Author: Jay
Rating: At the very beginning NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the crazed mind that created this story.
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Summary: What will Tara eat today?
Notes: Willow's thoughts are in -italic-, Tara's in italic.

"Tara? Baby? Can you help me there? Kinda stuffed, I could really use an extra hand sometimes, not only for groceries, but for-" Willow's rambling was interrupted by Tara with a sound kiss on the lips.

"I know, honey, but I'm happy with Willowhands and Willowtongue, don't worry about it." the blonde smirked: her cycle had stopped a few hours ago, and she couldn't wait to ravish her lover; after a long week of dissatisfaction she was so going to make it up to her redhead.

Willow in the meantime had already put the bags on the kitchen counter, and she began to put the items in the fridge; she was really whipped, a whole week without her share of Tara-loving! It was simply too much.

-When will this damn cycle stop?? It's been seven days. SEVEN! I just hope she isn't going to tease me like always.-

The hacker remembered the previous nights, and how the blonde merciless teased her. It was fun, but after se couldn't even find release by herself, feeling guilty for doing the task that usually was Tara's property.

Her lover's sultry voice snapped her out of her trance.

"Willow, I thought we could make a pie, are you in?"

-No, but I would. Inside you and...Gulp-

"Uhm... ok I guess..." she trailed off, not trusting her voice, went some registers lower.

Tara chuckled mischievously, hearing Willow's voice nearing a growl.

"And....what do you want on top of t?" the blonde choose her words carefully, picking the ones that she knew would turn her lover on.

-I want YOU on top of it, all covered in icing and chocolate syrup to lick off-

Willow gulped audibly, and licked her lips went dry.

"I-I think icing and syrup will work"

Tara looked at her amused "Icing AND syrup? Are you... hungry?"

Willow almost came then and there, and she had to use all of her willpower not to take Tara there and then.

"W-well, you know me, spaz and all, I'd do a mess in the kitchen cooking and eating, you know that I prefer eating in the bedroom, and I didn't say it out loud did I, and I'm so gonna need a cold shower before I ravish you on that cake and again I put my foot in my mouth I'm going upstairs, but if you need me call me and I'll come, and I hate all this babbling, it's becoming annoying even though it's all true, and see you later honey I must find a Titanic-sinking-sized iceberg to cool off, bye I love you!"

And she ran upstairs.

Tara just stood there, a full laughter threatening to erupt from her body, when she thought about a better way to ease her amusement. She turned to the counter and began baking a sassy-egg-shaped cake, making sure to leave nothing to imagination. She heard the shower running, and she smiled, thinking of the child-like temper of her lover, but also the inner vixen that was always inside Willow.

Well, not always, otherwise we could get soar. Not that I am a vixen.....not yet.

With an evil smirk Tara finished putting the icing AND the syrup, and she called out for Willow.

More like moaned her name...but there will be time for that later....not much later...

The redhead came from the stairs panting, like she run all the way down. Tara grinned, and walked towards Willow wiggling her hips, she put a finger under her chin and she brought green eyes to the same level of hers.

"Now, now dear, you shouldn't pant like that, not yet, not if it isn't me the one who makes you pant."

Willow was rather stunned: why Tara was so flirty? What was going on? The blonde then took her lover's hand and led her to the table where the cake stood in all her glory. There she took on her finger some icing, and first she just stroked with the tip of her tongue the point of the index, after she inserted it all the way into her warm mouth; then, looking straight into Willow's eyes she removed the finger, licking her bottom lip where some icing dropped.

Willow stood there with her mouth hung open, staring at Tara while she did all those sexy things, trying oh so hard not to drool. In the meantime the blonde had pulled her lover near her, and she was tracing her body ever so slowly, agonizingly avoiding all the.. interesting parts. The redhead's breath was ragged and uneasy, and her pupil was so dilated that her eyes were no longer green. Then Tara lowered herself on Willow's neck, and licked her way up to the earlobe, and down again to the collarbone. The hacker could no longer contain herself; she tangled her hand in golden locks, and kept her lover's head on her neck, while with the other she clutched onto the counter, leaning on it for support.

Tara in the meantime leaned on Willow to steady herself, dizzy from the desire. The redhead began a steady grinding motion, while lowering her hand onto the blonde's hip. Willow couldn't take it anymore. She turned the tables and lifted Tara, gripping the cheeks of her ass and sitting her onto the counter. Then the blonde wrapped her legs around Willow's waist and locked her lips with her lover's. She shoved her tongue into the girl's mouth, bathing in the sweet taste of the redhead; her hands were roaming, squeezing here and here. Willow moaned loudly, her lover's touch awoke every nerve of her body, and sent a building wave of pleasure down in her belly. But Tara hadn't even begun; she pushed her lover off her, their breathing heavy, their eyes dark, their gazes with matching arousal.

Willow was shocked -I knew it. She was just teasing me. Goddess I want her. NOW!!!-

The blonde took a slice of cake, and bite down, all the while with her eyes locked with Willow's. Then she pulled the redhead towards her, and made her taste the sweet bit of cake in her mouth. The girl didn't need another hint: she explored every bit of flesh with her tongue, savoring the intoxicating mix of her lover's taste and the icing and syrup. Willow took her time devouring the cake, paying extra attention at cleaning Tara's roof. The latter sneaked a hand under the redhead's shirt, but it wasn't her cold fingers that made rise goose bumps on the girl's hot skin. At that moment Willow stopped.

"Tara, baby, what's going on? You know that after I won't be able to erm.... Well, you know how much you turn me on, with all the icing and chocolate and the sneaky hand, not to mention the sassy-egg-cake, what are you doing to me? Cos I'm gonna die from arousal. Well maybe not die, because that would be bad, and it would be going, here I'm coming and-" and once more Tara managed to stop her girlfriend's babble with a sound kiss.

"Darling, you are so smart, but sometimes... you are clueless. I think I'll give you a hint of what's to.... come"

That being said, Tara began unfastening her blouse, from the bottom, wanting to leave her lover with such a craving that she'd beg for every single button. Willow stood there, every coherent thought flown out of her mind the moment she saw her goddess opening the first button.

"Now, my dear, I'm going to ask you to do something for me. You willing to fulfill every request?" Tara didn't often acted like a dominatrix, but when she did, results were assured.

Willow swallowed hard, her role now was just to nod; and so she did. Pleased that her order was understood, the blonde thought about something to ask her girlfriend. The redhead could see the wheels working in Tara's head; she couldn't wait to ravish her lover, ad of course to be ravished. Suddenly the blonde came up with an idea.

"Willow..." her voice was mere a whisper, sultry and low, a voice that promised merry things to come.

Willow gulped "Yes My Tara?" the redhead's tone was unsure, the arousal oozing from her girlfriend playing tricks with her throat...and other parts of her body.

"I want you on your hands and knees." Tara knew that it was new for them, but she wasn't going to do something her lover didn't want to...she just was fooling around a little. Willow was a little surprised, but the burning desire pent up inside her was just too much to let a chance to ravage her lover slip; so she looked questioningly at Tara, nodding towards the coach into the living room. The blonde gave her, her permission, and Willow went to suite herself, ready for her lover. Tara followed, bringing the cake and putting it onto the glass table next to the couch, ready for use. Willow could already feel the cold icing in contrast with her girlfriend's hot mouth, and she felt her wetness dripping down her things. The blonde saw that, and she smiled wickedly; she decided to take a sample

"What will taste better? You? Icing and chocolate? Or......both together?"

Tara told her lover to remain still, and she went to the kitchen to take the scissor. Willow watched with wide eyes the object in the blonde's hands.

Tara told her "I hope you don't care too much about your sweater and pants, because I'm gonna cut them off you."

The redhead nodded again, already savoring what was to come. Tara began to cut her lover's clothes, taking her time to lightly touch the ivory skin with cold metal. Then, she took off the sweater and pants, scratching slightly down the back and ass. Willow arched herself towards the touch, hissing in pleasure; the moisture between her legs was overwhelming, so she tried to lower herself onto the couch, searching for some friction.

But Tara didn't agree: she put her hand on the redhead's centre, cupping almost forcefully the wet and warm mound. Willow threw her head back, and began to rock against her lover's soft hand. The blonde smiled mischievously, and penetrated slowly her pussy with one finger. Willow's walls clenched around that finger, drowning it deeper into her body.

But it wasn't in Tara's plan: she pulled out her finger, and brought it towards her mouth; she replayed what she did with the icing, licking the tip before inserting it all the way into her mouth. She tasted the hot flavor of Willow's juices, memorizing every essence of it. The redhead turned her head to face her lover, and she almost came on the spot, seeing the sexy show she was putting on. Then Tara licked up Willow's spine, savoring the salty flesh, enjoying how her lover's skin reacted at her touch. Then she turned to the cake.

Tara got up from the couch and undressed completely. Then she placed her hands on Willow's waist and rolled her, endung up with her laying on her back; the blonde used both hands to spread her lover's kegs wide. Then she straddled her, their moist cores pressing, their juices mixing.

Tara took some icing on one finger, and some chocolate on the other; then she stroked both her nipples, making them hard. Willow looked captivated her lover. her mouth watering, her own nipples stiffening in response; the blonde watched amused how her actions were affecting the redhead. Still grinning, Tara bent down to lick the sweet liquids from her breasts; she took her time cleaning every bit of flesh, theasing her peaks. lapping all of the icing and chocolate like a hungry kitten.

Willow couldn't hold back a moan, and didn't try to stop herself when she gripped the blonde's hips, pulling her more firmly on her lap, pusing her own hips forward to meet Tara's; the latter ground back, sliding up and dowm the redhead's core. Willow's hips buckled, searching for relief.

Still, Tara hadn't finished; she stood up, and almost laughed seeing the crestfallen look on her lover's face. She couldn't help but giving a long, slow lick to the redhead's dripping folds. But that led to other things, as Willows' hips buckled again, Tara gripped them, pulling the warm core to her waiting mouth. She ate and drunk everything she could find, her hunger unsatisfied, all of Willowjuices flowing in her mouth. But just when she felt the impending orgasm in the petite body beneath her, she pulled away.

"lt's time for another sample."

She pushed her lover's hips down onto the couch and got up. Tara took the melting icing and let some drop in Willow's stomach; before the juices could reach other juices she bent down and licked it off, dipping lightly her warm tongue in the redhead's navel; then she made her way up to the valley between petite breasts. The blonde circled slowly the mound, avoiding for now the hard nipple; Willow tried to push herself deeper in her lover's mouth, nut Tara was enjoying the teasing too much.

She smiled mischievously, and plunged two fingers deep in the redhead's sex, curling them upwards at the end of the wet channel, gathering the warm and appetizing fluids; then she took away her hand, ignoring her lover's whining. She straddled more snuggly the slim waist, and rubbed first one then the other breast with her wet hand; when every drop of sweetness was on her chest, she took a bite of cake, but didn't chew it.

Instead she bent down to kiss her lover, passing the sweet bit in her mouth, then she told her, with a low , hungry voice "Taste, baby."

Willow swallowed a little, then she latched her mouth onto a wet breast and sucked, hard. Tara threw her head back, hissing in pleasure; she put her hands behind her lover's head, tangling her fingers in auburn locks. Willow scratched lightly her nail down the blonde's tense back; when she arrived at the bottom she squeezed the fleshy buttocks, and gripped the firm cheeks of her ass, pulling her tighter against her centre, aching for release. Tara increased her pace, grinding forcefully on Willow, rocking back and forth, drenching the soft skin with her passion.

The redhead was dizzy from the desire, her own taste mixed with icing and chocolate, and Tara's flavor was rapidly building a wave of pleasure in her belly. The blonde's hips were buckling wildly, causing Willow to clutch her waist more firmly. With her left hand she brought down her lover's head to meet hers, and enveloped her in a hot, passionate kiss. Their tongues were entwined in a sensual dance, alternating between sweet caresses and quick thrusts.

Willow couldn't take it anymore: she sneaked her right hand further down Tara's body, seeking her hidden pearl, wanting to conquer her. The blonde understood, and began to trace the slender body beneath hers with a single finger, making goosebumps rise on the creamy skin. When the redhead finally reached her target, she didn't lose time: she entered quickly with two fingers her lover, but remained still. Tara took possession of the hard nub too, and began thrusting in and out, wanting to own completely Willow.

The latter smiled, her body aflame, but still she didn't move. Tara's inner walls were clenching around the two slender fingers, her own movements causing the hand to stroke her; but it didn't move. So the blonde reached with her left hand her lover's, and pushed it firmly against her core, rubbing herself on it, searching for release. Then Willow made her move: she shoved hard into Tara's body, and kneaded the hard clit with her thumb. That alone sent the blonde over the edge, bringing Willow with her.

They sat there, exhausted and satisfied.

Tara looked Willow in her eyes, and smiled "There's still cake."


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