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A Fire Of Sorts

Author: Shadowygirl AKA April
Rating: PG-13 to NC-18, so if you are to young please don't read or get caught reading!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy people Joss does, so please don't sue me! PLEASE!
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"How ya doin?" Faith asked as she came wandering into the hospital room Tara was supposed to be staying in for the night, which didn't seem all right since Tara was sitting at the edge of the bed tying her shoe, only once since her other leg was in a soft cast.

"Great, break me out, take me to your place," Tara stated firmly with a small smile - she didn't really want to be alone in case she had a hard time but she sure as hell wasn't staying here.

"Ya sure that's a good idea?" Faith asked with a raised eyebrow, as she kneeled down to finish tying Tara's shoe for her. She did it without thinking, they were perfect best friends.

"Pretty sure it is," Tara laughed then stopped quickly, her laughter turning into soft pain-filled moans.

"Uh-huh," Faith shook her head, but she wasn't about to argue - she knew she could take better care of Tara at home, and, well, Tara would surly be the first to bust her out if she was ever in Tara's place.

Faith softly placed her arm around Tara's back and lifted her to her feet. The blonde was looking a little rough for wear, her hair singed and slightly smoky still, her face was still covered in soot, a large gash above her eyebrow, her cheek was bruised, her jaw looked like she just got punched by a rather larger biker, her lip was split - and that was the only parts you could see. Her arms and back were covered in bruises, three ribs were broken and her ankle was also fractured and in a soft cast.

Slowly they walked out of the room and down the hall. A nurse stopping them for a moment, asking what the hell was going on, Faith laughed and answered for them: "Ya know we felt like going for a jog!" She wiggled her eyebrows in that flirty way that always got her what she wanted, and pressed the elevator button. The nurse just shook her head, she had seen these two in here before, and knew full well it wouldn't take Faith long to show up and break her friend out of what they liked to call 'jail'.

"You're an ass," Tara choked on the words slightly as she leaned against the elevator wall. Faith pressed the floor they needed and smiled.

"But I'm a sexy ass," Faith winked and Tara again tried to laugh.

"Don't make me laugh, it hurts to fuckin' much," she rolled her eyes.

"Okay okay, I won't, I'm sorry!" Faith grinned and walked back over to help her friend off the elevator.

"I'll get the car you wait here!" Faith said as she sat Tara on the bench outside. The car wasn't that far but Faith didn't want her walking any more then she had too.

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