Return to The Artifact Chapter Twenty-Four

The Artifact

Author: sabina
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. The Tomb Raider videogame is the property of Eidos Interactive and Core Design. This fic is not meant to infringe any copyrights.

"As for you being selfish..." Tara pulled away so her eyes could focus on the green gems in front of her. She watched and waited for Willow to lift her eyes to gaze at her before quietly speaking. "Willow, I think you were the one that drew the short straw this time."

The redhead moved her head from side to side to give more emphasis to how much she disagreed with the blonde's assessment of the situation.

"No, no...Tara... how can you say that? I mean God... you were hanging upside down, trapped in a... in a... some sort of cocoon thingy and there were spiders everywhere... tons of spiders and... and... even some giant spiders... I mean ewwww!"

"Well... technically I was yes, but you know something?" Tara interrupted the redhead's tirade by gently cupping her face and looking directly into the wide eyes.

Willow closed her eyes, regretfully and again moved her head from side to side but this time made no effort to speak. She was savoring the feeling of her girlfriend's hands on her face too much to dislocate them only for the purpose of speaking.

"I can't really remember much about it. I mean maybe it was the poison or maybe it's another trick of this temple... But everything's a bit fuzzy after the moment when we were going through the backpack in the room and you began to read to me."

"Oh." Willow said as she assimilated what the blonde had just said. "So you can't remember what happened? Like your memory has been wiped out by the poison? Isn't that worse than remembering? Like... like a black hole in your mind? And... no, wait that's such a bad analogy, black holes have a pull that sucks everything in the vicinity inside them... And it isn't like that, is it?"

"No, God sweetheart, that wasn't what I meant at all..." Tara tried to interrupt the anxious redhead who was beyond listening.

"I mean you don't have other thoughts disappearing all of a sudden do you? Silly question... how would you know if you remembered something that you can't remember? That kind of defeats the purpose of remembering. Oh, oh I know we could play like twenty questions and see if you remembered everything. Hmm... What's your name? What year is it? What..."

The blonde sighed, then smiled as she pulled Willow to her and kissed her on the mouth, their lips fitting together like they had been made for nothing else but kissing each other, all other functions faded becoming mere after thoughts.

A long moment later the blonde pulled away, meeting unfocused green eyes with her own hazy gaze.

Softly she whispered, "Baby, that wasn't what I meant at all. I don't have a black spot on my mind. I remember what happened. It's just the details are kind of blurred and getting hazier as time moves on. Its like nothing more than a bad dream. I mean I know what happened but I don't feel hurt by it... And..." Tara paused for a second trying to find the right words. "And... you see sweetie, that's why I think you were left with the hard part. The not knowing what had happened... Alone and without any clues where to start looking."

Willow mulled over Tara's words searching the blue depths in front of her for a hint of something more hidden in the shadows. But Tara's gaze never wavered there wasn't a ripple in the calm blue ocean that met the redhead.

"Do you think it's the poison doing that? Maybe it hasn't all come out of your system..." The redhead frowned at the idea.

"I don't know maybe. Maybe it's all going to crash down on me later." Tara cringed at that idea before taking a deep breath and adding. "Or maybe it's the temple at work. It has thrown us a bone before... I guess we'll have to wait and see."

Willow pondered her girlfriend's words for a second before replying.

"Yeah... you're right, sometimes things go our way courtesy of our friendly temple. Like the calm before the storm... or better yet the calm after the storm. Wonder why that is... Not that I'm complaining or anything. So we wait... God I hate waiting."

Tara moved her hands to wrap them around the redhead's neck and leaned her head to the side so that she could pull Willow closer to her, hugging her tight once again. She felt more than heard a soft sigh escape the redhead's lips as the space between them vanished and Willow hid her head in Tara's neck. The blonde turned slightly to kiss her girlfriend's neck just below her ear and whispered playfully.

"Well, I can't do anything about the waiting but... I promise I'll try not to get lost in future."

Willow heard the humour in Tara's voice and gave a half-hearted chuckle before pulling away to look into her girlfriend's eyes. "That's a relief because if you were planning on getting lost often I might have to put you on a leash... and I mean where would I find a leash in this temple... ermmm ok scratch that I so don't want to tempt fate. Besides that would be slightly on the kinky side and I'm not really into that... at least... I ermmm... don't think I am."

Oh goddess... a leash?? What the hell was I thinking?? I had to say a leash... not a rope, not handcuffs.. which are actually kind of sexy... hell not even a locater or something... no I just had to do it, I had to open my mouth and insert my foot... I had to say a leash, like I wanted to control her or something... hmph as if... Now a gag for stop the foot in mouth action... That would be useful.

Tara couldn't help but smile at the redhead's babble. Her smile widening as she saw a blush start to spread over her girlfriend's face.

God I love this woman, but no to the leash not my thing either... now some bindings... and maybe a blindfold... now those have potential.

Tara felt heat suffusing her at the images that popped into her mind and knew that her face was probably the same colour as her girlfriend's. She was about to tease Willow about the leash comment when a long yawn took her by surprise.

At the soft sound Willow instantly forgot her embarrassment and lifted worried eyes and steadying hands to Tara.

"Are you ok baby? You should eat... You were going to eat and then I sidetracked us... I know the menu isn't that varied and erm not that tasty but it helps with the poison and... and you should sleep, yes a definitive for the resting."

The blonde smiled at her beautiful girlfriend and yawned again suddenly feeling very tired.

"Can't I pass on the protein balls, honey please?" Tara pouted at her girlfriend.

Willow chuckled weakly. "That's a relief... If you had wanted the protein balls then I would've been sure you were ill."

Tara lifted her hand to hold Willow's and gently squeeze it smiling a contented lopsided smile.

"Don't worry baby, I'm fine. I promise. I really hate to say it but I think I just need to eat those awful things and then rest for a little then I'll be as good as new."

Willow smiled back shakily then turned picking up the blanket laying next to them and stretched it out on the floor.

Tara crawled the short distance to sit on the sleeping bag leaning back against the wall. The redhead passed her a protein ball and a bottle of water then sat back on her feet and gazed uneasily at her girlfriend.

The blonde took a bite of her protein ball and looked up to meet the green orbs staring back at her. With a slight smirk she raised an eyebrow and addressed the redhead with a tinge of humour in her voice.

"Oh, no you don't."

"Don't what sweetie?" Willow asked surprised.

"You don't get to sit there watching me eating these awful things and not have some too."

Willow scrunched up her face like a kid who had just been told to eat her greens.

"Oh don't you give me that look and don't even think about pouting missy." A yawn interrupted the blonde and she softened her tone becoming more serious. "You need the energy too baby. And I'd like the company."

The last line alone was enough to convince the redhead. She sat down next to her girlfriend and picked up a protein ball for herself. Then she sighed resigned to the fact she was about to eat and took a distasteful bite.

Tara smiled and leaned her head to rest on Willow's shoulder and closed her eyes as she chewed slowly.

Willow moved her arm to cradle Tara holding her lightly but securely to her. The redhead watched closely, seeing the fatigued set to the blondes shoulders and the tired, slow movement of her jaw as she chewed her food.

Oh God... what am I going to do if she's not all right?

The redhead observed the blonde chewing on the same piece of food for much longer than was really necessary and gently shook her.

"Honey, maybe you should lie down."

Tara blinked her eyes open and looked at her girlfriend. Smiling sleepily she began sliding down the blanket, settling on her side using the redhead's lap as a pillow.

Willow reached over and pulled the blanket up to cover her girlfriend's body, then gently laid her hand on Tara's neck. Moving her fingers slowly she began to massage the muscles, lightly playing with the fine hairs that had escaped the blonde's ponytail. The light caresses made Tara sigh happily and snuggle in closer to Willow bringing one hand to clutch the redhead's thigh possessively.

The redhead smiled at the sound and the gesture as she watched her girlfriend for a long moment, analyzing the gentle rise and fall of her chest, gazing at Tara's face for any sign of distress. When all she found was the deep breathing of a sound sleep she relaxed feeling like she too could breathe easy.

She's going to be ok, ... she'll wake up... and... and be fine. Now I just need to stop fretting over every breath she takes. She's been breathing all her life. She's a master breather. So ermmm maybe stop watching now... I can feel her breathing on my leg so I don't need to look to know she's ok... hmmm... I know what I can do.

Willow shifted slightly allowing her to reach the backpack without disturbing Tara. Lifting the backpack over the sleeping form she put it down next to her and began to rummage through it easily finding what she was looking for, the diary.

Aha! Here it is, too bad I didn't put a couple of the books about dear old Shamia in here before this whole mess started. I'm with Tara on this one, there are things that don't add up about this temple and it's time to hit the books to find out exactly what we're dealing with. Starting with this diary... hmmm... It seemed so much bigger before. Talk about altered perception. Ok where was I?

" Lady, my love is dead and I'll soon follow her. Together in death as we were in life. My only regret was not being able to gaze into her eyes while my own closed for the final time.

However the end is not the place to start a tale, so let me go back to the beginning. My story does not begin until I meet her... My Raven...

The redhead read on, lulled by her girlfriend's steady breathing, completely engrossed in the story of the two lovers from long ago. Two strong women adventurers whose story of love had resisted time and death in the form of a leather bound diary.

Willow had a brief moment of panic when the flare began to die down and she frantically fumbled around in the backpack for another. Tensing, she drew her gun with one hand and lit the flare with the other. As the flare illuminated the room she glanced around searching for spiders, sighing in relief and relaxing slightly when didn't see any. Putting her gun back in its place, she put the flare on the ground next to her.

Ok, relax, breathe! The diary says the spiders come out when the torches die down, it's been right so far but we didn't light the torch this time so that means no spiders...

More relaxed now but still alert, she picked up the diary to resume her reading.

"Oh Willow." Tara moaned startling the redhead out of her reading reverie and making her tense up at the noise which in turn jostled the blonde awake.

"Mmm." strong fingers clutched Willow's thigh tighter for a second before easing up the pressure. Laden blue eyes opened and were met by sheepish greens that soon turned to a look of worry.

"I'm so sorry baby, I so didn't mean to be all jumpy girl and wake you. How are you feeling? Does anything hurt? Are you ok?" Willow shot rapidly.

Tara stretched contentedly, closed her eyes, smiled and nuzzled the redhead's thigh with her cheek and nose. Then she pressed her lips to where Willow's shorts ended dropping a gentle kiss on the warm skin.

"Mmm..." She hummed in appreciation, drinking in the scent that was Willow and making her girlfriend blush. Her senses now alert, she sat up to face the other girl smiling reassuringly. "I'm ok really, all I needed was to sleep. I'm feeling as good as new honey."

Feeling reassured but still looking for confirmation the redhead looked carefully at the other girl.

"Are you sure sweetie? You don't feel dizzy or confused?"

Tara smiled her lopsided smile, then moved to sit on Willow's lap facing her girlfriend. Lifting her arms she wrapped them behind the redhead's neck and gazed deeply into the other girl's eyes as she slowly leaned forward to place a quick reassuring peck on the redheads lips.

"I'm sure baby. No confusion, no dizziness, no strange voices in my head. I'm ok, I promise."

"And how is your memory?" Willow asked as she moved her arms to circle her girlfriend's back.

Tara sighed contently at the feel of the redhead's arms holding her.

"Well... I know my name." She lowered her eyes shyly before lifting them up again, a little playful glint in the blue depths. "I know yours... I know the rhythm of your breathing and the beating of you heart."

The blonde tightened her hold on the redhead's neck and leaned forward stopping a hairs breadth away from her girlfriend's mouth.

"I remember the feel of your lips and the taste of your mouth..." Tara whispered seductively. "But maybe... just maybe you might need to help me refresh my memory."

Willow opened her mouth to speak but no sound issued forward and she closed it to swallow and try again.

"Oh God, Tara. Do you think that's a good idea? If we start something... I mean... I don't know if I can stop."

Tara moved her head back to regard her girlfriend seriously.

"What's bothering you, Willow?"

"Well, we're always talking about being delayed and wouldn't this be considered a delay? And there's the okay-ness of you, I mean are you really ok? Are you sure this isn't the poison speaking?" The redhead asked staring straight into her girlfriend's eyes.

The blonde saw the real trepidation in her girlfriend's eyes and took a moment to ponder her questions, not rushing into an answer.

"Ok, here goes! About the delay, I think it's time for us to stop for the day anyway so it wouldn't cause any real delay. As far as the poison goes... I feel fine but only time will tell if the poison has completely left my system." Tara paused and smiled then added. "And... well Willow, its like this, I always want you so there's nothing strange in me wanting this, wanting us... together, I am 110% sure its not the poison talking, its all me!"

Willow blushed and smiled back, Tara's words warming her heart and making it beat faster at the same time. It took only a moment for the redhead to make up her mind.

"Yeah, it's time to stop for the day. And you know what honey? I think my memory could use some refreshing too."

The smile spread slowly on Tara's face, a sexy lopsided grin that lit up her eyes with an electric blue fire.

"Oh does it now?"

Willow leaned forward, closing the distance between them and whispered just before pressing her lips to the ruby ones before her.


The kiss began slowly, like a gentle remembering, lips opening and closing together, evaluating the texture, mapping the form.

Then Tara let her tongue slip out, flicking Willow's bottom lip, pressing gently, and begging entrance into the redhead's mouth. Willow's lips parted and welcomed the soft, wet tongue with her own, a low moan rising from her throat as she suckled it, tasting it, as her hands insistently tried to pull the blonde closer.

Feeling the pressure of the other girl's hands on her back Tara moved to straddle Willow's lap, raising her hands to cup the redhead's face, she pulled her lips away a small fraction.

"Better, honey?" Tara asked in a husky, playful whisper.

Willow tensed her arms, applying pressure on the blondes back, making her slide that little bit closer on her lap, squeezing out any air between them.

"Much." The redhead answered with a smile, licking her lips and letting her tongue slip out to tease the blondes glistening bottom lip.

Tara's lips curved into her trademark lopsided grin, her eyes darkened and the look on her face became one that oozed sensuality, then she moved forward slightly and whispered huskily.

"I think so too." With a look that smouldered she tilted her girlfriend's head slightly backwards, watching the expression on Willow's features the whole time. Licking her now dry lips she used her thumbs to gently caress the redhead's lips for a second before leaning forward to kiss her, deeply.

"Mmmm." Willow moaned at the move and slid her hands downwards, following the soft curve of her girlfriend's back, over the waistband of Tara's shorts to hold the blonde's firm, toned ass in her hands.

Tara broke their kiss, gasping for air, and tilted her head backwards forcing her hips to move forward into Willow. The added pressure sent tingles of sensation through her body and she started a gentle rocking motion pushing herself more firmly onto her girlfriend's hands.

"Oh Goddess... Willow."

The throaty moan sent a shiver down Willow's spine making her heart beat faster. Gentle hands, at first, lightly massaged and circled the muscles of the blondes ass, then began to probe deeper, feeling the ripples of strength beneath her hands as the other girl moved against her.

The look of aroused rapture on Tara's face was mesmerising, head thrown back, long blonde tresses flowing behind her, the long expanse of her creamy neck exposed and vulnerable, eyes closed, teeth biting her glistening bottom lip. The whole vision before her had Willow completely entranced.

"Goddess Tara, you're so beautiful." The redhead breathed out as she leaned forward to run her lips over her girlfriend's neck in a gentle sucking motion.

A long deep sigh escaped Tara's lips and she brought her hands up to hold Willow's head to her neck. Her right hand making contact with the elastic band that held the redhead's ponytail in place, while the other found purchase on Willow's neck and began long, slow strokes up and down. Wanting to sink her fingers in soft red tresses the blonde began pulling on the elastic band to undo Willow's ponytail. The band never stood a chance as the soft bundle was released and the elastic lay broken on the ground.

"Mmm." With a husky moan of appreciation Tara entangled her hands in the auburn tresses, loving the soft, silky feeling as the threads caressed her fingers.

Willow gently sucked the spot she was kissing on the blondes collarbone before she ran her lips from there to her ear, leaving a moist trail in her wake. Slipping her tongue out she flicked the fleshy earlobe before she began down the same path kissing, nibbling lightly, and letting her tongue slip out occasionally to give soothing, gentle licks to the sensitive skin. She searched for Tara's pulse point by touch, letting her lips guide her until she felt the beating of the blonde's heart just below the surface. She pressed her lips firmly to the skin, and after a gentle lick of her tongue, began to suck. Softly first, then she began to suckle in time with Tara's heart beat, a moan escaping her lips as she bit down, her teeth sinking into but not breaking the delicate skin.

"Oh God!" Tara moaned at the pulling sensation and slid her hands down the redhead's sides, brushing across the soft curves of her breasts for a second and making Willow hold her tighter. Tara met the hem of the other girl's T-shirt and pushed her hands inside. Stroking upwards she began caressing the hot skin of Willow's back and going back down she raked her nails over the same path.

"Oh Tara." The redhead snapped her head back and arched her back, leaving her girlfriend's creamy neck, separating them for a fraction of a moment to moan deep and husky in the blonde's ear.

Tara took advantage of the opening and hooked her thumbs on the hem of the redhead's t-shirt slowly pulling it upwards, palms pressing firmly against Willow's sides, all the while gazing at her girlfriend, gauging her reaction.

The redhead lifted her eyes to be met with dark sapphires burning with a flaming intensity. Willow gulped and lifted her arms, Tara's hot gaze making her mouth go dry as the moisture in her body travelled south flowing from her centre leaving a damp pool in her panties.

Seeing the absolute trust in Willow's actions ignited her passion, the blonde smiled saucily as her hands continued their trek upwards, slowly, seductively. Now that she had her girlfriend's full attention she wanted to keep it, slowing her movements further she gently caught the material of Willow's bra easily with her fingers and pulled the garment along with the T-shirt upwards, freeing the redhead's breasts to the air. Tara deliberately moved her gaze downwards focusing on the revealed skin.

Willow flushed under the concentrated attention of her girlfriend. She could feel the blistering gaze on her skin like a caress, a lick of blue fire. She felt a shiver run down her spine at the same time her nipples tightened, begging for the blonde's attention. She struggled with her half discarded clothes, finally pulling them off, almost without the blonde's help.

Tara was riveted to the sight of her girlfriend's breasts pushed upwards by Willow's lifted arms, the soft contours, the adorably pink buds puckering and elongating in the cool air. When she felt the garments she held loosely in her hands sliding away from her she lifted her eyes meeting her girlfriend's flushed face.

Shinning deep forest green eyes met the blonde's somewhat shyly, then with a look that threatened to turn Tara into a pool of wetness Willow's head lulled backwards and she arched her back, which pushed her pert breasts forward making an offering that begged to be taken. The redhead's heart was racing so out of control in her chest, she almost had to remind herself to keep breathing.

Tara felt her mouth water and she forced herself to hold back for a moment savouring the anticipation. Placing her hands on the redhead's sides she stroked the skin lightly with her thumbs.

"God, you are so beautiful, baby. So very beautiful..." The blonde whispered throatily.

Willow bit back a whimper, the teasing pause and touch making her ache for Tara, her nerve endings coiling, the hot burning desire building like energy ready to explode in sensation as soon as she's touched. Slightly unsteady Willow brought her hands down to rest on her girlfriend's thighs trying desperately to find purchase and meeting bare skin which she clutched lightly.

The feel of soft, sexy hands so close to her centre distracted Tara for a second, a shiver running down her body, her hips twitching, wanting to move. The blonde took a deep breath to help calm herself then began to stroke up Willow's sides until she reached the underside of the succulent curve of her breasts, stroking and kneading the velvety mounds. With a long breathy moan she lost the courage and the strength to tease either of them any longer and moved inwards to cup the pert little breasts in her hands.

"Oh God, Tara...yes!" Willow moaned, closing her eyes, biting on her bottom lip whilst at the same time arching her back thrusting her breasts more firmly into her girlfriend's hands asking for firmer contact.

The blonde didn't disappoint, rubbing her thumbs over the redhead's nipples, circling at first then flicking, loving the muffled sounds issuing almost continuously from the redhead's throat. She closed her forefingers and thumbs around the deep pink nubs and rolled them for a moment before applying more pressure and pinching them gently.

"GOD Yess!" The redhead breathed out. Her hips starting to rock against the blonde, searching for relief, needing the pressure, the pleasure! At the same time she moved her hands upwards along Tara's thighs to grab the hem of the blonde's T-shirt and tug on it. She wanted it off and she wanted it off now.

"Mmmm." Tara groaned loudly as the unexpected thrust of her girlfriend's hips put pressure right where she needed it. Loosing her concentration, her hands stilled on Willow's breast as her hips bucked against her girlfriend's, rotating, rubbing her engorged clit against the rough fabric of her shorts.

"Willow... mmm...I need to...oh god...can we... lie down?" She almost pleaded, breathless.

"God yes. But first... off." The redhead replied tugging on the blonde's T-shirt, pulling it upwards insistently.

Tara crossed her arms to grab her T-shirt's hem and pulled it and her bra over her head in one quick, fluid movement leaving her topless.

As soon as the creamy breasts were revealed to her gaze Willow took advantage of her position, at almost eye level with the blonde's firm breasts. She leaned forward to kiss the right nipple in an open mouthed kiss, her tongue and lips lavishing attention on the tight fleshy nub, stroking and pulling before sucking it into her mouth completely.

"Oh sweet Goddess." Tara moaned caught by surprise. Her hands flew to the redhead's shoulders to steady herself as the feeling of Willow's hot, moist mouth pulling on her nipple made her centre flood and her hips accelerate their rocking motion against Willow.

Willow brought her right hand up to cup the neglected breast, stroking the nipple in circles, until closing down on the very sensitive tip and pinching it. Her mouth continued its sensual assault on Tara's now swollen nub. Nibbling, licking, suckling, flicking, grazing, each erotic movement on the highly sensitive nipple, increasing the blonde's excitement.

"Goddess Willow... baby stop... lie down... God, lie down" Tara pleaded, panting, her heart beat threatening to thunder from her chest as the concentrated attention of the redhead's talented mouth and fingers on her nipples became almost more than she could bare. Her body almost convulsing against the redhead, she shakily raised her hands clutching Willow's shoulders. Hearing the urgency in her girlfriend's voice, Willow pulled away regretfully with one last flick to both nipples and looked up meeting eyes with pupils so dilated that they looked almost black under the flare's light.

Closing her eyes and breathing heavily, Tara paused before moving her weight back to her feet and lifting herself off Willow's lap, allowing her to move away from the wall.

Willow stared at her girlfriend's form mesmerized by the way she moved, by the curves of her body, her flat tummy leading up to large firm breasts that moved with each heaving breath she took, wet, hard nipples glistening in the light, standing proud.

"Goddess." Willow let out a throaty gasp.

The redhead felt herself growing wetter, her clit starting to throb screaming for attention, begging for relief. Holding her breath she raised herself up slightly turning her body away from the wall to lay on her back on the blanket where Tara had napped earlier. Supporting herself on her elbows she extended one hand upwards to her girlfriend, needing the blonde to join her.

Seeing the pleading in her girlfriend's eyes and sensing a need that matched her own, Tara quickly took the proffered hand letting herself be pulled down to join the sexy vision before her. Moving one leg over the redhead's body the blonde once again straddled her lap. Allowing her weight to drop forward to her arms she leaned into Willow pushing their naked breasts together and making them both moan at the same time.

"Oh Tara..."

"Mmmm honey."

Willow felt her arms shaking under the onslaught of sensation and moved slowly to lie on her back. Flexing her well toned arms, Tara followed the redheads motion, sinking down on top of her, pressing their naked, scorched skin together again. Putting most of her weight on her elbows and forearms the blonde entwined slender fingers through the red silky mane to hold Willow's head in place as she leaned in kissing her girlfriend's mouth. Deep, quick, needy kisses in time with their accelerated breaths.

Willow lifted her hands to stroke her girlfriend's naked back. Probing the muscles deeply with her fingers, making wide circles, up and down, raking blunt nails gently but firmly down the blonde's back, making Tara break their kisses to arch her back, closing her eyes in blissful rapture.

"Oh Goddess...Will...ow... God baby!" Tara moaned as she felt the sensations overload her system right down to her core. Opening her eyes she focused her gaze on Willow's eyes as she started to seductively slide her body in small deliberate circles, rubbing stiff nipples, sweat covered bellies and grinding centres.

The redhead's eyelids closed as her head fell backwards, her body starting to rock against Tara's, sweat making it easy for their bodies to glide together.

The blonde eyed the exposed, delectable skin beneath her and hungrily moved down latching her lips to Willow's neck.

"Tara." The redhead moaned and brought her hands to the back of her girlfriend's head holding her mouth in place.

Tara moved her mouth away for a moment and lowered her hands to take Willow's in her own. She looked into the redhead's eyes and then slowly, interlinked their fingers lifting their arms above their heads, pining Willow's hands in place.

Willow whimpered at the constriction, her body shaking with the need to get closer, to feel more, to be touched by the object of her desire. Then she met Tara's eyes and saw a passion burning there that promised to answer all her pleas, even the ones she didn't realise she had.

The blonde smiled at her girlfriend, a sexy lopsided smile that curved her lips sweetly. The smile slowly faded as a look of hunger took over and she leaned down resuming her exploration of the satiny skin of Willow's neck. The redhead's eyes fluttered closed as Tara began by kissing the hollow of her throat, letting her tongue slip out to taste the sweet skin. Moving upwards, following the column of Willow's neck, nibbling and kissing until she reached the redhead's ear. There she whispered throatily.

"God baby. You taste as good as I remember. But I think I need to..." She stopped to kiss the redhead's ear lobe punctuating each word with a gentle suck. "...taste... everything... just... to... make... sure."

Willow's eyes snapped open, her heart hammering in her chest, she gulped loudly before asking in a breathless whisper.


Tara moved away from her girlfriend's neck to meet Willow's eyes as she answered.

"Everything." She replied meaningfully. Then she paused for a second, a shy glint entering her eyes as she asked. "Is that ok?"

Willow felt her heart melting at the timid request even as it sped rapidly out of control at the thought of what was to come. She didn't have to think twice about her answer. She stared straight into the shy, beautiful eyes and answered.


Simple and to the point and it was all that Tara needed to hear. The blonde squeezed the redhead's hands gently in her own, feeling the answering squeeze a moment later. Smiling sensually at her girlfriend she swooped down returning to her starting point - the hollow of Willow's neck. Only this time instead of heading upwards she headed downwards, sliding her body on top of the redhead's, the pressure adding to the building glow that was threatening to explode from both raiders. Panting loudly Tara pushed the feelings deep inside and continued down the centre of Willow's heaving chest, kissing, hot, wet, open mouthed kisses. At the same time her hands moved downwards caressing the sensitive skin of the redhead's wrist and forearm.

Willow bit her bottom lip and squirmed, whimpering under her girlfriend's concentrated assault on her senses. Everywhere the blonde touched felt like it was on fire. She felt like she would erupt if she didn't find relief soon. Her shorts were beyond drenched and her clit was swollen and so sensitive that the pressure of the fabric on it was enough to drive her insane. She rocked her hips but she couldn't get the pressure where she needed it.

"God... Tara... Please."

Tara heard the desperate tone on the other girl's voice and decided that it was time to speed things up. She too was in serious need of relief, Willow's thrusts pressing hard between her spread legs, sparked deep ripples of pleasure. She could feel her clit throbbing relentlessly while her sex spilled her juices continuously. She clenched her jaw tight to resist the urge to push back against her girlfriend's thrusts and ride Willow's hips until she exploded.

Swallowing back a groan and biting back her own desire the blonde put all of her weight down on the redhead's thighs and hips pinning her in place, stilling her movements.

"Tara." The redhead whimpered at the restriction of movement. Her whole body was screaming at her to move, to thrust, to gyrate, to push, to do something, anything to relieve the pressure.

The blonde answered by moving her head to the side quickly kissing one nipple and ending it with a flat tongued lick before moving to give the other nipple the same treatment. Continuing her trek she kissed down the centre of the redhead's taut belly, sliding her body down, feeling the dampness of Willow's excitement on her tummy. She gasped and threw her head back as she reached the waistband of Willow's shorts, knowing the treasures that lay hidden beneath.

Willow arched her back as she felt her girlfriend's mouth on her breasts, the strokes on her nipples sending jolts of electrical current surging to her centre. When Tara moved her mouth downwards reaching the waistband of her shorts, Willow groaned, this is where she was aching for Tara to be and she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Her body drawn as tight as a bow string ready to snap, her senses tipsy with arousal that was undulating under her girlfriend's touch.

Tara breathed in deeply, her mouth watering as she smelt the musky scent that was all Willow.

"Mmm Willow." A hum of appreciation escaped the blonde's throat as she kissed her girlfriend's belly, loving the way she could feel the muscles jumping beneath her lips. Bringing her hands down the path her mouth had traced, over the elevation of soft, supple breasts, rubbing the stiff nipples, pinching them just before leaving them to follow down the redhead's belly and land on the button of her shorts.

"Oh Goddess Tara." Willow moaned as her girlfriend's hands caressed her engorged nipples. They were so sensitive that any touch sent fiery jolts of pleasure through the redhead's body accumulating in her swollen clit which was already throbbing mercilessly demanding to be touched.

When she felt the blonde's hands reach her shorts' button, her hips eagerly arched up, wordlessly pleading to get rid of the clothes.

Needing no more encouragement Tara made quick work of the button and zipper and in a moment was moving backwards pulling both the redhead's shorts and panties down her legs and off her body, leaving Willow clad in nothing but her boots.

"Oh Tara baby... Yesss." The redhead growled her appreciation for the clothes finally being removed from her body. As she began to settle back her legs instantly fell slightly opened, her juices glistening, coating her curls as they flowed freely from her. She shivered at the feeling of the cold air hitting her copious wetness, cooling on her heated flesh. She moaned as she felt her moisture coat the inside of her thighs.

The blonde sat back on her hunches and took a moment to enjoy the sight of her naked girlfriend shaking with need, waiting for her. The blonde's eyes were drawn irresistibly to the wet auburn curls at the apex of the redhead's thighs that hid her girlfriend's sex from her eyes. Tara felt her mouth go dry as her clit pulsated almost painfully at the sight, her shorts and panties feeling uncomfortable against her swollen, sensitive nub. Not in the mood to torture herself any longer, the blonde brought her hands down and opened her shorts, pushing them down along with her soaked panties for as far as they would go. Then she got on her hands and knees and kicked them off the rest of the way as she crawled towards Willow.

The redhead closed her hands tight on the blanket beneath her to resist driving one hand down and stroking herself until she came. The ravenous look on the blonde's face as she gazed at Willow was almost enough to make the redhead explode with need. She looked up at Tara, opening her mouth, intending to beg the blonde to come back to her, to touch her, only to be left mute by the sight of a gorgeous, naked blonde crawling towards her with intent.

Tara reached her girlfriend and kneeled between her legs, putting her hands on the inside of the redhead's knees she gently lifted them slightly and pushed them upwards making her girlfriend bend her knees. Moving her hands up, she began stroking the sensitive skin on the inside of the redhead's thighs, gasping in utter arousal as she felt the wetness that coated them. Her breath catching in her throat she moved on, fingers slowly circled the wet skin as she gently pushed Willow's thighs apart spreading her wide open to the cool air and her hungry eyes.

Willow's heart hammered in her ears, her thigh muscles twitching nervously with the effort of holding herself without pushing back against her girlfriend's hands as Tara moved her legs apart to have better access to her centre. She was so wet and open for Tara, so vulnerable, needing her so desperately, wanting to feel Tara in every inch of her being.

Tara stopped, her hands just short of reaching her goal, her thumbs almost touching Willow's lips. She stroked gently the moist skin where the redhead's wetness had spilled onto her thighs. Then without moving her hands away, Tara lay down on her belly, fitting her shoulders in between the redhead's strong thighs. Then reverently, she softly placed a kiss on the drenched curls and blowing a small gust of breath she moved her thumbs inwards to part Willow's engorged lips and spread her open to her eyes.

"Oh Goddess." Willow moaned loudly at the first touch of Tara's thumbs on her molten hot centre, her hips jerking up of their own volition; the long build up and nervous anticipation making that first touch so powerful.

The blonde moved her head away from the redhead's jerking motion and moved one of her hands to Willow's belly to steady her while the other stayed on the redhead's lips, separating them. Then she focused all of her attention on the redhead's centre. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with Willow's musky scent while she felt her mouth water at the view in front of her. The redhead's sex coated from top to bottom in creamy wetness, her engorged clit a deep red island in a sea of Willow's juices. And it was all for her.

A deep, possessive growl reverberated low in her throat, the desire to taste Willow, to take her and make her hers was so overpowering that Tara believed she would implode if she didn't act soon. Extending her tongue she dived hungrily giving one long flat lick from Willow's opening up to her clit collecting as much of the redhead's juices as she could on her tongue.

As the blonde moved forward and ploughed her tongue through the wetness, stroking the sensitive, swollen flesh, Willow couldn't help but arch her back and moan loudly.

"Oh... God... Tara..." Willow panted as she felt like her world almost exploded from that first touch of Tara's tongue on her sex. Her hands flew to her girlfriend's head, pulling the blonde tighter against her, needing the pressure, aching for Tara's tongue inside her as she tried to thrust up with her hips.

Tara pulled back slightly to savour that first taste of the redhead's juices. Sweet but salty she found Willow's taste to be intoxicating and moaned her appreciation throatily.

"Mmmm Willow... yummy!"

"God... Oh God... baby, please." Willow moaned loudly. Hair plastered to her forehead by sweat, eyes tightly closed, head arched back, mouth slightly opened, the tendons of her neck standing out, under the flare's light the redhead was the picture of desperate, wanton need.

Deciding that it was time to get to the point, the blonde descended, this time focusing on the redhead's clit. She started by giving a welcoming lick to the very hard nubby, from the sensitive tip to the base, then began her blisteringly heated assault. She licked all around the bundle of nerves, lapping up the juices surrounding it, making the redhead moan continuously. Then she flicked it.

"God Yes." Willow screamed loudly, arching her back high, the pleasure so acute that it bordered on painful. Her hands flew from Tara's head to clutch the blanket grabbing fistfuls of fabric so tight that her knuckles turned white.

Tara noted her girlfriend's response and flicked it again and again just to hear the redhead's voice made husky from pleasure.

"Tara." The redhead moaned while she turned her head from side to side. She could feel the huge pressure building in her belly, getting ready to soar through her.

The blonde closed her lips around the redhead's nubby, fitting her tongue tight to Willow's swollen clit, she started to suck in waves, sucking it in hard then releasing, her jaw working faster and faster.

"Oh God... Oh Tara... God... Yes Tara!" Willow chanted, the words slipping from her mouth subconsciously as she got closer and closer.

Tara could sense the change in the redhead's taste and sucked harder in time with the bucking hips as she rapidly neared the crest of her climax.

"Goddess... Taaaarrrraaaaa." Willow screamed as she came hard, lights exploding behind her eyelids, her body twisting and pushing against the blonde's mouth.

The blonde rode her girlfriend's orgasm, following the rhythm dictated by her hips, easing up the pressure as the thrusts started to lose strength.

Just as the redhead was starting to come down from her orgasm Tara brought one hand down to her opening and pushed her forefinger inside without warning, stroking the slippery, tight walls, at the same time she sucked hard on the redhead's clit. Willow was hit by surprise, her head reeled back with the sensation as Tara expertly stimulated her. She held her breath as she felt her body explode a second time, the waves of pleasure hitting her hard, stilling her movements for a moment, as her back arched and she clenched Tara's finger inside her.

"Oh Taaaraaa... Yes." She screamed once again.

Tara continued to thrust her finger inside the redhead in time with the sucking motions of her mouth on her clit, feeling the soft, cushiony walls contracting around her drawing her in deeper. As the redhead began to come down from her second climax, she started to ease up her ministrations.

Willow's back crashed to the ground as she fell boneless on the blanket, her legs falling to the sides as all of her strength abandoned her.

With one last fond farewell lick to the redhead's clit, Tara let go of the sensitive nubby, but left her finger buried deep inside the redhead, still feeling the occasional contraction of the walls around it. Slowly she began kissing her way up the redhead, over her belly, between the valley of her breasts, across her throat, sparring time to kiss her chin before finally reaching her mouth. Pausing before she moved to kiss the adorable lips, she tenderly watched the most beautiful sight before her, the redhead's eyes were closed, her mouth slightly opened, her breathing still a little fast, a soft sheen of sweat glistening in what light there was and a smile gracing her soft features.

Willow smiled lazily, she sensed that her girlfriend was watching and lifted her head to catch the luscious lips between her own, tasting herself on Tara. "Mmmm." She moaned low in her throat as the kiss ended. She opened her eyes to regard her girlfriend

The soft sound struck a spark in Tara and she lowered her eyes, her hair falling forward, slowly she began to move her finger from its warm and wet resting place. With a sharp intake of breath Willow closed her eyes waiting for the blonde to withdraw, moaning as she felt every movement of Tara's retreat, mourning the loss.

Hearing the moan the blonde shyly watched Willow from under the blanket of hair. With a soft intake of breath she smelt Willow's essence on her and self-consciously raised her hand to her face, gently trying to clean what she could.

Willow's eyes snapped opened when she sensed the change in her lover and she watched as hair covered the beautiful blue eyes and a soft hand moved to the beautiful face. Quickly realising what was happening Willow's own hand shot out and caught the blondes mid motion while her other hand moved to swipe away the barrier that was preventing her from seeing the deep pools of blue that she loved. Green eyes met a very flushed face and eyes that had only a slim rim of blue around dilated pupils.

"Tara, baby please don't hide away, not now, not after... us."

Willow looked squarely at the blonde, a demure smile playing on her lips as she moved close to Tara's ear and huskily whispered.

"Lie back baby, let me take care of you."

"Sweetie no, you're tired. You need to rest." Tara replied swallowing hard.

"I'm not leaving you like this, you're shaking, god Tara my taste on you is so..., I need to taste you like you tasted me." Willow said as firmly as she could, hoping her words were reassuring the blonde.

"There's time enough for that honey, for now just bend your knee." Tara said shyly.

Willow lifted her hands to cup her girlfriend's face above her and pulled her down for a deep kiss that reaffirmed how amazing she felt, at the same time she pushed her knee firmly against the blonde's centre. Her thigh becoming instantly drenched in the blonde's overflowing juices.

"Oh God, baby." Tara broke their kiss to moan loudly. The feel of Willow's strong thigh against her aroused sex sent shockwaves of pleasure through Tara's nervous system.

The blonde pushed herself up on to her arms to provide more leverage to ride Willow's thigh and began gyrating her hips. Her bountiful wetness made it easy for their skin to slide together. Her puffy lips fell open under the pressure of the redhead's thigh, leaving her clit vulnerable to every push and pull.

Willow brought her hands up to roll Tara's erect nipples between her forefinger and thumb then she squeezed harder and pinch them.

"Oh Willow." Tara almost screamed as every pull on her nipples made her clit throb harder. She could feel the unbearable tension that had been building up since they had started to make love pulsating deep within her as it almost reached the point of breaking.

Willow looked mesmerized as her girlfriend stood on the verge of orgasm. She was the absolute embodiment of pleasure, her head thrown back, eyes closed, teeth biting her bottom lip, sweat pearling between her breasts, and naked hips rocking harder and harder against Willow's thigh, golden curls stroking the redhead.

Tara felt the feeling in her belly growing and growing and she quickened her motion against her girlfriend's thigh, pressing her clit down hard. And then it happened. All movement stopped. There was complete silence. Then an earth shattering scream.

"Wiiiiilllllooowww." Tara began to grind wildly into Willow as she came hard, ripples of pleasure exploding from her centre.

As the blonde got too uncoordinated, Willow picked up the gyrating motions against Tara's sex and rode the rest of the blonde's orgasm out until Tara arms gave up and she fell on top of the redhead panting.

The redhead extended her leg and hugged the blonde tight to her body. She kissed the blonde's neck and whispered.

"I love you. I love you." Repeatedly as she waited for her love to regain her strength and composure.

"I love you too baby." Tara breathlessly replied.

They lay in silence for a long moment, no words needed, Tara half on top of Willow, half on the blanket, their legs entwined tight, blonde curls to auburn ones. Both of them recovering their breaths and letting the lassitude of the afterglow invade them.

Then Willow broke the silence to whisper in her girlfriend's ear.

"Are you ok, baby?"

"Mmm... very ok." Tara replied lazily.

"Are you sure?"

Tara opened her eyes to regard her girlfriend seriously.

"Yes, I'm so sure. Don't worry baby. God, I was so turned on from making love to you that I think you could have made me come with words." She grinned confidently all shyness washed away. "I'm great."

Willow grinned back and then leaned to the side to kiss her girlfriend's smiling mouth.

"What about you? You liked?" Tara asked, looking straight at the redhead with a half shy half smug smile on her face.

"Do you even need to ask? God Tara, it was amazing, spectacular. I don't have words to describe how amazing it was." Willow said with a look of complete awe and a voice that dripped with reverence before adding. "I just hope to do the same for you some day."

Tara grinned, winked and said. "You will, baby, you so will."

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