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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Content Advisory: This story contains shape-changing and transgender elements in explicit scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Next Morning ----

Willow woke with a groan and rolled over her body stopping when it touched something silky soft jerking awake all the way she tumbled out of the bed. Tara's bed, looking at the naked woman she felt her lower half wake as well. Thats when she noticed she was back to her old tall self, smiling she felt realived and stood up once more. Moving to grab some pants she didn't make it far, when a soft hand on her member stopped her.

Looking back at Tara she blushed "T-Tara" Willow mumbled as she felt the soft hand soflty pump her member "Not just yet stay a little longer Willow" said Tara to her. As she pulled the Red head back into her arms and bed. Laying the both down on their sides facing each other so they could kiss slowly and gently "I want you to take me Willow"

Willow stared at Tara for a moment before she smiled and nodded.Tara leaned forward to touch her lips lightly to the nape of Willow's neck, chuckling softly beneath her eager breaths as she kissed a path further down Willow's light brown flesh. Willow turned on her back and Tara continued to plant kisses down Willow's neck to her chest. Tara drew her body atop Willow and began to caress Willow's breasts in her hands, raising her head to kiss Willow's lips deeply.

"I want to try it on you," said Tara, her voice a seductive whisper. She held her palms on Willow's breasts and stared into her lover's eyes, anticipating her response with a still gaze.

"Try what?" asked Willow, trying to fight off her smile. She knew what Tara meant the moment she put emphasis on the word. Though she didn't expect Tara to go through with it.

"You know," Tara looked down between her own legs, feeling Willow's erection beating steadily beneath her, "I want to try... tasting it... for you."

Willow nodded her approval. "Go ahead."

"Don't think I'll be able to put your whole length in my mouth..."

Willow shrugged. "I won't stress it."

Willow spread the length of her body on the mattress as Tara pressed her lips across Willow's stomach down to her navel, slithering beneath the white blanket like a serpent. Willow reached a hand to caress the silhouette of Tara's head underneath the blanket. She grasped the fabric between her fingers when she felt Tara's lips gradually consuming the head of her cock. Tara slipped the length of her lover's elevating erection past her lips, warming it inside her mouth. Her head bobbed rhythmically beneath the blanket and Willow's lips parted with a soft groan.

Tara twisted her lips down the shaft of Willow's dick. Willow fidgeted on the bed and whimpered softly, her eyes flickering wildly in her sockets. Tara traced Willow's writhing form with her hands up to her waist; clawing aggressively at her lover's stomach with her fingertips; bobbing her head to the pace of Willow's frantic movement.

Willow's cock thickened from the warmth of Tara's mouth. Willow continued to squirm on the mattress, squeezing the cloth between her fingers while ripping at the sheets with her other hand. The pleasure had forced Willow back against the headboard until there was no space left on the bed to retreat to. Between Willow's breathes of ecstasy, the faint sound of Tara slurping diligently on Willow's cock filled the darkness of the room.Tara pulled back with a groand from Willow.

Tara chuckled. "You liked it?"

Willow smiled at her. "Let me taste you now."

Willow swept the covers off her body and crawled over to Tara. Tara instinctively lowered herself on the mattress as Willow's body loomed over her. Willow's hardened cock brushed between Tara's thighs when she pressed her abdomen against her lover's narrow frame. She reached a hand to comb her fingers through Tara's hair, wiping away the dark blond curtain to expose a patch of brown freckles. Tara cooed softly when Willow began to kiss her neck. She swept her legs restlessly on the mattress beneath Willow, becoming flustered as Willow's lips traveled down her shoulder to her chest.

Tara arched her body upward; squirming on the mattress; squealing silently as Willow's hands palmed her heaving d-cups. Willow stimulated the erect nipples of Tara's breasts with her thumbs. Willow's lips tasted her lover's abdomen down to lower regions. Tara had been forced to the edge of the bed with her head hung against the metal frame. She creased the sheets on the mattress in her fingers and moaned inaudibly, feeling Willow's tongue probing inside her navel.

Willow parted Tara's legs and ran her lips between Tara's thighs. She buried her head between Tara's legs and began to swish her tongue to taste the wet pink folds of her lover's pussy. Willow engulfed a bright wall of soft flesh in her mouth, her lips sucking tenderly on Tara's dripping pussy. The pleasurable sensations urged Tara further off the mattress as her torso thrashed from each ripple circulating through her body.

Willow pursued Tara's serpentine movement to the edge of the bed. Willow hooked her lover's thighs around her head and burrowed deeper, stabbing her tongue further inside Tara, prompting Tara to cry out from the burst of pleasure she felt. Willow's tongue spiraled inside the pink ramparts of flesh dripping warm liquid on her face. She shut her eyes and clamped her lips to slurp at the juices flooding into her mouth.

The euphoric sensation filling her body made it difficult for Tara to keep her thoughts, she was incredible! Tara let the high of the moment consume her consciousness and she loosened her inhibitions; allowing her body to sink to the floor as pleasure spread throughout. Tara's limp form melted from Willow's grip and she dropped to the carpet with a soft thud. Her blud eyes were nonchalant as she stared up at the ceiling.

Willow crawled to the edge of the bed to stare down at Tara. She ran her tongue around her lips then asked, "Did you like it?"

"Oh god..." Tara moaned. Her eyes wandered around the room until they met with Willow's. "I loved it..." she said finally, her breasts bouncing with her chuckle.

"I try," said Willow, smiling proudly at Tara's comment.

"Come down here..." said Tara, sitting up to wag her forefinger at Willow. She put on an alluring smile for Willow. "I want you to finish me off right."

"What if I'm too tired?" asked Willow teasingly, her smile becoming a grin.

"You can't be that tired..." Tara stood up. The skin between her legs glowed in the sun from her own juices and her entire body was drenched with perspiration. She brushed her hair out her face as she strolled over to Willow on the bed. "Are you too tired to make love to me?"

Willow nodded. "I might need some help."

Tara chuckled. "All right... get on your back."

Willow flipped onto her back as Tara crawled onto the mattress. She rocked her body away from the side of the bed, bent her legs, and reached a hand to clench her dick, which speared between her thighs. She squeezed it against her stomach, and Tara tossed one leg over Willow to mount her. Willow shifted her arm to reposition her cock beneath Tara's pussy, which rained juices on the swollen tip of Willow's hardened sex. The lips of Tara's sex devoured the bulbous head of her lover's sinking member. A wet squelch came as the warm walls melted around Willow's dick like butter.

The moist walls of Tara's pussy tightened around Willow's erection until her lover's cock was engulfed within her pink recesses. Willow left her mouth agape after a soft groan. Tara stretched her body atop Willow, leaning forward to worm her tongue past Willow's lips. Willow wrapped Tara in her arms and the two lovers began an aggressive exchange. Their mouths avariciously tasted and probing each other.

Feeling Tara's pussy constrict around her cock, Willow began to thrust her hips upward gradually, squeezing her fingertips against the slippery flesh of Tara's buttocks. Tara was forced to break the passionate kiss when a shrill gasp pushed itself from her throat as her cherry was finally popped. Throwing her hands over Willow's shoulders, Tara clutched the sheets between her fingers and began to sway rhythmically atop Willow after a few moments of waiting to get used to the feeling.

The bed creaked constantly to surpass the cries of ecstasy leaving the mouths of both Willow and Tara. A wet slapping transcended the creaking of the metal frame beneath them as Willow drove her hips upward into Tara. Willow's hands fumbled on Tara's hips with the increased speed. Willow hammered her lover's pussy with swift thrusts, her cock clapping inside Tara until a sharp moan left Tara's mouth.

A waterfall spilled from Tara's pussy as Willow continued to thrust vigorously, splashing the orgasmic spray between them. Willow tossed her head with a groan and pressed her fingertips into Tara's ass to pull her into her final thrust. Tara dropped onto Willow as warm semen poured into her pussy.

"Did that help?" asked Tara breathlessly, chuckling after her question.

Willow shut her eyes as semen continued to pump from her softening member. She reached a hand beneath Tara to pull her cock out of Tara's pussy, but didn't have the strength to follow through. Willow dropped her head back and a satisfied moan left her lips.

"I'm really tired now," Willow replied.

Tara smiled. "Good..." she said, planting a soft kiss on Willow's lips afterward. "Mission accomplished."


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