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Broadway Baby

Author: DarkWiccan
Rating: R
Distribution: Sure, just ask me.
Disclaimers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all characters associated with the show are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and their affiliates. If they belonged to me, none of the horrors of season six would ever have happened, and Willow and Tara would be on their honeymoon by now. But they don't, so for now I borrow and kindly ask the big, scary corporate lawyer-guy to look the other way. Also, even though W/T don't belong to me, this story does. Please don't plagiarize.

"So you got her to agree to a tea-date?" queried Buffy from the cobra position of one of her yoga routines.

"Yep," replied Willow from her downward dog yoga position next to her.

"After lying to her about your knee and making her practically carry you up and down a hallway for fifteen minutes?" the blonde clarified from stick position.

"Um... yeah," the dancer grudgingly admitted, moving into a lunge.

"So what was her reaction when you asked her to coffee?" Buffy asked before adding, "I mean, other than she prefers tea."

"Her reaction?"


"The first, second or the third time I asked?"

"You had to ask her three times?" Xander called out over his shoulder from his seat of the couch, where he was watching a yoga video. If only they realized how much easier it is to do yoga this way, he thought, of course, the way they do it makes them nice and bendy... stop it, Xander! These are your friends! And half of them are gay anyway...

"Well yeah, but she said 'yes' the last two times," argued Willow as she stood into mountain position before stretching her arms up over her head.

"But how did she say yes," Buffy pressed on.

"The first time or the second time?"

Buffy merely stared at her. Willow let out a sigh before conceding, "The first time she was like, 'alright', but then the second time she was like, 'dammit, fine, whatever'."

"Did she say that?" asked the blonde.

"No... she just said, 'one cup' and then sort of... stormed... back into the rehearsal hall."

Xander stood and walked over to the pair of women, leaning up against the wall. "Wow, you guys haven't even gone on a date yet and she's already storming out on you? Jeez, Will, that's a record even for you."

"Shut up, Xander," sniped Willow, clearly hurt by the comment.

"Yeah, Xander, shut up," agreed Buffy.

The young man stepped back, hands in the air in front of him. "Hey now, wait a minute. I thought we were in agreement that Wills here should stop these frivolous pursuits."

"Xander?!" Willow barked, walking over to him and punching him hard in the arm, and then crossing to the couch where she sat down in a huff.

Ow, he mouthed, rubbing his arm where he had been struck.

"God, Xander, don't you get it," said Buffy, getting in his face. "You've known Willow longer than I have, I'd figure you would be able to tell."

"Tell what?"

"That this isn't frivolous," the blonde explained. "I haven't seen her go after someone with such determination in... forever. At least not since we lived in Syracuse. The fact that she went to so much trouble just for tea should tell you that."

Xander stood silently for a moment, still massaging his arm, and realizing what an ass he was being. He approached the coach slowly and sat down on the arm, gazing sadly at the hurt look on Willow's facing, and knowing he had been the one to put it there.

"I'm sorry," he offered sheepishly.

"It's fine," she grunted.

"You really like this girl? Like, relationship like?"

"I think so... I haven't been in one for a while," Willow nodded, "but who knows if she's even willing to give me the time of day..."

"She agreed to tea, didn't she," Buffy said encouragingly.

Willow sighed and smiled sadly. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean she has to show up..."

"I don't even think I'm going to show up," said Tara as she pushed past Beth to get into her small kitchen.

"What?" said the curly-haired woman, "You mean you're gonna stand her up?"

"I don't know... maybe." Tara grabbed a soda from out of the fridge, thought better of it, put it back and grabbed a bottled water instead.

"T, don't do that," Beth implored.

"Why not," Tara argued, "after the way she behaved? She lied to me, Beth, to trick me into going out with her."

"So what?"

"What do you mean 'so what'?"

"So it was a little white lie... like you haven't ever told those?"

Tara took a swig of water from the bottle and flexed her jaw. "This isn't like telling someone their new hair looks great or they look thinner in a certain outfit. She deceived me on purpose to get her way. Does this strike you as something that a normal person would do?"

Beth just looked at her. "Duh! Yes!"


"Is one cup of tea going to kill you?"

"I don't know, Beth," Jon piped up from the couch. "Tara does have a point. The girl did lie to her."

"Oh, tuck your shirt in, Jon," Beth shot back.

Tara and Jon both paused a moment, confused by the small woman's comment. Jon finally chose to press forward. "I just mean that she lied her way into getting Tara to agree to tea. Who is to say she's going to stop there? She might try to trick her in to bed."

"I am not getting tricked into anyone's bed," Tara defended.

"True in theory, but you won't know that until the morning after," he contested.

"I am capable of turning women down just fine, thank you." The blonde huffed.

"So you're telling me you find this slender, well-built, redheaded dancer in no way attractive?"


"Jon, butt out," said Beth, sliding her petite form in front of him. Taking Tara's hands she looked into her eyes. "Go. To. Tea."


"No buts!" she interrupted. "Think about it. Do you know any dancer who would pursue someone this hard just for a lay?" Tara was silent in response. "Maybe she wants something more. Maybe she's really interested in you for you. Only one way to find out."


"Go to tea, T," Beth smirked.

Tara couldn't help but smile before conceding, "Okay."

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