tara said slowly, "that I'm pretty sure that Laura never said anything about her continuing supporting me or did she?"

"Well no," Wally admitted, with a big grin in his face. "But in the good old days, I know she would have said exactly that."

"You're in big trouble you know that, once she finds out about this, you know that don't you?" Tara asked, feeling all warm and safe, knowing that she still had a friend like Wallace Gray to protect her treacherous politicians.

"What she's going do? It's a little too late, to throw me off the campaign wagon. And if she no longer wants me as her political adviser too? Fine by me. Captain Reynolds from the Serenity always said I could return if I should ever grow tired of politics."

"So you have it all neatly covered, I see," Tara said with admiration.

Wallace nodded, "Yep this old dog still has some tricks up his sleeves."

"So is this already released?" Tara pointed at the paper.

"Not now, Cordelia and River will wait until the election is over," Wallace said, "which I know Baltar will win. And that should help me from keeping Laura getting too mad. Of course I could still ask my reporter friends to not run with this bulletin - if that's what you want."

Tara thought about it, for about two seconds and then shook her head. 'This was much to good, to stop it', a mischievous voice inside her mind thought.

"Wally, you're a pearl you know that?" Tara beamed and hugged him to her heart's content.

Then it really was time for them to say their goodbyes, as Raptor 605 entered the shuttle bay of Colonial One. And moments later the bay was pressurised and Wallace stepped out of the plane. "Take care Tara," he said and walked away from the Raptor. Tara kept looking after him until the hatch was closed again. How lucky she was to have a friend like Wallace Gray.

"Home?" 'Sledgehammer' then asked, as the Raptor took off.

"Home," 'Sorceress' answered, strapping herself into the co-pilot seat right next to him.

'Strange that a Battlestar could ever really feel like home,' Tara thought, and stepped out of the Raptor and into the busy hangar bay.

Finding her way through the familiar hangar bay - familiar meaning that Tara knew how to get to and fro the Raptor without getting lost - she was greeted by some familiar faces.

She also noticed some rather inquiring looks, that told her that the 'Rumour' had found the way down here already.

In a small corner of the hangar bay, Tara spotted Jessica Cally; or rather the lower half of her, since the rest of her lay under the Viper she was working on.

Wanting to say hello to the petty officer, Tara crossed over to her, when upon coming closer she recognized the Viper to be Willow's Mark VII. She recognized the fighter even before she read the plaque itself.

"Oh hi, Doctor Maclay!" Cally said merrily, as she rolled out from under the Viper.

Tara however didn't hear, her eyes still affixed upon the plaque. 'Lt. Willow Rosenberg', she read, 'Red-Dyke'. A rather complex set of emotions started to brew inside her mind, as she kept reading and rereading the changed plaque.

Soon a variety of very different voices started talking all together inside Tara's head.

'So Willow has come out on her own', one voice said.

'She broke her promise', another countered.

'But you yourself knew this promise to be wrong. And you know why you made her make this promise in the first place. - Because I'm a coward' Tara flinched on thinking this truth.

Seeing the like total confusion within Tara's features, Cally got up to her feet and stepped up to her side. "Don't be mad at your girlfriend Tara," Jessica said quietly, "it was a specialist who originally changed the name plaque."

"A specialist?" Tara asked, not quiet sure what Cally was talking about.

"Yes a male specialist to be exact. He even called Lt. Rosenberg a... Lezzy. I think he must have seen the two of you holding hands or... kissing?" Cally told Tara, and her crimson colouring cheeks told the petty officer the answer to her question. Jessica Cally then briefly told Tara all about Willow's encounter with Warren Meers and how Willow decided to claim the changed call sign for herself.

"So this Warren chap, did all of this?" Tara asked horrified.

"Yes," Cally told her and added, "but don't you worry. I took care of him." The sheer tone of satisfaction in her voice made Tara curious.

"What did you do to him Jessica?"

"Well there was an opening an board the ore refining ship. And let's say, he's much too busy, as well as much too dirty now himself to have any more time for dirty thoughts about lesbian pilots like your girlfriend."

Tara nodded, feeling strangely satisfied. Then suddenly her eyes went wide, as only now she fully realized the full extend of what Cally had said.

"You know that she's my girlfriend?" Tara asked unbelievingly and pointed at the name plaque of 'Red-Dyke'. "Have you too seen us kissing?"

"Relax Tara," Cally said fighting hard not to laugh. "You did not make an display of yourself and the Lieutenant if that's what you afraid of. I knew that the two of you were sweethearts, ever since you first came down here together. Plus," she added with a wigged grin. "I thought that you of all people should know, that a good lesbian always recognizes their peers."

"Of course we do," Tara chuckled. "After all, my gaydar told me about you all along."


"Well that's what I call it, you know when I like instinctively know if another woman is gay or not," Tara explained. "And my friend Kennedy liked to call it coded flirting. How did she put it? Yes. 'It's like flirting in code, it's using body language, and laughing at the right jokes. And looking into her eyes and knowing she's still whispering to you, even though she's not saying a word. And that sense that if you can just touch her, just once, everything will be okay. For both of you.' Then she used to pause for a bit, before she used to add:

'Or if she's really hot. You get her drunk and see if she comes on to you.'" Tara smiled thoughtfully upon remembering her best friend.

"So was she your friend or your girlfriend?" Jessica asked.

"Best friend. She was betrothed to my ex-girlfriend. They were both in Picon City when the Cylons nuked the Fleet Headquarters there."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Cally said, obviously sharing Tara's pain. Like everybody else, she'd lost loved ones and relatives back at the Colonies too.

"Thank you. I really miss them very much, especially Kennedy. But now tell me, Jessica, how is Willow coping with all of this?" Tara asked and pointed once again at the Viper.

"I'd say she's doing very well," Jessica Cally said. "For a day or two she seemed to be a bit little down. But in the mean time, she had a lengthy talk with 'Slayer' in one of the men's rooms, she's much better ever since."

"Well that is good to hear... Wait a minute! The men's room?" Tara asked, much more puzzled by the men's room, then the fact that Cally knew about the talk between Willow and Buffy.

"I think it's better if you ask the Lieutenant about that one," Cally said diplomatically, but with a laugh as well. "But rest assured, that it's only because of them talking in the men's room, that I know of them... you know talking. Ships grapevine, you understand." Tara nodded, how very well she understood.

"Seems to me that Willow and I really have something to talk about," Tara said running her fingers through her hair. "Is she around?"

"She will be," Jessica Cally said and began making some notes on a clipboard, she'd picked up while talking with Tara. "But she won't have much time. She and her patrol group are to be launching with the next ten minutes."

"Hope I didn't keep you from doing your job - did I?"

"Not to worry Tara. I'd just finished when I rolled out from under this bird" Cally assured her and gave the Viper a slap upon its wing.

"That's good," Tara sighed. "Jessica, would you be so kind and give Willow a message?


"Would you please tell her to meet me after her shift." A sudden idea hit Tara's mind. "But not at my place. But where we really meet for the first time. Willow will understand."

"I will tell her as soon as she returns," Cally said and pointed at the clipboard to tell Tara when this would be. "Thank you Jessica."

"You're welcome Tara."

"So, now I better hurry and pay a long over due visit to one particular..." Tara hurriedly covered her mouth, to prevent herself from spilling out any more secrets.

"Cat," Cally whispered completing Tara's sentence. "But don't ask me how I know that."

"Then I shan't. Believe me I shan't wonder at all," Tara laughed, knowing this secret was safe with the young petty officer too. "But thank you anyway. Maybe you like to visit us sometime tomorrow?"

"I shall like that very much," Cally smiled.

"And now I better leave, before I spill even more secrets. Bye Jessica:"

"Have a nice day Madam Secretary."

"You too Petty Officer, you too."

Tara's steps echoed throughout starboard landing bay. Like an eternity ago, this space had been housing an great exhibition, concerning the Cylon Wars and the history of this very Battlestar and the role it had played in this war fifty years ago. Now however all of this was gone, stored away in one of Galactica's big - and luckily empty - storage compartments. Soon the giant windows on both sides would be gone too and then it would be open to space again. Making it again available for the Vipers as a landing bay. Tara slowly stepped up to the enormous window.

During the past month, ever since she had taken up residence aboard the Galactica again, Tara had felt herself drawn to this place. Standing but the depth of the glass away from the stars was a breathtaking experience that never seamed to lose it's appeal to Tara. Today however, would be the last time she would be standing here, Tara knew.

For tomorrow, according to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce the civilian engineer in charge of dismantling the windows, they would start lowering the air pressure, before specialist in space suits would at last dismantle the windows and then...

The sound of heavy combat boats upon the flight deck echoed throughout the landing pod brought Tara's thoughts out of her daydreams. Without turning around, Tara could see Willow crossing over from the airlock towards her.

Beautiful Willow. What she had to go through and all because of the promise Tara had her make. Tears stung in Tara's eyes, as her girlfriend stepped up behind her.

"It's like all you need to do is to reach out and you could touch the stars. Wouldn't you agree?" Tara said, like she had when she had met Willow for the first time. "This certainly is the best place on the entire ship."

Getting in to the game, Willow too repeated what she had said on that evening, "Well it certainly is, but still only second best, when it comes to being close to the stars."


"Had you ever experienced space from within the cockpit a Viper you would agree with me."

"Does that mean you're offering me a flight with your Viper, Cap.. Captain..." Tara's voice failed her and even though she fought to keep them back, tears started to dwell in her eyes, and soon they made their way down her cheeks.

"Tara?" a very worried Willow asked, "what's wrong baby?" She reached out to comfortingly touch her girlfriend's shoulder. But on the touch Tara flinched like she'd been burned or something. The hurt look in Willow's reflection sent another wave of guilt flowing throughout Tara's body and she burst fully into tears.

Swirling around she cried out: "I'm so sorry Willow!" Again she shied away from Willow's touch.

"Sorry for what?" the redhead asked getting ever more worried.

"The promise I had you make," Tara whispered desperately.

"But I'm the one who broke it," Willow said remorseful, "why should you be sorry about it?" Again she tried to reach out for Tara and again the blond shied away.

Feeling the ever growing burden of her guilt and sorrow, Tara's legs gave way beneath her, and she sat down in front of the windows resting her back heavily against it. Willow kneeled down in front of her, still looking very bewildered and troubled.

"I should never have made you make that promise," Tara explained, "but I was a coward and selfish and..." Her voice failed her again as she started to cry harder.

Now Willow looked truly alarmed, and once again she reached out for her girlfriend. When Tara did not shy away Willow gently pulled Tara into her arms, and they keep sitting in an loving embrace for a while.

Sitting down beside Tara Willow asked carefully: "why do you think yourself selfish, for wanting to protect me from the homophonic bigotry around us?"

"Protect you," Tara cried out, surprising Willow with her rather sarcastic tone of voice. "If it had been just that, but even then this promise would have been wrong." Tara paused as she felt Willow stiffen on her words.

"What do you mean, 'if it had been just that?" Willow asked carefully.

Letting go of Willow's hand, Tara drew up her legs and flung her arms around them. "You have to believe me," she pleaded, "when I tell you, that I really wanted to protect you from all of this. But at the same time I knew it to be wrong, keeping both of us in the closet. To keep you from coming out on your own.

"You see, back on Caprica I volunteered with the LBGT Centre in down town Caprica City. I helped girls and young woman coping with their own sexual identity and their coming out - to themselves, as well as to others. You know, friends, colleagues and especially parents. I helped so many girls to except themselves the way they are. To not let themselves be frightened by what other people think about them. And to be prepared, that even though some people might turn away from them, other's might surprise them as well.

"You see the best thing about coming out is, that it's totally liberating, you feel like you've made this incredible discovery about yourself and you want to share it and be honest and open and not spend all your time wondering how some people might react and so on." Tara paused for a bit, "I knew all of this, still I made you keep us a secret."

Tara felt Willow put her arm around her shoulder, but fought the yearning to rest her head upon the redhead's shoulder. She knew that if she did that she might no longer be able to tell her girlfriend the whole truth. And if she didn't do that, she knew their relationship would suffer in the end. Because love needs honesty and honesty needs trust.

"Willow," she said slowly, "there's another reason why I did not want you to come out. It's really ridiculous, but also selfish and I fear you might despise me for it."

"Despise you?" Willow exclaimed softly. "I could never do that."

"Please hear me out," Tara pleaded and when Willow nodded in agreement, she spoke on. She talked about what she hadn't even allowed herself to think about in the past years

"I had no right to tell you not to come out. No right. I wasn't trying to protect you. This whole keep-it-a-secret-thing? It was all about me. Me." She slapped her chest, "I'm a selfish bitch."

Now Willow looked completely confused, and seemed to ask herself what Tara was talking about.

"I've almost ruined your life!" Tara cried out. "I've almost ruined your life by not letting you come out. You should never have had to make this terrible promise."

"This isn't true," Willow said, "you didn't ruin my life."

"But I almost did," Tara repeated. "I kept you from coming out on your own turns. Even kept you from telling your best friend and that all because of...

"You remember Faith?"

Willow nodded, "She was your girlfriend back in Caprica City. You've told me that you two decided that you would rather have a good friendship, then a bad relationship."

"That's what I told you," Tara said gloomily, "in fact that's what I've been telling myself for the past years."

"What are you talking about?" Willow asked worryingly.

"I met Faith shortly after I moved to Caprica City and started working at the ministry of education. Faith had moved to Caprica from Saggitaron only one month earlier. Her parents had died when she was little, with no other relatives she had been raised in one of those particularly conservative orphanage. You can imagine that they did not exactly promote things like homosexual lifestyle, or even mixed race marriages for that matter."

"Sounds pretty medieval to me," Willow said doubtfully.

"Yea, doesn't it?" Tara agreed. "However, you can't imagine how afraid Faith was even to come out to herself. And only after we fell in love she eventually opened up to me. But she still remained afraid of going out with me into the Scene. I loved her so much Willow. I won't lie to you Willow, I would've been with her forever, if I could have."

"What happened?"

Tara let out a heartfelt sight. "Faith and I met at a street fair in Downtown Caprica City. I was working at an info stand of the LBGT Centre. Faith was collecting signatures for I don't remember what cause. We fell in love very fast... I don't say this to hurt you."

"No, it's ok, I understand," Willow said and so Tara went on.

"As I said, Faith was raised in very repressive surroundings, she was incredible shy and insecure. Not only when it came to her sexual orientation."

Tara paused for a bit then spoke more to herself then to Willow when she said, "yea, hard to believe that this bold self-assured and strong woman I know, was once so shy and insecure... The woman I knew," Tara corrected herself - remembering that Faith had been killed together with Kennedy way back when the Cylons had nuked Picon City.

She then went back to tell Willow her and Faith's story.

"So when we started dating," Tara explained, "Faith was still very closed up. But at the same time she desperately wanted to come out. And so I helped her. You know long talks, books and step by step Faith stepped out of her closet.

Believe me this was a wonderful time. Finally I had a girlfriend I could go out with, hold hand with in public.. And then at the LBGT Centre we throw another big coming out party. Which was what we did when a new person joined the community.

"And Faith was like 'This is great. Why didn't I come out before? Let's tell the whole world I'm gay!' It was awesome. Faith felt so included and accepted. Everybody loved Faith and Faith loved everybody." Tara's eyes went black. "Especially Kennedy."

"Lords no, don't tell me" Willow gasped.

"I'm telling you," Tara said flatly. "Faith loved Kennedy, loved her more then she loved me." Again tears started dwelling in Tara's eyes.

"I found her," she whimpered and Willow carefully hugged her. "I loved her, she was mine." Tears streamed down her face, "it should have lasted forever."

"Still you stayed friends with her," Willow said, when Tara paused in her recitation, "but didn't that hurt?"

"Oh it did hurt, I can't tell you how much."

"But then why didn't you end your relationship with Faith completely, when it hurt so much?" Willow wondered.

"What could I do," Tara asked weakly. "Faith wanted to stay friends, and Kennedy was my best friend. I mean she was really my best friend, much like you and Buffy. Faith took her love away from me and I couldn't allow her to take my best friend from me as well.

"And after a while I started telling myself about us breaking up and become friends instead."

"But what has this all to do with the promise?" Willow asked perplexed.

"Don't you see?" Tara cried out, "I didn't just make you promise to protect you, but to protect me! From coming out all over again... even more to keep you from them."

"From whom?"

"Other women," Tara whimpered.

At first Willow didn't understand what Tara told her, then her features began to lighten up.

"You were afraid I might leave you for another woman, like Faith did after she came out?"

Tara nodded, "I know it's stupid, but I couldn't bear the thought that you could leave me for Cally or any other woman on this ship."

"You see that's where you're a dummy," Willow said warmly. "Don't you know that I've waited for you my whole life? Don't you know that I have been incomplete until I meet you and fell in love with you?"

Tara said that she knew, of course she knew, how could it be otherwise? And so she did what she'd been longing to these past days she'd been separated from. Willow and so she pulled Willow on to her lap to kiss those wonderful red lips.

And when they finally kissed, it was like when they had kissed for the first time, when Tara had known at once, that she never wanted to kiss any other lips again in her life.

Resting their foreheads together, it was Willow who spoke first, "so you're not angry with me for breaking my promise?"

"Of course not, I'm glad you did. But then come to think of it, we both broke it by fooling around in the hallways for everyone to see." Tara smiled, then seriously added, "so you're really not mad at me, for having you make this stupid promise?"

"I'm really not," Willow assured her once again. "After all I could have argued with you about it, at least as far as Buffy was concerned and..."

Willow paused for a moment and looked deeply into Tara's eyes, and just as Tara was about to lose herself inside these deep green soulful eyes Willow whispered quietly. "I tell you what. Let's forget who made a promise and who broke it... Let's forget we are here, let's pretend we are at Aquaria with it's tropical beaches; and you're teaching children about Shakespeare and I'm renting sailboats to tourists. And no one's a politician and no one's a soldier and we are just us.

'What do you say?', Willow's green eyes asked as she flung her arms around her girlfriend again. Tara nodded quietly, then kissed her girlfriend to her heart's content.

They'd been smooching around for some time, when suddenly a very familiar voice echoed throughout the empty landing pod.

"Get a room!"

Staggering to their feet Willow and Tara saw it to be Buffy, who was crossing over from the nearest airlock.

"Hi Buffy," Willow said with a blush, "we were just..."

"I saw it Will, believe me I saw it - all," Buffy said with a big grin on her face, "that's why I suggested for you to get a room."

"Actually Buffy has a point," Tara said sheepishly and straightened her blouse, for Willow's hands had been rather busy. "I mean the view from here is quiet spectacular, but it's not exactly comfortable. Plus I'm afraid I'm getting frostbite on my ass."

That earned Tara somewhat surprising and unbelieving looks from both Buffy and Willow. It made her blush substantially and she hastily explained, "I thought I give a try with the spicy talk."

"Don't get me wrong Tara," Buffy said laughingly, " but you are simply to sweet for spicy talk."

"I know," Tara admitted and gave a pout. She turned to Willow and asked, "So what you say 'Red-Dyke', your place or my place?"

Willow thought about it for a short while, then laughingly answered, "even though we would be causing quiet a sensation if I took you to my bunk, I have to say no. It's much to small for the two of us anyway. So I say your place."

She kissed Tara upon her cheek, then turned to Buffy. "Goodnight Buffy," Willow said and took Tara by the hand and walked with her towards the nearest exit.

Half the way she looked back to Buffy who had been following them and said proudly, "oh and if anybody's looking for me. I'm with my girlfriend."

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