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Cats and Bats

Author: Rei and Chris
Rating: R for now, violence, language. Knowing us, it'll probably be NC-17 later.
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Willow sat on the hood of the Batmobile, drumming her fingers against her knees. She had not yet fully suited up, preferring, almost superstitiously, to only put on the mask and voice patch when she was ready to head out.

Willow was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the door above her open or the footsteps coming down the stairs, "penny for your thoughts, my child?"

Willow smiled, Giles had been just her butler when her parents were alive, an aloof figure that was just...well he was just there. Now, he was her friend closest confidante and the closest to a father she had known in some time, he certainly meant it when he called her his 'child' or 'daughter' and he had the same feelings that any father would seeing their child in pain like this. "Giles, what do you do when your heart tells you one thing and your head another?"

Giles frowned as he took off his glasses and breathed on them, wiping them on his shirt, "I don't really know, I know that you have a very good head and that it should probably be listened to, at the same time, the head's unfeeling. It has the facts but it can never take into account the emotion. What is it that has you so troubled?"

Willow paused for a moment, but she knew that there was no lying to Giles, even if she wanted to, "well, I ...I met this girl."

"Ah, not uncommon for you my Lady Willow."

Willow smiled as she heard the light jibe in his voice, she swatted him on the arm and coyly fluttered her eyebrows, "I can't help it if I'm pretty." Giles smiled, but while it was comforting, it was also one that invited her to get to the point, "this one is different."

"Oh my, now that is a new one."

"She's got this blonde hair, and she's very...very, well, I don't know, 'nice' doesn't seem to cover it, and those blue eyes of hers..." Giles waited for her as she paused and sighed, "they're beautiful, it's just a pity that they're the same blue eyes I saw when Catwoman was standing between me and Angel." Willow looked at Giles for a moment, gauging his reaction, "so yes, there were a couple differences, Catwoman's eyes were narrowed and the skin around them hidden by the mask while Ta...her eyes were open and sorta invited me to fall on into them, but they're the same ones. That and both of them wore the same perfume, which is weird cos when we last met, Catwoman didn't wear any sort of scent at all."

Giles didn't know what to say, but he felt his heart begin to melt as tears fell softly from Willow's eyes, "so while you're saying 'let's get to know each other'..."

"More like 'hey, let's settle down'."

"Indeed, while you're thinking that, Batman is thinking that he should arrest her, right?"

Willow sighed once more, "you seem to have a habit of hitting the nail on the head, not that that's a bad thing, goodness no, means less speaking for me for one and it kinda lets me see how I feel and...and...I'm babbling again, which you've never said you hate, but you never said you like it either and oh my God, she probably thinks I'm such a spaz, I mean I nearly got stuck in my own automatic doors and I really need to breathe now."

Giles smiled, "it does seem that you're pretty excited about her. I suppose that you will have to think about what is best for you, Willow Rosenberg. Do you need to arrest her, after last night, is that an issue?"

"Catwoman has stolen hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars worth of jewellery, whether she gave most of it away or no."

"That's Batman speaking, and you know? He's pretty much out for revenge against every super criminal in Gotham over what Angel did to a sweet young girl, one that I should imagine he is very fond of to make his nightly patrols, but if you don't mind me saying, he's a bit of a dark emotionless git, much like most men actually." Giles put his glasses back on as Willow smiled, "I'm sure that he would like that little girl to be happy, so, what does Willow want?"

"Willow wants to go to bed and for this date to come pretty darn quick, but Batman needs to go out patrol." Giles frowned at her, a look that said 'that is only a partial answer and you darn well know it, now tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or you will go to bed with no supper', that is a look that every child worldwide has come to dread, even the rich ones who do indeed get very good suppers and may have more to worry about. "Willow wants to go out with this girl, Willow doesn't see a leather mask on her and Willow doesn't see why Batman should arrest a girl who isn't doing anything right now just cos she happens to have the same cute blue eyes or at least ones very darn similar."

Giles smiled, releasing her from his paternal glare, she almost breathed a sigh of relief, "then I believe you have your answer, and I'm sure that somewhere down there, Batman agrees, speaking of..."

"Mmhm, criminals of the I'm going to take over/destroy/get revenge on the world/all of the above variety don't wait for me to get out there before planning whatever nefarious acts of world domination, demolition or revenge they have in mind."

Giles hugged Willow briefly as she gave him one last quirky grin and then her face darkened as she put the patch on and then the cowl, becoming quite literally a very different person. "Don't wait up."

Batman slipped into the Batmobile as Giles stood and with one roar of nitro, it streaked off into the dark night. Giles smiled faintly and spoke quietly, unheard, "oh you know I will by now, you look after my daughter."

Meanwhile, dark deeds were afoot and a laugh of evil glee cackled throughout the home. It is arguable that this is standard practise of the common highly powerful businessman, or to be more politically correct, businessperson. However, this was a special laugh, it was one that chilled the Devil to his bone because he knew that this person may actually be evil enough to dethrone him and probably already had the plans in mind. Warren Meers looked into the mirror as he put his glittery green mask over his eyes. Oh, he was going to see to that little dyke, and her skiv girlfriend. That little black cleaner too if he felt in a good mood. The costume was easy, he looked just as resplendent, so he believed as he did when he wore it one Halloween, he never had grown much since then. Oh yes, at the heart of this little tycoon to be was the soul of a comic book geek, and believe me, these should be feared. The green suit was one-piece with a large black question mark over the chest and the coloured hairspray, that had been easy enough to pinch from that little dweeb, Jonathon, who still played Dungeons and Dragons. After all, what else were old school friends you barely put up with good for? Though, to Warren's chagrin, it did take on a more pink sort of a tone than it did red, hardly befitting of the verbal masterpiece that the villain he had come to name The Riddler was, he would have to see to that, of course. He gave another laugh as he grimly thought to the future.

The night had not drawn much action, a couple of thugs trying to steal from an old lady, little enough to get the cold heart pumping. There was no sign of Catwoman, and the small part of the mind that was Willow right now was glad, though it then rather traitorously reasoned that that was because she was unpacking, but still, quiet night, and with Angel after her right now, it would be quiet for a while, if she recalled her vampire lore, a vampire could not enter a private property without being invited. Tara had said 'rodent problem' and bats, often synonymous with vampires as well as, here, Batman, were often called 'rodents with wings'...she'd had a lot of time to think tonight, it made sense, 'she's trying to stay away from Angel and you're taking her out to a dance at night.' It was another of those traitorous thoughts that come without waiting for an invitation, part of her knew that the girl and the cat were the one and same. Willow cared very much about this, Batman didn't. With one last glare across the city nightline, Batman decided to call it a night.

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