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The Assassin

Author: Brandnew
Rating: R
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As fully concealed as the figure had been with it's back to her; now was it fully revealed. Barely clad, much of her alabaster skin exposed, her form was slender yet shapely, high firm breasts half-concealed by a glittering halter. An open face of such breathtaking beauty, she was sure she must be dreaming - wide-set sapphire eyes as large as they were deep, delicate nose, pouty perfect lips, all framed by long, golden hair.

Considering this vision, was it then so hard to believe that, Willow loosened her grip on her sword, hesitating if for a moment, in silent open-mouthed awe? Well she did, (as skilled an assassin as she was) entranced, thunderstruck by such a rare beauty.

This moment of hesitation though, was enough for the sorceress to pull a large tassel, and ring a huge gong; situated at one side of the room, as if at guard, sending waves of sound radiating across, it seemed to Willow, the entire world.

Barely a half a second passed it seemed, and Willow was upon the sorceress; the hand wielding her sword at the sorceress' throat and the other keeping both hands in place at her waist, "Quiet time now," she whispered threatingly into her ear, dragging the girl behind one of the various hanging tapestries, using it as a make-shift curtain, keeping them both hidden.

A guard in helmet and leathers stepped inside the tent, carefully "Miss, you called?"

"Talk and die," Willow whispered to her captive before propelling her outside of their tiny fortress, the sword pressed to her back, unseen by the guard.

"Leave, Theo... I-I no longer require your services," the sorceress said, her voice hushed, half hoping the young man would see past the subterfuge.

Theo looked to the sorceress, and he might have inquired further, had it not been so late and had he not been so tired, "Right then," and with that he turned to leave.

The young man hadn't taken a step before a sword had sliced into his back and through his chest; killing him painfully and quietly.

Willow stepped through the tapestry, and once again held the sorceress close to her, turning first to look at the guard, lying dead in a bloody mess on the ground and then to Faith, "I thought I said wait for my signal."

Faith quirked an eyebrow at her, "I was presumptuous."

"We're killing more people than we were payed to."

Faith ignored her leader, as her eyes and attention settled instead on her beautiful captive, "And who do we have here?"

"Yes," Willow's breath tickled the sorceress' ear, "who do we have here?"

"T-T-T-Tara" the girl gasped, chilled by the ice-cold expression of the dark haired assassin; it's not that the girl had never seen death before, she'd grown up in a country torn by war, and was living through it now, not to mention the destruction she saw in her visions daily; death almost seemed to follow her, as if enamoured with her, but she'd never seen anyone like it... she'd never seen anyone kill... and like it.

"W-w-w-well, T-T-T-Tara... any last words?" Faith asked, before she charged at her, sword swinging.

Faith's blow would have surely hit her target, connecting with Tara's chest and slicing through her heart, killing the girl instantly... would have, had Willow not countered it with her own sword.

Faith smirked, withdrawing her sword, "I was presumptuous again... she not our sorcerer?"

Willow giggled, withdrawing her own sword, "Oh she's our sorcerer all right."

"And she's not lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood next to her pal... Theo was it? Why?"

"Because," Willows words were again breathed into the sorceress' ear, as if she were addressing her and not Faith, "I have plans for this one."

"Huh, mixing work with your libido... I like it. Are you gonna share?" Faith asked, again eyeing the sorceress.

She turned to Faith, as if just now noticing she was in the room, "Change of plans, we're headed for Xander's."

"We're not gonna get payed the other half of those rubies from ol' Rupert are we?" Faith asked tiredly.

"Oh we'll be getting much more then that... now help me make sure our little sorceress here will be sound asleep for the whole of our new journey."

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