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An American Tale

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing except 2 insane cats, fuzzy socks and and a twisted imagination.The songs used in this fic all belong to whoever wrote them and Im just borrowing them, you could sue me but it'd be pointless as I have nothing at all... the only thing of any worth I have is my girlfriend and there aint no way in Hades you're having her!!! Grr Argh!

"So, how was it then?" Julie grunted between punches. They had been through the 'boring but essential' warm up session and Julie was giving the punch bag a serious punishment for some unknown crime. Tara grinned at her, her cheeks flushing a deep red, "It was amazing." she offered eventually. Suddenly, Tara didn't really want to share the details of her date, she was happy to have something that was just hers and their evening at the restaurant had been so perfectly intimate that she felt as though she were being asked for graphic details of her love life... if she'd had one.

"Where'd you go, did she stay, c'mon Tara, spill!!" Julie stopped punching to regard her friend, pouting slightly at the lack of information she was receiving.

Flopping to the floor and crossing her legs, Tara looked up at her, she knew that she would have to tell her everything but felt as though she were betraying Willow somehow. "We went to that Italian place on Maple, she didn't stay and it was a wonderful night. She even left flowers to surprise me in the morning!" Tara grinned as she recalled the scent of the stunning bouquet and the velvety texture of the plush petals.

Clasping her hands over her heart, Julie looked genuinely thrilled at Tara's news. "So, you'll be seeing her again then?!"

Tara shrugged, "I hope so, she said she'd call."

As her friends cheeks flushed even deeper in colour, Julie cocked her head, her eyes narrowing as she tried to work out what Tara was leaving out. "You kissed her!!!" she exclaimed suddenly, the realisation hitting her like a lightning bolt.

The biggest grin she had ever seen spread over Tara's face and she crashed out on the mat, her eyes glazing over with arousal. "Tell! Tell! Tell!" Julie danced around her like an over-exuberant puppy until Tara finally caved in and told her about the small yet magical kiss.

"Good morning beautiful, how was your night, mine was wonderful, with you by my side!" Willow sang under her breath while she waited for Riot's arrival. "What's the next line?" she asked herself, drawing strange looks from the couple sitting on the next table.

"Good morning beautiful, how was your night, mine was wonderful, with you by my side!" she started again, hoping the next line would follow.

"And when I open my eyes and see your sweet face. It's a good morning beautiful day!" Riot sang from behind her, his hands coming to rest on her shoulders.

Spinning in her seat she grinned at him, her delight written clearly across her face. "You got laid!!!" he cheered causing the same couple who had fixed Willow with strange looks, to huff and complain to each other. Rolling his eyes at the pair, Riot slumped down in the chair opposite Willow and rubbed his hands together, had he been in a movie, he would have been cast as the perfect 'evil genius' bad guy. "So? Is she a hot little vixen in the sack or what??!!" he asked loudly, grinning sarcastically at the couple who got up and stormed out of the café.

"I didn't sleep with her. We had dinner and then I walked her home." Willow told him, her grin still dancing in her eyes and brightening the already sunny coffee house.

Riot frowned and scratched his head. Willow giggled as she wondered if men ever thought that you could be happy without getting laid. 'Sometimes, the romance and the most fleeting of kisses is enough to put you on top of the world, it's not all about sex.' she thought.

"So, let me get this straight..." Riot began, pausing to chuckle as Willow's eyebrow shot up in the air, "Ok, let me get this gay?" he tried again, causing Willow to giggle. "You paid for dinner, talked a bit and walked her home and then left?" he asked, unable to hide the incredulous tone in his voice. Still gigging, Willow nodded and sipped her coffee.

"I don't get it." he said after a few minutes of careful thought.

"What's not to get?"

"Why you're so happy. You paid for the meal, didn't get any lovin' and here you are as happy as a pig in shit!" Riot still wore the look of confusion he'd had since he'd joined Willow.

"Let me tell you how these things work." Willow began, before settling down to explain to him the complexities of the female species.

"Wow!" Julie breathed for the hundredth time since hearing about the kiss.

"I know." Tara grinned.

"So call her!!" Julie raced around the room, trying not to let her warm body cool so much that she'd wake up with cramp the following morning. "There's a fair that I was going to take the kids to in Jackson's Park, ask her to come with us." Julie said brightly.

"Well, I do have to call her and thank her for the flowers." It was clear from Tara's tone that she had been dying for an excuse to call the redhead and organise another date.

"That's sorted then, you can use the phone in the office!" Julie grabbed her hand and dragged her down the corridor to her large and airy office.

Willow's number had stuck in Tara's head and she dialled it quickly. After three rings, her machine kicked in and Tara's grin returned as the sound of Willow's voice filled her ears. "Hey Willow, it's Tara." she began, her voice shaking slightly. "I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers you left on the door step for me, they really are perfect!!" Julie spun on her chair and made googly eyes at Tara every time she came around to face her. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fair on..." she looked at Julie questioningly. "Tuesday? With a friend of mine and her kids, we can go for dinner or something afterwards, my treat this time." Tara added as she realised that a date with her friends and her kids wasn't so much a romantic date as a 'thanks, but I don't want to see you again' date. "Anyway, call me and let me know. Bye." she gently placed the handset back in its cradle and grinned wildly.

"Right, I have to go." Riot announced as he hung up from a call on his cell phone. Pouting slightly, Willow tried her best to look disappointed but it was too good a day to be even mockingly miserable. "I'll catch you later!" he said and rushed out of the café.

After finishing her coffee, Willow decided that she would go home and call Tara. Although it had been just 8 hours since the two had parted company, Willow was inexplicably missing the blonde.

As soon as she got the front door open, Willow's gaze was drawn to the answering machine on the small table by the door, its little red neon display flashing cheerfully. With shaking fingers, she pressed the 'play' button and rolled her eyes at the automated voice that filled the room informing her of the date and time of the message. Suddenly, that was replaced with the sultry tones of the blonde who had filled her thoughts for the entire morning.

"Hey Willow, it's Tara. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers you left on the door step for me, they really are perfect!!" Willow frowned, she hadn't left flowers although hearing the delight in Tara's voice, she wished she had. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fair on... Tuesday? With a friend of mine and her kids, we can go for dinner or something afterwards, my treat this time. Anyway, call me and let me know. Bye."

Still frowning, Willow felt a sudden pang of jealously. 'If I didn't leave the flowers, then who did?" she questioned. "Did I leave flowers and those shots just made me think that I didn't?' her mind raced as she tried to remember her movements after leaving Tara's apartment. 'The only thing that seemed vaguely out of place was that guy, the one who looked like he should have gone into the building but didn't.' The police part of her brain took over and she searched her mind for the E-fit of the guy, when she couldn't picture him perfectly, she shrugged and lifted the receiver to dial Tara's number. 'It's probably nothing!' she told herself as she listened to the phone ring at the other end.

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