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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Content Advisory: This story contains shape-changing and transgender elements in explicit scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Willow smiled as the bus came to a stop in front of the mall, getting off with Tara they walked up the steps and into the Mall. Walking with Tara they stopped here and there, Tara getting some fancy underwear and Willow some game cards and dice. Stopping, they sat down for a drink that they both shared not carring about the looks they were getting... Hot looks, they were getting looked up and down by almost every woman and man in the store. But the women, they all stared hungrly at Willow, their eyes seeming to be glued to her as she walked, her thin body that just reeked sex appeal to every woman in the store, as if they were under a spell.

Willow smiled as she and Tara parted ways in the hall, Willow going right, heading into a game store, and Tara left into a girly shop. Walking around, Willow found some stuff for her computer and her PSP, and some new game books. Buying them she walked out. Tara smiled as she walked around in the store looking at all of the stuffed animals, and then finding one she bought it. Walking out she meet Willow with a smile. As they spent most of the day at the Mall, they got several things.

Walking out of the Mall they got a cab to the smaller part of the town, stopping in front of the magic shop. Willow paid the driver and they got out, Willow holding Tara's hand. As they walked in the woman standing behind the counter smiled her bigest smile, looking at them she let her smile drop, a look of shock comming to her face before she smirked, very knowing-like, as she watched them. Willow just shrugged as she watched the woman before her hungry eyes turned back to Tara, grinning she watched her bend over. Willow felt a deep throb in her body, her mind began to swirl as she watched this. Shaking her head clear she smiled as Tara got back up and walked over to the book section and found some things. Buying them they left.

After walking Tara home Willow headed for home herself, to get some things done like installing the new stuff for her computer and playing her new games.

Tara smiled as she shut the door - she felt so wet, Willow always did that to her. Walking up stairs she put her stuff away she then went to take a hot shower. After taking a very long shower...she came back in her room wrapped in a towel, dropping it she climbed into bed, her mind hoping for Willow-dreams as she slept.

The cool winds pressed against her skin as she ran the cold air making her naked skin seem to frezze she was running and running through the pitch blackness she fell and tumbled but it was to late the Animal was upon her its paws holding her hips as it pressed against her its warm breath tickling her neck as it panted above her she could feel its need on her back as she let out a tiny shiver of desire for this creature.

It howled above her and pulled her hips up making her be in a style she knew it wanted, on all fours, the beast drew near to her its warm breath blowing in her ear as it slowl pushed in its hard length making her pant in small gasp of air as it took its sweet time it pushed in hard and and tore through her...maiden head her cherry what the hell ever you wish to call it.

The Beast stopped only for a moment before it began to thrust back and foruth into her with its animalistic pace.

Tara shot up as her body reached its peak, and her body clenched... She moaned and fell back as her body went limp. Her Willow was...was a beast in her dreams, a real animal.

Willow shot up across town, her body ached and she was sore. Getting up she walked into the bathroom and went to wash her face. Looking down when she felt pain she gasped - in her boxers was, was a bulge, reaching to pull them down she almost fainted, she had......a cock, right between her legs.....

"Oh goddess, what have I done to get this?" She touched it and gasped, pulling her boxers up she ran to the bedroom to see if she could get rid of it.

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