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Cats and Bats

Author: Rei and Chris
Rating: R for now, violence, language. Knowing us, it'll probably be NC-17 later.
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"If there is no other business..." Willow had been ready to close the meeting which had held little more than to go over the company's current fund and stocks.

"Well, actually there is one, if I may."

Willow looked to her left and saw the owner of the voice, "yes Mr. Meers?" Warren Meers was probably the one member of the board that Willow flat out didn't like, it was nothing to do with the fact that she doubted that an eighteen year old could run her parent's company, there had been doubts from people all around the table. This, Willow conceded, was a natural reaction, but there is a difference between merely doubting the capabilities of a teenager and going out of your way to disrupt said teenager in the day to day running of the business.

"I'm more than a little concerned about the image this company is receiving, what with your... flings."

A low hiss of disapproval spread across the table as the other board members looked at Willow, while the news that Willow preferred the intimate company of females rather to that of males did cause a stir, no one had ever questioned that this made her any less adept to lead the company. "My flings, Mr. Meers? I'm afraid that you will have to be more plain."

Warren gave her a shark-like smile, if not for that brat being born, it would probably be he sitting in her chair, "I'm just concerned that your constant dates with women around Gotham will affect business, that is all I am saying Ms. Rosenberg. Is your head in this business or your lovelife?"

Willow's eyes narrowed to slits, "is this table the place to discuss this, Mr. Meers? In fact, would we be having this conversation if I were dating men?" Willow smiled as she saw others nod their heads in agreement around the table, "or is it a fact that you are jealous that I go on more dates with girls than you do? Me being a woman and all." Laughter could be heard from around the table as Warren fumed, "I believe that that is all, yes?" As no one else had any points to raise, Willow dismissed the group.

Willow sighed as she walked down the corridor, she half turned as she heard footsteps from down the hall and smiled when she saw her best childhood friend, Alexander Harris (though he preferred for his friends to call him Xander) walking towards her. Xander was a general fixer in the company, but Willow had always brought him to the meetings, his comical, but sometimes shrewd perspective on life being refreshing when it came to dealing with others around the table. "Ignore him, Wills, everyone else does."

Willow carried on walking as Xander caught up with her, "I know, that guy though, he is such an arrogant bastard."

Xander nodded his head, "anyone would think that he was a senior member rather than just a couple years older than you. If not for his father being a past member of the board, I doubt he'd even be here. So, any plans for tonight? Who is the willmeister going to lay next?"

Willow laughed as she punched Xander on the arm, "regardless of what certain people think, I'm not the city bike Mr. Harris and well you know it." Willow gave him a mock stern glare, then sighed. "I don't know really, plenty of women catch my eye, but there's always something missing."

Xander smiled and quipped, "welcome to the world of trying to find a wife."

Tara sat back on her bed, her back being supported by the headboard, Miss Kitty had got herself comfy on Tara's lap. Miss Kitty's ears pricked as there was a knock on Tara's door, Faith soon entered the room. She walked over to the bed and patted Miss Kitty on the head as Tara continued to stroke her. "Hey T."

"Hey Faith."

"Yo, T, I heard that there is big ball being held by Rosenberg in a couple weeks, bound to be all the bigwigs from town there, you reckon Catwoman should make an appearance?"

Tara considered this for a moment as she tried to remember what she had heard about this big event, "isn't all the money going to a charity?" Faith nodded her head, "no deal, diamonds, banks, that's one thing, that's taking off the bastards that don't give a damn. Anyway, Rosenberg isn't like the rest of them, she gives damn good wages for one, more than anyone else would give a cleaner. Besides, the proceeds are going to charity and I don't feel like kicking a man when he's down, I-I've been there."

Faith smiled at Tara, sure this would bring in a big haul, but Faith could see the truth behind Tara's words, and the pain behind her last ones. "'sok T, just thought I'd mention, heh, if Catwoman doesn't make an appearance, how about you and I mosey on down there, have a good time?"

Tara smirked, "well, seeing as Ms. Rosenberg likes to treat her staff every now and again, I just happen to have a couple of tickets, now I don't have a guy to take with me," at this, Faith smirked, she'd seen the girls that Tara had brought home in the last couple of months since they had money to entertain, not that Tara went out of her way to flash her cash, that would be dangerous. But she didn't see how the odd treat could hurt. "I was w-wondering if you'd like to join m-me."

Faith looked down at her best friend, "well, I say we go see how the big boys play." Faith smiled as did Tara, "but I still think that Gotham needs to be reminded that Catwoman is still in town, now there's this dandy little..."

Batman once again stalked the shadows of Gotham City, Willow had spent a good deal of the afternoon in the Batcave typing away on her computer, all serial criminals had a pattern, it was just a case of finding out where Catwoman would strike next. After a good deal of work, Willow figured that there was one of three places that Catwoman could hit, two jewellery stores like the last one or a store that specialised in watches half a block away from the roof she was sitting on. Figuring that Catwoman would be just as aware as she was that all of the jewellery stores would have tighter security for now, Willow figured that the watch store would soon be paid a visit.

After changing into her batsuit, and after agreeing for the umpteenth time to be careful, here she was waiting. Willow's vigilance soon paid off when she saw a leather clad figure on the roof of the store. Willow quickly drew a batarang from its store, attached a strong piece of cord, and fired it towards a street light, pulling it tight when it had wrapped around a few times, she silently swung onto the roof where she could see Catwoman carefully using a glass cutter to gain entry.

Catwoman had obviously done her homework, as long as she made sure that the glass did not hit the floor, which had a pressure pad alarm system, Catwoman could swing down and take whatever she wanted. She would only get halfway through cutting her little circle in the shops skylight before she heard a swoop noise behind her. She turned to see Batman and arched one fine eyebrow, "I see that I rate highly enough to be paid a visit by you then."

Batman stared impassively at Catwoman, Tara could not tell what lay behind his eyes seeing as they were hidden from her behind Batman's cowl. "Indeed."

"Well, I guess you have me." Catwoman held her hands out as Batman cautiously walked towards her. Before he could react, Catwoman's right hand flew to her side soon held a whip which, with a flick of the wrist, wrapped around Batman's ankle, a quick tug and Batman was on his back, the end of the whip untangled from Batman's foot and he lunged towards Catwoman. The old 'look before you leap' saying seemed pretty appropriate right now as Catwoman merely moved out of the way and Batman went plummeting. Fortunately, he had disengaged his batarang and quickly had it to hand to stop his fall inches from the ground.

Catwoman had wisely used this time to get off the roof herself and out of sight, plotting the quickest route home.

Angel looked at this little fight impassively from the vantage point he had taken, he smirked as Catwoman tripped Batman to make her escape. 'Beautiful,' he had thought. He cracked his knuckles as he thought grimly about the pain the Bat-freak had coming to him, but that could wait, he had an appointment, and there he was walking now. Angel plummeted the distance from rooftop to floor, gracefully landing in front of the young man. The man looked at him slightly spooked, then, he smiled. "Ah, Angel. I believe I have a preposition for you."

Angel smirked, "I'm all ears Mr. Meers."

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