The Ghosts of Atlantis

Author: Crazed Attourney
Rating: R
Summary: It is 1936, and a discovery in an Egyptian tomb will lead two expeditions - one British, one German - into a desperate race across continents and into danger as they attempt to uncover the secrets of a lost civilisation.
Feedback: Pretty, pretty please!
Disclaimer: This all belongs to the geniuses at Eidos and Mutant Enemy - none of which includes my humble self; I'm making absolutely no money from this, just enjoyment and a strange imagination.

Warning: On occasion certain characters do express views and ideas which were prevalent at the time (including anti-Semitism and homophobia) which some people may find offensive - these are not my views, but it is difficult to write about the times without using them.

Uber Characters: A few name changes to Buffy characters are as follows:
Tara von Holt = Tara Maclay
Emily Braun = Faith
Wilhelm Fökker = Spike

Ranks: SS Ranks used correspond as follows:
Unterscharführer = Sergeant
Obersturmführer = First Lieutenant
Hauptsturmführer = Captain
Sturmbannführer = Major
Obersturmbannführer = Lieutenant Colonel

Author's Notes: Some characters do act differently on the show - for example Tara is a tad more confident than on BtVS, and there is briefly a scene where she is (just about) intimate with someone other than Willow (sorry) - but they do end up together (yeah).

Inspired by watching way too much Indiana Jones! However, the Nazi Regime did indeed scour the world for artefacts and legends (including Atlantis) in attempt to prove their racial superiority. Also, the prologue scene attempts to describe the (original) Earth Crust Displacement Theory, as hypothesized in Earth Shifting Crust (1958) (later refined in Path of the Pole (1970) by Charles Hapsgood (also supported by Albert Einstein)). And the evidence and locations have been used have (and continue) to be used to provide evidence that Atlantis was real - you may wish to read the following for further details:
When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath - 1995
Underworld - Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age by Graham Hancock - 2002
The Atlantis Blueprint by Rand Flem-Ath and Colin Wilson - 2000

There are a number of different languages used in this story - most I (regrettably) don't speak, on most occasions when they are spoken they will appear in English so the following will apply (sorry if it's complicated):
English dialogue is in standard grey text.
German dialogue is in red text.
Arabic dialogue is in yellow text.
Atlantean dialogue is in blue text.

Almost 12,000 years ago:

It began with a whimper - the ice gave a small, pathetic groan and the great sheet of ice shuddered. It was all but ignored by the bustling civilisation that bordered vast white plains, but beneath the surface Armageddon had begun - water poured into hidden canyons, new ice pushed against the old and strong currents tour at vast boulders of loose ice.

And it ended on a still, almost beautiful day - the sun reflected without warmth on the endless sea of white, and a strong breeze, carrying the promise of spring caused clouds of ice to dance. Suddenly with a deafening roar the ice exploded and shattered, great chasms ripped along its surface, and an immense platform of ice slowly inched its way free and then the currents took over.

The seas were too cold, the ice too vast to melt - it was as if a vast continent had formed in an instant.

The world shook - volcanoes exploded and the ground cracked and bled; earthquake after earthquake buckled the land making it turning it water raging in violent storm as it drowned beneath the boiling seas and towering waves - days begun, ended and begun again in moments as the sun lurched and leapt across the sky.

Like a phoenix the world died in flames and was instantly reborn anew from the ashes - seas formed where cattle once grazed; fields of flowers became fields of ice; and lands of plenty became dry.

In the violent birth of a new world a civilisation died - its existence remembered as a myth that would haunt eternity.

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