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An American Tale

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing except 2 insane cats, fuzzy socks and and a twisted imagination.The songs used in this fic all belong to whoever wrote them and Im just borrowing them, you could sue me but it'd be pointless as I have nothing at all... the only thing of any worth I have is my girlfriend and there aint no way in Hades you're having her!!! Grr Argh!

"You look amazing!" Willow told her as she reached the foyer.

A crimson rush filled Tara's cheeks and she dropped her eyes for a moment. "You too, you look gorgeous!" Tara replied, looking up and meeting the burning green eyes of her date. 'Oh, god I said that out loud. Someone shut me up!' Tara thought, her cheeks burning a deeper red.

Willow grinned, her desire clear in her eyes. Guiding Tara to the table she had been lucky enough to book, she graciously pulled Tara's chair out for her before taking her own seat.

After ordering from the wine and food menus, they found themselves lost in each others eyes. "So, what is it that you do?" Willow asked, her eyes never leaving Tara's.

"I'm a bouncer, no sorry. 'Anti-social person removal technician'." Tara replied, making air quotes with her fingers. Willow laughed, the candle light dancing in her eyes as she did so. 'Could she be more beautiful?' Tara thought as she joined in the laughter.

"And you work for the L.A.P.D?" Tara continued unable to hide the saucy look generated by the image of Willow in uniform.

"How do you know that?" the redhead asked, her surprise evident.

Tara giggled, breaking eye contact only to glance at the waiter who had returned with their wine.

"Jules at Penso Academy said you trained there occasionally with your partner." Tara replied.

Willow took a sip of wine and smiled softly. "He's just my work partner, you met him the other day when, well, when we were there and...." she swallowed noisily, "...Sparring." Her eyes flashed with the memory of Tara's skin and lips so close to her own.

Their chat continued, covering the basics of their jobs and an embarrassed explanation of 'Willow-babbalage', to which Tara told her it was hugely endearing, much to Willow's delight, before a comfortable silence fell over the table.

So content to search the others eyes that neither woman noticed the arrival of their food and the waiter spoke up, snapping them both back to reality.

After thanking him and admiring the presentation, both tucked into their meal heartily. In the background, the music changed and Tara grinned up at a speaker that was discreetly hanging in a corner before continuing her dinner.

I only dreamed that I would find,
A loving heart and open mind,
To see the real me,
And I hoped that you would be the one...

With the many courses finished, and in what Willow had come to think of as the intermission between main course and dessert, the waiter returned and cleared away their crockery before disappearing back into the shadows.

"This place is amazing." Tara told Willow as she looked briefly around, "I can't believe you got a table at such short notice." Shifting under her gaze, Willow's knee brushed Tara's and they both blushed, although Willow made no effort to move her leg. "I called in a favour." the redhead admitted coyly.

A chance to talk, a chance to grow,
I'll take the risk, let my feelings flow,
I've found the words, I need to say...

Still grinning, Tara dropped her napkin on the table, "If you'll excuse me, I have to go to the ladies room." she apologised and rose from the table. Willow smiled and nodded. As Tara got to her feet and turned back towards the foyer, Willow leant over the side of her chair, watching the blonde walk away, her hips swaying slightly and the soft material of her skirt flowing majestically out behind her. As she reached the bathroom door, Tara turned suddenly and winked cheekily before disappearing into the room.

Suddenly you're seeing me, just the way I am
Suddenly you're hearing me,
So I'm talking just as fast as I can, to you!
Suddenly, every part of me,
Needs to know every part of you!

'Oh god, she saw my looking!' Willow thought as she waited for Tara's return. 'She wanted you to look' she argued with herself, 'Why else would she have turned back? She expected you to look!'

Willow's internal argument ceased as Tara took her seat. Smiling warmly at the redhead, she asked; "What were you thinking about?"

Shaking the argument from her mind, Willow giggled, "Nothing, just some brain babble-age." she replied sheepishly, her cheeks reddening.

Returning the smile, Tara's eyes flickered with mischief, "Is it always that noisy up there?" she asked innocently.

Willow's cheeks burned as red as her hair and she fell over her words in trying to respond. "Well, not always, some things shut my mind up completely!" she grinned, her eyes deepening in colour and fixing on the blonde.

The waiter appeared suddenly and cut into palpable sexual tension. "Ladies, would you like a 'Digestivi'?" He enquired.

"A who-what-si?" Willow asked, suddenly surprised by a new and previously unknown addition to the Italian menu.

"A digestive!" Tara giggled, "Its one or more shots of something superb to aid digestion." she explained.

Willow stared at her open mouthed, 'Oh god, she speaks Italian!' her mind raced, 'Kill me or chain me coz I might just have to 'do a Gomez'!!' she thought.

"You speak Italian?" she asked in a voice that seemed disconnected to her brain.

Tara nodded slowly before returning her attention to the slightly bemused waiter. "What do you have?" she asked him.

"We have both Grappa and Sambuca." he told her, all the while Willow fought with the fantasy of Tara speaking Italian, her soft voice licking and caressing every syllable of a language already romantic enough.

And now I know that you are mine,
You bring me love and peace of mind.
You see the real me,
And I know that you're the key...

So lost in her imagination, Willow hadn't noticed Tara's blue eyes fixing on her once again. "Willow?" she asked, her velvet vocal caress pulling the redhead from her thoughts. "Sambuca or Grappa?" the blonde asked, the candlelight dancing in her eyes and highlighting the mischief within them. "Please, you choose." Willow offered.

"In that case, two of each please." she told the waiter, who scurried off to fix their shots. "I'm not good at decision making." Tara told her.

After having their drinks served and consumed, conversation returned and, aided by alcohol, their flirting became more obvious.

Suddenly you're seeing me, just the way I am
Suddenly you're hearing me,
So I'm talking just as fast as I can, to you!
Suddenly, every part of me,
Needs to know every part of you!

"We should probably move on." Willow said as she noticed her friend in the doorway, gesturing wildly in her direction.

"I've had a great night Willow. Thank you!" Tara told her as they collected their things and made their way to the door.

"Really? You really had a good time?"

Suddenly you're seeing me, just the way I am
Suddenly you're hearing me,
So I'm talking just as fast as I can, to you!
Suddenly, openly, you're all I want!
All I need you to be!
Suddenly, every part of me,
Needs to know every part of you!

Just's you...

"I really did." As they reached the front door, Tara held it open and allowed the redhead to exit before her, stealing a much sorted peek at the other woman's ass as she left.

"Can I walk you home?" Willow asked suddenly.

"Yeah, I'd like that." Tara replied, and slipped her arm through Willow's as they made their way to her apartment building.

"Well, this is it!" Tara announced as they reached her front door. "It's not much, but it keeps the rain out."

Willow smiled sweetly. "Thank you for tonight, I had the best time."

Any thoughts Willow had had of spending the night with Tara were suddenly and surprisingly lost, its not that she didn't want to sleep with this stunning beauty before her but the romanticism and just, well 'dating' had a profound effect on her and she was scared that jumping into bed could ruin it all.

"Would you like to maybe come in for coffee or something?" Tara offered. The walk home had been a delightful torture for her, her arm interlinked with Willow's had sent bolts of white lightning through her system making her jittery and alive and in need of more.

"Maybe next time." Willow refused politely. She knew without a doubt that if she set foot inside Tara's apartment, there would be nothing keeping her from her desire, nothing to prevent the animal passion that was waiting just under the skin. At least in public, she was contained.

"Oh, ok then." Tara said trying to hide the disappointment in her voice. "So. I'll call you." Willow nodded,

"You'd better!" With that she turned and took a step when Tara grabbed her hand and pulled her around to face her.

Her lips brushed those of the redhead, soft lips that felt like a million tiny angel wings fluttering against her own hot lips, a fleeting kiss that electrified and aroused, that breathed life into both of them.

"Thanks again." Tara breathed as she pulled back.

Willow stood there dumbly for a few seconds, her lips tingling. "No, thank you!" she grinned and with a cheeky wink, she disappeared down the corridor leaving Tara alone in her joy.

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