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Shadows of the Past

Author: Justin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Willow & Tara and a lot of other characters from this story belong to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. Babylon 5 was created by J. Michael Straczynski.

Tara caught up with Willow as she was boarding the White Star Thirty-two. They were met by a Minbari Ranger who bowed and said, "I have been instructed to guide you to your quarters on board the ship."

Tara bowed back saying, "Thank you."

"So all the White stars are just called White star and then a number?" Willow asked, while they made their way to their quarters.

"Uh huh," Tara said, nodding.

"It doesn't seem very imaginative, I was expecting the Minbari to have fancy names for their... And what is up with the bed?" The last was said as they entered their room and Willow saw the bed which, along with Minbari tradition, was at a thirty degree angle.

"Didn't you know Minbari think that sleeping horizontally is bad for you? As in dying in your sleep bad for you."

"Yeah, I knew that. The thing is, we're not Minbari." Willow turned around, "See no bone coming out of the back of my head."

Tara couldn't help grinning at this, "I think all humans react this way at first, but it isn't too hard to get used to."

"Have you ever slept in a Minbari bed?"

"Yes, When I visited Minbar. I guarantee you'll get used to it," Tara smiled at Willow, "Besides if you fall, I'll catch you."

"How long before we get there?" Tara asked.

Willow glanced out the porthole saying, "I think we should be getting there around about..." Willow watched the jump point forming round the ship, "now."

"I wonder what we're going to find here."

Willow's answer was cut off by the door chime. Willow went to answer it finding a human ranger there. He bowed and said, "Halloran has asked for you to come to the tactical room."

"Okay. Um, where is it?"

"I'll take you."

After they had been following the ranger a while Tara asked, "So where are we going exactly?" She didn't know where the tactical room was but she had the feeling that they weren't heading there.

"I'm afraid that you're not going anywhere." Suddenly the rangers appearance completely changed.

"A changeling net," Willow said. Then as she recognised the man, "Warren."


"What have you done with... uh..." Willow stopped as she realised she didn't know the ranger's name.

"I'm afraid he was late getting to the ship. So late that from now on we'll have to call him the late Lenny Lenardson." Warren pulled a small box from his pocket and hit the button on it. Willow screamed with pain, falling to the floor.

"Stop it!" Tara said, stepping towards him. She stopped as he levelled a PPG at her.

"I almost don't believe that it worked." Waving the gun he added, "Don't move."

"If you fire that PPG, it'll set of the alarms. You'll never get off the ship."

"Maybe, maybe not, either way you'll be dead."

Tara took a step back, trying to figure out a way to stop him.

Warren looked her curiously a moment, "You're the telepath, aren't you?"

Tara didn't answer.

"This isn't personal, but I have my orders." With that he fired.

On the bridge one of the Minbari at the controls turned saying, "Ms Holloran, we've picked up PPG fire on deck three."

"Send a security detail down to investigate."

"On their way." A moment later the Minbari added, "An escape pod has just launched."

Warren threw Willow into a cell and then activated the bars. Waking up Willow raced at the bars, stopping herself just before she hit them. Looking at Warren she asked, "What have you done with Tara?"

Warren grinned at this, "Let's just say she's an ex telepath."

Willow felt a moment of rage and was about to hurl herself at Warren when she realised that she could sense Tara, sense the fact that she was still alive. Calming a little she asked, "What do you want with me?"

"I don't want anything with you, it's my employers that want you."

"You mean Neotech? Does my father have anything to do with this?"

"Your father? Ah I thought that name was familiar." Warren shrugged, "How should I know if he's involved, my work for Neotech is strictly freelance." He pressed a couple of buttons on the cell controls, "Well they should be here soon to pick you up, you can ask them then."

When Warren had gone Willow began looking for some way to get out of the cell. A quick test told her that she wouldn't be able to get through the bars, so she looked for another way. Some examination showed that the cell had been added recently. Moving round the cell, using the senses she'd gained from her implants Willow was able to detect how power was being fed into the cell. It was then a simple matter for her disconnect the power. She heard a click telling her that the bars had unlocked. Pulling them open she quickly scrambled out before the power resumed, causing the bars to close behind her.

Willow found Warren in a large chamber. For a moment her attention was distracted by another presence within the chamber, a dormant shadow vessel.

Willow stared at it a few moments before saying, "I've seen videos of these things but you have too see one up close to get an idea of just how ugly they are."

Warren sneered at Willow, "Idiot, do you have no idea of how much power it contains?"

"Yeah, brilliant." Willow yawned, "I am overwhelmed by a feeling of not caring."

"To think I was impressed by your tricks, but this is real technology." Warren indicated the Shadow Vessel, "This is real power." Turning away he went on, "You know they're right, the weak must perish, so that the strong can prosper."

"I've got a better idea," Willow said, "How about the strong perish, so that the weak can prosper?"

Warren looked confused at this, "That's ridiculous."

"Yes it is, isn't it?"

"You won't be so smug when they arrive for you."

"Oh yes, these friends of yours, are they coming in a new style Omega Class destroyer, or maybe a Minbari warship or a Narn battle cruiser? No? Then what are they going to do about the Whitestar waiting nearby?"

"That won't be an issue."

"What are you..." Willow stopped as she saw where he was looking, "You have got to be kidding me."

Ignoring her Warren began running towards the Shadow Vessel.

"Stop you idiot, you don't know what it will do..." Willow stopped as a part of the ship opened up and Warren ran in. Her head was filled with a loud screaming sound. She raised her hands to her ears, even though she knew the sound was just in her head. A moment later the Shadow vessel took off and started into space.

Tessa turned to the door as Tara entered the bridge. "Are you okay? I heard you'd been shot."

Tara nodded, "I was able to telepathically move his aim, it was only a glancing hit."

Tessa's gaze moved to Tara's arm which was in a sling, "Shouldn't you be in the medical bay?"

"I'd rather be here. He took Willow with him when he left." Everyone was momentarily overcome as they heard a loud screaming in their heads. As they recovered Tara asked, "What the hell was that?"

"I'm not entirely certain," Tessa said, "But I think that was a Shadow vessel activating."

"There's a ship approaching us from the surface."

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