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And Away We Go!

Author: katjetson
Disclaimer: The Purple Prose created the well-loved and highly-quotable, ooey-gooey monster that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I highly doubt my little fics are worth being noticed by some sue-happy lawyer. So yeah, just tinkerin' here. Not claiming a damn thing.
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Rating: Flirty and dirty.
Note: Big ups to Lady Di and my special A1 sauce, Jude.

After Evey had left, Willow and Tara sat and talked for hours. Their conversation was never really about anything in particular, but Willow was always entranced and lulled by Tara's voice, and hung onto her every word. Especially when she was talking about her work.

(The librarian hot factor benefits greatly from having this woman steeped in Dewey Decimal System knowledge.

Work. Tara! Ohgod, what time is it?)

Willow looked down at her watch with wide eyes and then took one last swig of beer before setting the empty bottle of Corona on the table. "Well, I guess I'm gonna take the long walk home." She gazed into Tara's eyes hoping the blonde would persist otherwise, but when Tara made no real move to stop her, Willow reluctantly got up from the couch and made her way to the door. She felt a sadness almost immediately-not wanting to leave the comfort of simply being in Tara's presence.

Willow tentatively reached for the handle, and before she could twist the knob felt the blonde behind her. Tara's arms were part-way around her and both hands were pushed against the door, essentially rendering her pinned. She stood frozen as Tara's tits pressed tighter against her small frame, and the blonde's lips hotly tickled her ear. "Willow, please wait. Don't you... Don't you want me?"

Willow couldn't believe what was happening-her heart was beating wildly, and a whimpering gasp fell from her lips that very nearly sounded like a cry. She was unable to look Tara in the eyes just yet; terrified of the desire that was unraveling inside her. Her own hands were now on the door and she turned her head to the side-catching a glimpse of Tara's lips that were now so close to her own. She was shivering with the sheer eroticism of it all, and when she was finally able to form words, they were spoken in a whisper. "I do, Tara. So much. You have no idea..."

Tara moved her hands away from the wall and placed them gently on Willow's shoulders. "Then what is it, baby?" she whispered. "What's holding you back?"

(She just called me 'baby.' Amazing how one word from her lips can sound like a symphony.)

Even though Willow now had the option to move, she mostly didn't-choosing instead to continue her safe sideways glance at Tara while she let loose the secrets in her heart. She felt a spark at her toes, and the fire that had just been lit there was towering up her body and licking at her insides. "You're just so beautiful and perfect and I'm afraid I'll wake up to realize this is all just a dream and that scares the hell out of me. And... God, Tara, I'm completely falling in love with you." Willow didn't know how to explain it further; the desire she felt was simply too big to define.

Tara rested her cheek on Willow's back for a moment and sighed deeply. She peppered the soft blue t-shirt with kisses while her fingertips trailed down Willow's side before reaching her waist and wrapping her arms completely around Willow's shivering body. One hand then moved down the front of her left thigh while the other slipped under her shirt and danced over her flat tummy. "I'm real, Willow. And I'm here; falling in love with you, too."

"Ohgod, Tara... Please... I don't want to leave."

And then she felt it, Tara's hot hands slid completely underneath her shirt and cupped her breasts fully. "Take me," she commanded. It was at that moment that Willow wondered if she had ever heard anything quite as sexy as take-charge Tara.

Willow cried out in pleasure and her legs nearly buckled. They were both feeling woozy and wobbly as they slid to their knees. Tara leaned in close and tight to Willow's back, and kept her hands firmly in place on the redhead's perfectly-sized tits. She began to move her hands a little, gently massaging them with her palms and Willow placed her own hands over Tara's; silently urging her to pinch her nipples. It was Tara's turn to gasp, and she bit down and moaned loudly into Willow's back.

Of their own accord, Willow's hips began to rock and her ass was grinding against Tara's pussy. Weeks of pent up desire flooded her, and in a rush she turned quickly into Tara's arms before pushing her to the ground. Tara fell onto the hardwood floors with a thud and giggled before Willow captured her blossoming lips that were wet with anticipation. Every ounce of desire and desperation was poured into that kiss, and once they found their rhythm, Willow delighted in the feel of the blonde's heart beating against hers. Tara captured her tongue and began to suck on it greedily; making the most amazing noises that Willow could ever possibly imagine. That was all the incentive she needed, and in a flash she moved her knee in between Tara's legs and was tugging at her shirt. She pulled up the green tank and looked deeply into blue eyes before hungrily sucking a nipple into her mouth. "Tara. Mmm...They're amazing!"

A pleased, almost smug look played over Tara's face, and she pushed Willow's knee tighter into her center; urging her to grind harder against her leg. "Willow, ungh... I need you. I need you to fuck me. Please, baby."

(Okay, she's blowing my mind right now. The dam is bursting, volcanoes are erupting, tiny earthquakes are quivering all along my fault line and... no way am I making love to Tara for the first time on the floor.)

Tara was frantically pulling at the waistband of Willow's jeans and latched her mouth just below her ear before sucking deeply on her neck.

(Ohgodohgodohgod. Maybe yes-way I can.)

"Fuck, Tara! That feels so fucking good. And, ungh... I don't wanna stop, but can we..."

"Anything, baby." She sucked harder, no doubt leaving a rainbow of black and blue on skin so creamy white. "Anything for you, Willow."

(Does that offer come in a coupon book? And if so, please let there be no expiration date.)

"Can we do bed?"

Tara pulled away from the redhead and lovingly held her face in her hands; rubbing her flushed cheeks with her thumbs. "Sometimes I wonder, Willow, could you be any more adorable?"

"I can certainly try. I mean, do I get points for adorableness somehow? And if so, how many Tara-points would I need for..." Willow was pleasantly interrupted by the feel of Tara's lips pressed firmly against hers; kissing her roughly, playfully biting and then soothing the bruised flesh with her tongue.

Tara rolled over Willow and then they both scrambled to their feet. She pulled Willow in close and tight by the hem of her shirt, and wasted no time in lifting it up and off before doing the same with her own.

(Looks like someone just won the boobie prize!)

The tips of Willow's ears burned bright as she watched Tara's eyes drift down and take in her tits for the first time. She trembled with desire under her girl's appreciative stare and took the hand offered to her. "Come with me."

(This is really happening, and you're the luckiest woman in the world, Rosenberg!)

Their feet slapped against the floor as they hurried down the hall hand in hand. Once they reached Tara's room, the blonde enveloped Willow in a warm embrace and whispered in her ear, "I'm gonna make you feel so good. Just... give me a minute, okay?" She shimmied out of her boxers and Willow could see her pearly whites smiling back at her in the near blackness of the room.

She could barely make out Tara fumbling with a few items on her dresser before she saw and heard the spark of a match. The smell of sulfur wafted through the air, and she watched Tara light candles all around the room. Little by little the blonde's skin became illuminated by the warm glow, and Willow ravenously took in the swell of Tara's ass as she bent over to fire up a smattering of tea lights on her nightstand. She licked her lips and shook her head in amazement. "Tara, you're... a dream."

The blonde looked over her shoulder to face Willow and tossed the book of matches aside. She took a few steps towards the redhead, jiggling a little with each move towards Willow. "I thought we went over this already. No dream, remember? I'm here and I'm yours." She seductively bit her bottom lip as she slid a finger down in between her breasts, and with the palm of her hand moved over Willow's tight abs and inside the front of her jeans.

(Tara's in my pants. I repeat, Tara. Is. In. My. Pants! Someone might want to call the fire department now, because when she gets to my...)

Tara began playing with the soft hairs of her pussy; seemingly surprised to find Willow not wearing underwear. "You mine, my little commando?"

Willow gasped at the question and her eyes bore into Tara with lust and need. She let them fall shut as her head lolled back and she groaned, "God, yes. Pleeeeease. Let me be yours." Tara's hand dipped further down Willow's jeans, and she teasingly slipped a finger through her wetness. When she opened her eyes, Tara was sucking the digit in her mouth and Willow nearly came from the sight.

"You're delicious. But now that I have a taste," she purred as she tore open the button-flys, "I want more."

Buzzers, alarms, bells and whistles of all kinds went off in Willow's head and she leapt into action quickly; pulling off her jeans and kicking them aside with the skill and grace of a goofy, but loveable cartoon character. They stood there for a moment, simply soaking in the rise and fall of each other's chests. Willow could take it no longer and needed to feel Tara's tits against hers. She wrapped the blonde in her arms and shivered with delight as their hearts buzzed with the hum of love. Of their own accord, Willow's hips began to pump and thrust as she sought more flesh-friction. She squeaked out an excited 'eep' when she felt Tara's hands slide down and roughly squeezed her ass. "Fuck, Will, you feel so good."

On their backwards-walk way to the bed, Tara stole hot and heavy kisses from Willow before pushing her down onto the bed. The redhead had barely made herself comfortable when she felt Tara's hot breath blazing a lust-filled trail down her body. She propped herself on her elbows; determined to watch the show, but could barely manage to keep her eyes from hazing over when Tara pushed her lips open with her thumbs and sucked Willow's clit hard into her mouth. When it came to letting the blonde know how she felt, a spirited "holy shit" was about as descriptive as she got.

"Mmmm...," Tara groaned into her pussy. "You like that?"

A needy river of 'yes'' tumbled from Willow's lips, and she bucked wildly onto Tara's tongue. Somewhere in the back of her mind she considered that this uncontrollable display of carnal desire might hurt her girl, and with little ease attempted to reel in the mother lode of emotions threatening to explode inside her body.

Tara must've felt Willow back off because when she slowed down her frantic hip thrusts, Tara stopped and looked up at her. "Let yourself go, Will," she pleaded, and then pushed two fingers deep inside her. "I've got you, and I want you to come hard into my mouth."

Willow howled, and could only hope that the occupants of their entire apartment complex were either out, sound sleepers or perhaps dead because she was about to have the atom bomb of orgasms. Not only was Tara working her with one very talented right hand, but her tongue had returned to the party in Willow's pussy and was laving all along her folds.

Willow wound one of her hands in Tara's hair and wrapped small, yet strong legs tightly around her body; digging her heels into her back. She felt the beginnings of her orgasm rumbling deep within her belly, and the muscles there flexed in preparation for their lust-induced workout. Willow closed her eyes shut, in an effort to keep from getting distracted. She was nearly there, and with Tara's talented everything being everywhere at once, the love train was rolling smoothly along its tracks. "Ohgod," she gasped. "Baby. Tara... You're fucking me. So. Fucking. Good. I'm so close. Don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop..." The warm heat of her release coated Tara, and Willow trembled with pleasure and satisfaction as happy tears spilled from her eyes.

Tara smoothly made her way up Willow's body and enveloped her in a tight embrace. "Hey," she pulled away after a few moments and wiped a tear away with her thumb. "You okay?"

Willow reached for Tara's hand and softly kissed each fingertip. Shining green eyes smiled up at her as she placed the hand on her heart. "Yeah. Just... It's been awhile. And, well... You're just that good."

"Is that right?"

"Mmmhmm...," Willow cooed into the crook of Tara's neck. "That's right."

"So," Tara treaded lightly. "You going to write about this, 'Little Ms. Lesbian Erotic Story Writer?'"

Willow couldn't help but chuckle. It always amazed her how much of real life would find its way into her writing, and these moments with Tara were by far some of the most truly incredible times she's ever experienced. It would almost be a disservice not to secretly share a bit of their love adventures with the world.

"Well, I'm definitely feeling..." she purposely drew out the next word as she massaged a full and luscious tit in her hand, "inspired." She climbed on top of Tara and straddled her hips. "But I need to do a bit more research," she flirted. "It's the details that really make the story... come together."

Before completely ravishing her girl, Willow smirked as she was reminded of the title she had just come up with for her latest story - And Away We Go, indeed!

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