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Adventures in Being Babysat

Author: Jasmydae
Rating: G
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Disclaimer: Joss / ME / etc. owns these characters. This story is just for fun and not for profit.

Me: Donny sighed and put down his Game Boy. He'd beaten Super Mario Land three times in a row, and it was starting to get old.
JuJu: (aaah good ol'Game Boy!!!)
Me: He considered starting in on his Choose Your Own Adventure book, but knew that it was going to be a long week, and that he'd need something to keep him busy, later.
Me: "Might as well see if Tare's watching TV," he grumbled to himself. Even hanging out with his sister was better than this endless boredom.

JuJu: (uh oh)
Me: The door to Willow's room was closed, so he figured Tara had already gone to sleep. He wasn't surprised; sleeping the days away was one way to make them pass more quickly. Maybe that meant the TV wasn't being used.
Me: Three steps farther down the hallway, he remembered that Tara being in Willow's room meant that Willow was on the sofa. "Darn it." He couldn't watch TV--not with that oddball in there.

JuJu: (oddball?!!! Little Jerk!!!)
Me: He hesitated, considering whether a trip downstairs to check was worth it, when he heard the first giggle.
Me: It was followed by another. Now curious, Donny inched closer to Willow's door.
Me: From inside, he heard bouts of laughter fading. Somebody gasped.

JuJu: why? what are they doin?
Me: He leaned forward and cupped his ear to the door.
Me: "Ohhh my god," he heard. That was his sister's voice, but quiet and breathy. What the hell?

JuJu: (raises eyebrow)
Me: He reached for the handle, paused, then withdrew his hand. He cleared his throat, but his voice still came out hoarsely. "Uh, Tare?"
Me: Silence. Two seconds. Four. Finally, her voice. "...Yeah?"
Me: "Can I come in?"
Me: "Um, yeah."
Me: He swung open the door and saw both girls lying on their stomachs on Willow's bed. Between them lay a magazine, which Tara's hand was surreptitiously covering. Probably one of those silly Seventeen magazines Tara always had lying around their house, Donny figured.
Me: "Just wanted to see if anyone was watching TV," he said, "but I guess not."
Me: "Nope! All yours," Willow offered.
Me: "Cool. Thanks. Tare, you wanna watch something?"
Me: Tara shook her head. "Uh, no thanks. I'm probably gonna go to sleep soon."
Me: "All right. G'night."
Me: Donny left the room and headed downstairs, shaking his head. "Girls."
Me: ===
Me: Fifteen seconds later, Tara's heart began beating again. "That was close," she groaned.
Me: Willow shoved the Ranger Rick magazine, which she had hastily nabbed from atop her desk, under the bed.

JuJu: (wanna know!!)
JuJu: LoL

Me: Her complexion was paler than usual. "You okay?" Tara asked.
Me: "Uh huh," Willow muttered. She stood up and wiped her hands on the front of her pants. "I should, uh...I should go to bed."
Me: "Wait, Willow. It's not even..." Tara looked around confusedly. "What time is it?"
Me: Willow checked her watch. "Almost eleven thirty."
Me: "Eleven thirty? No!" Where had the time gone? "But we finished dinner at...what, seven?"
Me: Willow shrugged.

JuJu: héhéhé
Me: "I'm not even a little tired," Tara admitted.
Me: "But you said you were going to sleep, soon..."
Me: "Oh, I just said that so he'd go away."
Me: Willow looked toward the door, which Donny hadn't closed behind him. "Oh."
Me: "Are you? Tired, I mean?"
Me: Willow still stood in the center of the room, looking uncertain. "A little, I guess."
Me: Tara frowned and rolled over to sit on the edge of the bed. "Hey, wait...Willow, are you...are you like...freaked out, or something?"

JuJu: nononononononononononono!!!
Me: "No, I...uh...I don't know. I don't think so, but..." Willow waved her hands around, as though by doing so she could complete her thought.
Me: Tara patted the mattress next to her, and Willow edged closer and sat.
Me: "I've never kissed anyone," Willow whispered.
Me: "Mm hm." Tara nodded, wanting her to continue.

JuJu: Lucky Willow, she scored on her first kiss!!!
Me: "Well...I what?"
Me: "Oh," Tara said, figuring out what Willow was talking about. "We were caught up in a moment, yeah...and it...uh, almost became an embarrassing moment." She shook her head. "But it's not like we have to do anything else."

JuJu: (wish I had been in their room. Booh)
Me: (this story needs to retain some semblance of family-friendliness :p)
JuJu: (lol I know... damn rules ^^)
Me: "I meant more like...what about school?"
Me: Tara blinked. Damn, was her mind in the gutter. "Oh. Right. Uh...what about school?"
Me: Willow looked at her. "Tara, you' know, cool. I'm decidedly not so. I use words like 'decidedly,' for gosh sakes. Half of your friends make fun of me on a daily basis."

JuJu: (awww wanna hug her..; Tara hug her!!)
Me: "Hey, I've used 'decidedly,'" Tara said defensively. She paused. "Uh, once or twice."
Me: She shook her head. "Willow, half of my friends are stupid. And that' a lot of credit to the other half, you know?"
Me: Willow arched an eyebrow. "So you'll casually mention that you made out with Willow Rosenberg at lunch, and they'll all just change their tune, huh?"
Me: Tara grimaced. "No, you're right. They won't. Willow, I wasn't thinking about school. I was just...honestly, I was was all dark and mysterious...and you were there, and cute...and...and you were hesitant to ask about that kind of stuff..."

JuJu: what is she doing? :O is she backing out?
Me: She rubbed Willow's arm. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
Me: Willow smiled grimly. "It's okay. So...d'ya always smooch your Ouija Board partners?"
Me: Tara snorted. "No, you're the first."
Me: "You think I'm cute?"
Me: "Decidedly so," Tara replied with a coy grin.

JuJu: (grins sleepily)
Me: Willow chuckled. "You used 'decidedly.'"
Me: "All the cool people are doing it."
Me: Willow peered at her through narrow eyes. " think girls are cute?"
Me: "Some of 'em."
Me: "...Me, too."

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