Swimming Pool

Author: Jay
Rating: At the very beginning PG, then NC 17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the crazed mind that created this story.
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Summary: Willow is a swimmer who has a crush on her coach, Oz. What will she do about it?
Notes: Willow's thoughts are in -italic-, Tara's in italic.

-Oh boy, thank god I'm in the water, I sooo need to cool off, and well... to hide... uhm... man, he's hot!-

A slim redhead was on the edge of the pool, drooling over her couch; he was a short boy, with spiky red hair and a sculpted body, and at the moment he was speaking to his team.

-Ah... I could hear his voice all day long, and maybe all night; no during the night he better be silent cos I'll cover his lips with mine and...-


Willow's head snapped up, and she smiled sheepishly.

"Yes Oz?"

The boy looked down at his best swimmer "Those cute puppy eyes aren't gonna save you from 400 mt of all the styles!!"

He smiled charmingly, proud of the little girl; maybe he could bring her to master levels.

Willow began swimming, and let her body just go, the water surrounding her as a shield, parting for her to pass.

She was almost at the end of the 325 mt but, when her head surfaced from the water, she saw a blonde woman approaching Oz.

-Who's that girl?! Oz is MINE! Wait, she's a coach too, maybe she just wants to speak. Well, back off anyway, cos the boy is MINEE!-

Willow arrived at the end of the pool, and the blonde was still there, laughing and talking with Oz.

-She's taller than him, and than me form that matter, she wouldn't want to be with him. Blonde, tall, gorgeous... wait, where did it come from?? But, well, she IS gorgeous, and beautiful, and sexy; Oz surely wants to be with her... I know I do.


Willow focused on the reality, and noticed the blonde woman looking back at her; the swimmer blushed heavily, hoping that the girl didn't read her thoughts

-Well, she's a Goddess, she most certainly can.


Said Goddess smiled and winked at her, and turned back to Oz.

Willow grinned goofily -She smiled at me. And she winked at me. She might like me! No, she surely prefers Oz. I mean, he's boy, with a beautiful body and a charming personality, and I'm nothing but a geek, a spaz, a teeny tiny redhead. I could be even a scary frog. EWWW!-

"Will, are you okay?" Oz's voice reached the redhead

"What?" -great comeback Rosenberg!-

"You made a face!"

Willow looked adoringly at Oz "Yeah.."

The blonde chuckled "She was looking at me, maybe I grossed her out!"

The redhead's eyes widened "No! No!! NO!! absolutely no! you couldn't ever gross me out, I mean, look at you, you're gorgeous and and.... Ehm.."

Willow dove into the water up to the nose, and made a few bubbles while blushing; she sheepishly looked up at the blonde.

That woman laughed a full laughter "Man, she's adorable! Oz, where did you hide her all this time?"

Willow blushed even more, but barely noticed the boy answering "Yes Tara, she is"

"Tara...." but being with her mouth under water the redhead managed only to choke, having swallowed some water.

Tara and Oz pulled her out of the pool, and while the boy patted her back the woman let the slim girl lean onto her body, not caring about her soaking shirt, only bathing in the feeling of having the soft body in her arms, enjoying the perfect fit.

I wouldn't mind bathing in something else than pool water... Bad Tara!

But the blonde girl wasn't the only enjoying the feeling, Willow was aware of strong arms around her, and of the soft body she was leaning on.

-Ahh....I could stay here forever...-

The redhead had to keep herself from nuzzling the full breast, but she just couldn't help herself, and buried her head in the crook of the creamy neck.

Tara was in heaven; she had to focus on staying still, but she gave in and placed a small kiss on the damp forehead.

She then felt Willow move, and she was scared that she might have freaked the girl out; but she saw the swimmer looking back at her, smiling.

The blonde grinned, and placed another small kiss on the tip of the girl's freckled nose.

The redhead's smile grew even wider, but her face turned serious when she met Tara's gaze.

They inched slowly towards each other, savoring every moment, but looking forward to the instant their lips would meet.

Two strong arms encircled the girl -Aah....who knew she was that strong? ... but wasn't she already holding me??-

Suddenly, the boys from Tara's team lifted both girls and threw them into the water.

"Aaah!!!" the startled girls screamed, but they soon dove into the cold pool.

Willow began to surface, but Tara took her hand and held her underwater; the young swimmer understood, and stopped breathing and blowing bubbles.

Oz was shocked "GUYS!!!! She could have broken an arm or something!! How could you!!!"

The swimmers smiled knowingly "Don't worry couch, your girl isn't hurt, we were careful."

But oz didn't hear reasons "So careful you threw her INTO THE WATER!!!"

"Hey, easy tiger, your girlfriend isn't gonna be hurt, chill now, man!"

The guys never realized that he cared so much about her.

"Girl-what!? This weekend there are the competitions!!!! She can't be hurt!!!"

The teens were shocked; they looked at him; they looked at each other.

And then they laughed.

"Guys? They're still down there"

Immediately they turned to the pool; two shadows hovered in the water.

"OH shit let's pull them out!!!"

But as soon as they bent to dive, a giant wave hit them; when they recovered, they saw two smiling girls.

Tara looked at them and scolded them

"Now I'll have to shower"

Willow went to the changing room, thinking about everything that happened that day.

-This morning I had a crush on Oz, now I'm in love with a girl....well, not A girl, this is Tara, I mean, she's gorgeous and.....




The redhead stopped dead in track

-I love her. I can't love her. I don't love her. Shit. Better go and take a shower, to clear my head, that's it, it's not like I'm going to masturbate....gulp-

Suddenly underwater seemed a very good place to be

-I need to cool off, I'm gonna take that shower, COLD shower, and then I'll go home and forget about it-

She gathered her things and went to the farther stall.

After, checking the temperature of the water, Willow happily entered in the shower, relaxing her muscles under the hot stream; she rinsed the chlorine off her body and hair massaging softly her scalp.

She was about to turn the water off and go out, when the door of the cubicle opened.

She let out a startled cry, and the girl on the threshold screamed as well.

Tara widened her eyes, having realized that she was NAKED in the shower with Willow, also NAKED, and that she was staring.

"S-s-sorry..." she began to back off, cursing her stutter, but her exit was blocked.

Willow had out a hand on the cabinet door, positioning herself in front of the blonde, trapping her.

Tara looked at her, not quite understanding her intentions, although her body was already humming in anticipation.

The redhead leaned again the soft body before her, but this time she didn't soak her with pool water.

They both moaned at the contact of their bare bodies, their nipples hardening against each other's, their tummies barely touching, their cores rubbing lightly while their thighs slipped between each other's and locked in place.

Tara rolled her head back, bathing in the feeling of the slender body pressed against her own, and moaned with shallow breathe.


"Yes, baby?"

The redhead went even closer to her, whispering these words on her neck, biting down lightly, almost caressing the creamy skin with her teeth.

At that point Tara couldn't hold back herself anymore: she gripped the slim waist that was rocking on her own, and thrust her hips forward, smiling when she felt Willow buck against her, seeking friction.

The blonde turned the tables, pushing the girls forward, having her up the other wall and under the shower stream.

Willow wrapped in leg around Tara's hip, drawing her closer, while the water dropped on them, embracing them and making them feel like they were in a sort of outer space.

Tara needed to taste her woman, so she brought one hand up to tangle in auburn tresses, and pulled towards her the freckled face.

Willow granted immediate access to the blonde's tongue, meeting it with hers, devouring, exploring, sucking, but above all, loving.

The girls moaned in each other's mouths, but soon that contact wasn't enough.

Willow arched her back and rubbed herself on Tara's body, while inching one hand lower and lower, trailing a finger onto the quickly moving chest.

But Tara's need was overwhelming: she took the wandering hand and pressed it onto her left breast.

The redhead unlocked her lips from Tara's, and lowered her head to bite greedily her neck, while squeezing the fleshy orb in her hand.

Tara began to grind steadily on Willow's thigh, drenching the skin with her juices; she threw her head back in rapture, feeling her soul soaring because of Willow, the girl that held her heart from the first moment she'd seen her.

But in that very moment, she knew that she couldn't let her love her body, not when she was feeling such strong love for the redhead.

She grasped Willow's hands with hers, stilling her grinding motion.

The redhead, although her highly aroused state, knew that something was wrong.

"Tara? Hey, baby, what's the matter?"

She was shocked when she saw the pained expression on her lover's face; and in that moment she saw drops streaming down her cheeks.

Willow touched them, gathered some of the water and bought the finger to her mouth; they tasted salty.

"Tara? Please, talk to me, what's wrong?"

She took with both her hands the blonde's face, gently wiping away her tears, kissing the path they had followed; then she rubbed tenderly her nose with the tip of her own.

At that point Tara convinced herself that Willow would have understood, and that she wouldn't have pushed.

She raised her head to meet the redhead's gaze, but she was drown to her lips, so she left a chaste kiss upon them.

She saw Willow smiling, and she shyly smiled in return; Tara had made up her mind.

She looked again into the loving, emerald eyes, passion burning inside her, and fierce love to warm her.


"Yes, Tara?"

".....I love you"

That was too much for the redhead; she rolled and pushed Tara up the wall, kissed her with abandon and quickly thrust two fingers into her centre, loving the feeling of warm and wet walls clenching around her.

Every coherent thought flew out of Tara's head, replaced by lust and hunger.

Her hips were bucking wildly, the commanding touch of the redhead driving her crazy, her breathe was ragged because of the humidity in the shower.

Willow covered her full lips with hers, and drank every drop of sweetness she could find.

Tara was out of her mind with need; she thought that every thrust would send her over the edge, but now she was hovering on an endless ravine.

She lifted first one, then the other leg and wrapped them around Willow's waist.

The latter sneaked an arm under the blonde's ass, supporting her weight and pulling her closer.

Willow captured her lips in a hot kiss, mapping every inch of flesh with her busy tongue.

In the meantime her fingers were busy too: she added another finger and quickened her pumping, feeling the body in her arms beginning to stiffen.

She unlocked her lips from Tara's and leaned on her ample shoulder

"Come for me, love."

And Tara came.


But it wasn't the thing that made her happy.

Her Willow called her love.

She screamed in pleasure, riding with her lover the waves, letting tears fall freely from her eyes, letting her body to the redhead's mercy.

Willow cradled caringly the limp body in her arms, whispering soothing words into Tara's ear.

She kissed affectionately the blonde's cheek, then she nudged playfully the face with her nose to get her love's attention.

The women's eyes met, and the love they saw almost made them cry.

"I love you too Tara."

Tara smiled, and kissed gently Willow, before wrapping her in a warm embrace.

"There's still hot water."


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