The Avenger: The Story of Tara d'Arc

Author: Willow Watcher
Rating: PG through NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of BtVS, they all belong to Joss Whedon and those others out there who have a claim in the series and all other things dealing with Buffy, but I wrote this story. The other characters are mine.
Summary: Tara must choose between revenge and love. Time period starting May 30, 1431.
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My vision was blurred with the tears that poured from my eyes. I grasp a hold of the cornerstone of a market wall to support myself from collapsing on the ground and drawing attention. That would be the last thing I needed. If they found out who my true identity was, surely I would see the same demise as her.

I was angered and wanted to choke the breath out of every one of them. What right gives them to persecute an innocent, a chosen child of God and call it justice? They call out in the name of the Almighty for their murderous act but her screams to the Holy Jesus to aid her was overbearing.

I hear the faceless echoing voices. "Be strong dear child. Your suffering will soon end." I looked at her and she heard them as well.

She held her head up to the skies. Yes my dear sister was definitely brave and strong. Stronger than the suit of armor she wore in battle. The ungrateful, unholy bastards that once looked to her as a brave soldier, where are they now to come to her salvation?

These killers go one by one and spit on her, as if she were vermin. Their children throw stones at her. God, I beg of you let this end! Make them stop!

I silently pleaded with my heart and looked into her eyes. The glow of the flames lightened up her face and grew brighter. I looked and saw…I saw! I fell upon my knees and folded my hands together.

Descending from the heavens, through the blackened smoke, angles approached. They caressed her face, lifting her weakened head and she smiled. I am witnessed to the marvelous sight before me. Then it was over as soon as it began. The angels stole her spirit from her scorched shell and took it with them.

With a bright flash I was brought back to my senses with the horrid smell of burning flesh. I tried to find my footing to run into a secluded spot but it was futile. I bent over and the vile taste of vomit spewed from my mouth.

"Do you need assistance my child?" I heard a deep voice hover above my huddled frame.

I look up and wipe the spittle from my lips with the back of my hand. I could not talk as my throat felt as if it were raw so I shook my head slowly from side to side.

I felt his hands cup my elbow and helped me up to a standing position. My anger overwhelmed my known shy attributes and I quickly extracted my arm free of his gentle hold.

"I do not require your help sir! You are a martyr and as low as the soil beneath my feet!" I spat out the words in a strained voice.

"I assure you dear lady that I am no martyr." He pleaded his case before me.

"Why are you here then? Standing and watching the persecution of an innocent?" I asked folding my arms across my chest.

He took my arm and pulled me into the alley. He lowered his hood to reveal an aging gentleman. He looked as if he had been weeping himself.

"You should watch thy tongue child." He spoke.

"And if I do not?" I questioned his seeming authority. Who is this man to order what I shall and shall not do?

"If you do not, ye shall find the end of my hand across thy fragile cheek." He smiled. I thought it odd that his smile was of a friendly nature.

Not looking for brutal contingence I strode down the alley.

I stopped and turned as I heard him follow. "Why do you seek me?"

"You have the stubbornness of your sister." He laughed out.

My features transformed from annoyance to putrid repulsion for this man. "You know nothing of my sister!"

He clamped his hand over my mouth. "Be quiet!" He whispered harshly and removed his hand. "I knew more of your sister than what you think."

"Falsifier! She never has lain with a man!" I shouted out and felt the sting of his hand across my face as he previously warned.

"You shall not even speak of such accusations against her or me! She was of holy nature and by all that is pure!" The man screamed out.

Bringing my hand over my burning cheek I asked. "Who are you?"

"As I was cut short of my introduction by thy mouth, I am Gilas." He said straightening his cloak.

"My morn is complete knowing who you are." I strode further on my way when I was completely whirled around to face him once again. "Tell me what you want!"

"If you shut that trap under your nose I shall explain." He said with a comforting smile.

Why I stood there was beyond my own comprehension. I should have fled, or shouted out, possibly drawing attention that I dare not wanted, so I stayed quiet and allowed him to continue.

"Your sister was my charge. I, her mentor. Surely she had spoken of me?" He questioned looking into my eyes.

I crinkled my brow with thought. Had my sister written to me of this man? In time, her letters to me became fewer words and the span of their arrival was lengthy but there was no mention of a Gilas. "I do not know of you, sir. You are a stranger and now I shall bid you good day. Leave me be with my sadness for you have no comfort to give."

He let out a grunted sigh. "Stubborn." He said in a low tone.

"If you are who you say, then I shall need evidence of what you speak." I stood strong.

"Thy sister heard the voices of the skies. You hear the same."

I was shocked by what he knew. This was a secret between my sister and I. Neither one of us would reveal it unless it was of the necessary. This is one of the reasons she was burned, however I was frightened. "Sir, you are mad." I turned and continued once again on my way.

He pursued me. He strode by my side, keeping up with every step I took. "Madness is what they thought of your sister. She was not mad but blessed with the power that must be passed to you. If not it will be lost. All will be lost."

I halted myself. "Sir, have you had too much ale?" I asked. Power, what power? My dear sister never spoke of such.

"She had power of the Gods and Goddesses." He spoke to me as if I knew.

I held my hand to my chest. My mouth was agape with utter astonishment. "Blasphemer!" I whispered out. My heart hammered at such horrid things he was speaking. I backed away thinking the power of God would strike him dead where he stood.

"You think there is just one being?" He asked with an amused look on his face. "One being could not handle so much as the world we live in."

"This is absurd!" I covered my ears with my hands trying to block his words.

*You are Tara d’Arc. You shall avenge your sister’s wrongful death.*

I lowered my hands and placed them against the cool brick of the wall behind me. The feeling of faintness was overwhelming. He spoke to me and his mouth did not move. I heard his words but his lips remained still.

"Thou are a sorcerer!" I could not believe my own judgment considering the events of the day, how could I?

His hand clamped over my mouth again. "Quiet or both of us shall feel the flames at our feet." He looked around in a panic then lowered his hand.

I heard footsteps and Gilas grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. He planted a kiss just beside my lips.

"Take your love making to a room!" A man shouted.

Gilas looked over as well as I. There stood one of my sister’s captors in all his disgusting glory.

"Harlot, take thy gentleman caller to a room and let him have his way with you but do not make it a public display." The soldier said raising his brow and smirking.

"I am no harlot!" I spat out.

"Titus, leave her be." Another soldier came behind him. "We have already scorned one woman in the streets today; let us not make a habit of it."

"Well deserved burning of that witch. I hope she rots in hell for her sins." The one called Titus stated as he turned to address his comrade.

I pulled out my dagger that was concealed in the sleeve of my attire. Gilas saw the movement and seized the blade and placed it inside his cloak. I looked upon him with anger. Why deny me the pleasure of killing this man? Am I not to avenge my sister? My mind questioned such and act.

*Because it is not the time.*

He stared me in the eye and nodded his head as I should understand. I did. Something more was with this man and I intended to discover the truth behind his words.

My strength was bleary. I had doubts if I could have taken on the soldier. I let my head drop against Gilas shoulder for some form of relief.

"We shall take it elsewhere." I heard the older man say.

"Then do so." The soldier waved us off. "We need to clean the streets. Who would have thought such a tiny being would leave such clutter." He laughed as they both went their way.

I tried to break free of Gilas’ hold. I wanted to kill him of his reference to my sister as clutter. I never felt such rage before. I was pushed back against the wall with such force that it knocked the breath from my sides.

"Now is not the time young one. Your day will be soon but now you must come with me."

I nodded, too tired to argue. I let him lead the way to what? A new destiny for myself? Will I become as my sister?

I held my head up high. If this is my future so be it. Let it come and I shall avenge her in the name of the Holy God or the other deities that Gilas claimed to exist. I shall avenge Joan of Arc.

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