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Art Appreciation

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: NC-17
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Xander pulled his car up to the curb outside Buffy's house. Getting out, he jogged the short distance from his car to Buffy's door. He was there to pick the girls up for a little night on the town... Which usually meant, they go to the bronze, sit on the couch and watch other people dancing. But hey, it beat sitting around his parent's basement playing Battle-Ship with Anya.

Xander opened the front door and was greeted by a pitiful faced Buffy.

"So you crazy party animal, ready to go-? Hey wait a minute... This trains missin' a monkey... where's the Willster?" Xander asked, noticing Willow was no where in site. He looked around himself, in an exaggerated semi-circle.

Well... I don't know exactly" Buffy greeted Xander with a hug. "We were having coffee... and then she said she had to go..." Buffy explained. She felt the pout from earlier reappear on her face. I hadn't even finished my extra chocolaty mocha...

"Go where?"


"Elsewhere...? She never goes there... what's up with that?" Xander asked.

"I don't know.... She's been very mysterious lately. Have you noticed that?"

"Huh?" Xander must have blanked out for a moment; Because Buffy's question hadn't even registered a blip on his radar. If he hadn't seen the expectant way she was looking at him he might not have known she'd asked him anything at all.

"Willow winning first place in the mystery gal of the year pageant...?" Buffy said, spelling it out for Xander's slow-minded, man brain.

"I don't know... did she make the calendar? Xander joked.

"Actually I haven't seen much of her lately..." He finished, seriously.

"Yeah... me either"

"She's been the busy little bunny I guess..." He said

"I guess..." Buffy was only half paying attention to Xander at the moment, the other half of her was wondering how she could follow Willow without being noticed.

"Xander... Do you have any disguises?"

"Disguises...? I have a funny mustache/glasses combo, but that one's more of an upper class, stealthy-mission disguise... now why are we talking about this exactly? And don't try to be evasive either... because I can tell when you're bein-"

"I want to follow Willow and find out what she's hiding from us."

"evasive..." Xander's voice trailed off as he finished his earlier statement.

"Okay... What you want is the S.M.T.H Model C.O." .

"The what? And why aren't you trying to talk me out of this?!"

"Buffy... you're talking disguises here... I kinda figured you're past the point of reason."

"Oh... Now what's that S.M.T.H thingy you were talking about?"

"Roughly translated; ski mask with two holes cut out, Very technologically advanced..."

"And how's that exactly?" Buffy questioned.

"It not only an effective disguise but it also keeps your face warm." Xander pointed out... "I have one back in the basement, if you're interested." He offered.

"Nooooo thanks..." Buffy said, rolling her eyes.

"Suit yourself... but don't come cryin' to me if she sees you" Xander said, before thinking twice. "And also... if she does see you... maybe you don't have to mention my name at all." Xander giggled nervously. He'd seen Willow irritated, and he definitely didn't want to incur any second-hand, glary eyed stares.

"Sure... so... you drivin'?"

"OH no, you don't! I've done my part and my part didn't include peddling you around in my new car just so you can spy on our best friend!"

"Fine. I'll drive, and you can stay here." Buffy said, snatching the keys from Xander's hand.

"On second thought, what are friends for?" He said, gingerly taking his keys back from the blonde.

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